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January 9, 2017

  • The causes of an assault in Chicago

    The right wing is exploiting an attack on a mentally disabled man in Chicago to advance a campaign of racist hate and repression.

  • When George Wallace came to town

    Looking at the racist presidential campaigns of Alabama Gov. George Wallace can help us make sense of Trump's appeal today.

January 6, 2017

  • The Obama years of squandered hopes

    Barack Obama won the White House on a promise to reorder how Washington does business--but his record proves that he had different priorities.

January 5, 2017

  • Islamophobia and the rise of the new right

    Anti-Muslim bigotry is a key ingredient in the toxic brew that is fueling a wave of right-wing nationalism in countries around the world.

  • Where Trump and tech see eye to eye

    The president-elect's closed-door meeting with Democratic-supporting tech executives surprised some people, but it shouldn't have.

  • The empire falls short

    Rogue One almost delivers, but ultimately, the film doesn't give its cast the satisfying story and characters they deserve.

  • Who gets the bird: the hunter or the dog?

    Today's labor radicals can learn from the socialists who helped organize the CIO and mobilize the militant upsurge of the 1930s.

  • A defeat the Democrats deserved

    Failures of capitalist "democracy" are producing disillusion with mainstream politics and space for the far right to grow.

January 4, 2017

  • The new anti-choice onslaught under Trump

    An anti-abortion law enacted in Ohio will be the sign of things to come under Donald Trump--unless we build the fight to defend our rights.

  • How can you justify the unjustifiable?

    A section of the international left is ignoring or even justifying the slaughter of Syrians who rose up against a dictatorial regime.

  • What happened after the oil price crash?

    Two years after the oil price crash, some certainties remain: a world of environmental chaos and oil-fuelled imperialist conflict.

  • We still stand with Standing Rock

    We thank all those who have supported the water protectors. Now, we must keep up pressure on until the Black Snake is dead.

  • For a genuine anti-imperialism

    Don't support Assad. Don't support Russia. Don't support Iran. You can't call yourself an anti-imperialist if you do.

January 3, 2017

  • The Trumponomics con game

    Donald Trump's promises to heat up the U.S. economy in order to boost job creation is a cover for another massive handout to the wealthiest.

  • To the "leftist" admirers of Assad's Syria

    As a Syrian who identifies with the left, I am appalled by those who call themselves left-wingers, but who stand with the Assads.

  • Standing Rock is what democracy looks like

    The water protectors have managed to share a sacred fire under Arctic conditions and create a strong, well-organized community.

  • Exile off Main Street

    A recent book chronicles the lives of people living in a low-income residential hotel--and the community they struggle to create.

  • Plotting the points of a fightback

    Donald Trump, more than any other Republican president, could provoke mass opposition as a result of his overreach.

December 16, 2016

  • Can Trump reverse the Standing Rock victory?

    Water protectors and their supporters are fearful that DAPL won't stay blocked, but there's substance to this victory that gives us something to build on.

  • Merry Capitalist!

    In this week's column, see how the other not-even-close-to-half buys their presents: Find a quisling to tell them what to get.

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