Issue 697

  • Can socialism be voted into power?

    The right's uproar about Barack Obama and socialism raises the question: Are elections a more practical and peaceful way to get a socialist society.

  • Using the courts to undercut unions

    The judge who barred a one-day teachers' strike in Los Angeles is drawing on an old tradition of using the courts to cripple--or crush--labor unions.

  • Why are they letting torturers off the hook?

    Everyone expects Dick Cheney to rationalize torture by the CIA and U.S. armed forces. But Barack Obama?

  • Voices raised for Troy

    People around the world are rallying to defend Troy Davis, who faces the threat of execution in Georgia despite new evidence of his innocence.

  • New face on Washington's war

    The Pentagon has appointed a new general to run the war in Afghanistan, but it's still following an old strategy that is causing massive civilian casualties.

  • The war off the battlefield

    The deadly toll of combat stress was illustrated starkly when a U.S. soldier shot and killed five of his fellow soldiers in Iraq.

  • The limits of liberalism

    Despite what conservatives claim, liberalism is not a version of "socialism." Rather, it's one way to run the capitalist economy and uphold the status quo.

  • The retreat from reform

    Despite bold promises from Barack Obama and the Democrats, the prospects for genuine health care reform in Washington seem to be shrinking by the day.

  • Battle intensifies in LA schools

    After a judge issued an order banning a one-day strike against layoffs set for May 15, LA teachers are continuing to mobilize as the stakes get higher.

  • Showdown in D.C. over marriage equality

    The D.C. City Council approved a bill recognizing same-sex marriages from other states, but Congress could still block the measure from becoming law.

  • Nurses make their voices heard

    Nurses from across the country descended on Washington for two days of action that included a protest at a Senate hearing on health care reform.

  • Hartmarx workers threaten occupation

    Another factory occupation to protest a possible plant closure could be taking shape in the Chicago area.

  • Why is Jesús Gutiérrez in jail?

    A union worker at UC-Berkeley has been illegally detained by ICE, but his family, friends, and union sisters and brothers are fighting back.

  • Escaping the Dollhouse

    In Joss Whedon's new television series Dollhouse, the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly takes another hard look at good and evil.

  • The means and the ends

    In the struggle to get to a future society, some forms of organization must mirror what we are fighting against, rather than what we are fighting for.

  • Shot down by Atlanta police

    "What is a Black man's life worth in Atlanta?" Derrick Boazman asked a crowd of 200 people who gathered for a rally to end police shootings.

  • A union-buster's fear campaign

    A majority of workers at the Laurelhurst Village nursing home in Portland, Ore., signed union cards. But their battle was just beginning.

  • Boston conference for Palestine

    Over 100 student and community activists came together in Boston for a Palestine solidarity strategy conference.

  • A fake recovery

    New “positive economic indicators” aren’t so positive when you consider that the banks' newly reported profitability is the result of a technicality.

  • Portland teachers challenge school board

    More than 300 teachers, librarians, counselors and others packed a recent Portland Public Schools board meeting to protest working without a contract.

  • Winter Soldier in Pasadena

    Former soldiers spoke out against the U.S. wars on Iraq and Afghanistan at "Winter Soldier Southwest--Iraq and Afghanistan."

  • Northwestern rally for immigrant rights

    Some 70 students and community members rallied to demonstrate their solidarity with immigrants and workers at Northwestern University.

  • BART owes Oscar Grant justice

    More than 100 people gathered at a Bay Area Rapid Transit board meeting to demand justice for Oscar Grant III.

  • California unions rally for EFCA

    Union and community leaders held a 24-hour vigil in Los Angeles to rally support for the Employee Free Choice Act.