Socialist Worker | July 2016

Election 2016

Will they put out the Bern?

The radicalization that drove the Sanders campaign isn't over, but the Democrats want, with Sanders' help, to contain it within the status quo.

Is she really making history?

Hillary Clinton's nomination will be hailed as a historic breakthrough for women, but what kind of history would a Clinton presidency make?

What the Trump happened?

Trump relishes his outsider image, but he won the GOP nomination because he holds positions with majority support among the party base.

Outside the two-party box

The likely Green Party presidential nominee explains why she's urging Bernie Sanders supporters to take a stand for political independence.

Immigrant Rights

Not going back in the shadows

Determined protest won an undocumented activist her rights. Now they want to take away those rights...for protesting.

Graduating and unafraid

Two high school valedictorians in Texas stepped out of the shadows on Graduation Day to demand justice for immigrants.

Victor is still fighting for justice

A Vermont farmworker activist who was detained by ICE, but released after a solidarity campaign explains the stakes in this struggle for justice.

International struggles

Continuing defiance in France

French workers took to the streets in their biggest show of force against a government determined to pass an anti-worker law.


The fight on the first day back

Verizon management wanted to re-establish control over the workplace after the strike ended, but its plans backfired spectacularly.

Movement News

Defying Trump in Greensboro

Two days after his vile response to the Orlando massacre, Trump was confronted by hundreds of protesters in North Carolina.

Socialist Worker | July 2016

The massacre in Orlando

Don't turn a horror into hate

The response to the mass murder in Orlando was overwhelming--solidarity with the victims, but also a plea: Don't turn tragedy into hate.

It can't be reduced to guns

It's no surprise that the "warriors on terror" want to exploit Orlando--but the focus on gun control likewise misses the real causes of violence.

Using Orlando to justify war

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton wasted no time in attempting to exploit the Orlando massacre to serve their personal political agendas.

National News

Listening to a survivor's voice

The victim-blaming of a survivor of sexual assault at Stanford University was appalling, but her courageous words inspired an outpouring of support.

Police crimes too big to hide

The Oakland Police Department has gone through three chiefs in the last two weeks because of the cops' sickening abuses.

Cuomo's anti-BDS witch hunt

New York's Democratic governor is reviving McCarthyism in his assault on supporters of the BDS campaign against Israel.