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December 8, 2014

  • We won't stop until Black lives matter

    Thousands came into the streets to protest the failure to indict the cop who killed Eric Garner--not only in New York, but around the country.

  • No justice from Sisi's judges

    Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists issued a statement denouncing the court decision that freed ex-dictator Hosni Mubarak.

  • Can workers run the world?

    One of the most common arguments against the possibility of socialism is that human beings are naturally competitive.

  • Why did the SFPD kill Alex?

    San Francisco police still won't release the names of witnesses or a 911 call related to the police shooting of Alex Nieto.

  • Las vidas negras cuentan

    Después de la afrenta de ver a Darren Wilson caminar libre, vino el insulto: el grotesco racismo de los medios y los políticos.

December 4, 2014

  • How is this not murder?

    The chokehold killing of Eric Garner was captured on video in its entirety--but New York City cop Daniel Pantaleo still walked free.

  • Punished for defending herself

    Only the warped U.S. system of "justice" could punish Marissa Alexander for standing up to her abuser.

  • America's longest war gets even longer

    Barack Obama issued a secret directive contradicting his claim that the combat role for U.S. troops in Afghanistan will end.

  • Soul-searching in the PFLP

    The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is back in the headlines after a recent attack carried out in Jerusalem.

  • A historic vote for a UC union

    The 13,000 academic student employees of UAW Local 2865 are voting on whether to join the BDS campaign against apartheid.

  • The commissioner of lying

    The NFL's Roger Goodell has been exposed for flipping from being a domestic violence enabler to a self-proclaimed savior.

December 3, 2014

  • They don't give a damn if Black America burns

    On top of the injury of Darren Wilson going free came the insult: the media's ugly racism and phony outrage about the angry protests in response.

  • Will there be justice for Eric Garner?

    Another grand jury is in the spotlight as it decides whether to indict the New York City police officer who killed Eric Garner.

  • Hands up, walk out!

    Hundreds of students marched out of New York City high schools in solidarity with Mike Brown and the people of Ferguson.

  • Anger in the streets of Portland

    Thousands marched through the streets after the Ferguson grand jury decision in one of the most energized protests in years.

  • The 1960s generation turns left

    The example of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement gave students a new sense of courage and confidence in struggle.

  • Hungary's war on women

    A public-service campaign by the Hungarian government has provoked global outrage by blaming women for sexual violence.

December 2, 2014

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