Socialist Worker | November 2016

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Election 2016

The lesser evil is still an evil

It may be contrary to common sense, but the lesser evil has been responsible for some of the greatest evils inflicted on this country and the world.

Rigged, but not against Trump

The Democrats and Republicans collaborate in rigging the political system against any independent alternative--like the Green Party's Jill Stein.

Hiding Clinton's rotten agenda

Donald Trump proved once again in the final presidential debate that he's the secret weapon...of the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Trumpism and how to fight it

Wherever similar social conditions exist--economic decline, a mistrusted state and traditions of bigotry--Trumpism or something like it does, too.

Just the Trump of the iceberg

As more women come forward about being abused by Donald Trump, the harassment faced by millions of others is coming to the surface.

History and Traditions

Can socialism be elected?

It's possible to elect an individual socialist to political office. But can socialists change the existing state and legislate a new society into existence?

When Occupy raised its voice

Five years ago, Occupy Wall Street erupted onto the political landscape--and gave voice to the class anger brewing beneath the surface of U.S. society.

Police and Racism

Anti-racism is our dress code

A Seattle teacher talks about how the Black Lives Matter at School Day came about--and the confidence and energy it will bring to future struggles.

Why are police the priority?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to add 1,000 more police to the force--but more cops aren't a solution to the city's violence.

Demanding justice for Olango

Protests against the police killing of Alfred Olango, an unarmed 38-year-old Black man, are continuing each day in San Diego.

Socialist Worker | November 2016

War and antiwar

A nightmare in the making

The looming assault by U.S. and Iraqi forces to retake Mosul, Iraq's second-largest city, from ISIS forces will have dire humanitarian consequences.

Opposing war and dictatorship

An "antiwar" alliance has formed to protest the U.S. empire, but it excuses the crimes of the Syrian regime and its Russian backer.

The Struggle at Standing Rock

Crackdown at Standing Rock

After a federal appeals court refused to halt construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline, the energy giants are intensifying repression.

Labor Struggles

How the CTU took on Rahm

The prospect of teachers walking the picket line forced Mayor Rahm Emanuel to make concessions on many, though not all, of the union's demands.

Harvard workers draw the line

Hundreds of dining service workers are on strike at Harvard to win a living wage and health insurance that guarantees access.

Taxi app drivers for the union

Some 14,000 New York City taxi app drivers have signed union cards in what could be the beginning of an important campaign.

Solidarity gets the goods

Two unions at the University of Washington won a new contract by coming together at the bargaining table and on the picket line.