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May 11, 2017

  • Black Bloc tactics weaken our struggle

    An SW contributor challenges some of the points made in defense of the Black Bloc's actions at the Portland May Day march.

  • Don't deport my husband

    The wife of Otto Morales-Caballeros tells how he was abducted by ICE to be sent back to a country he hasn't seen since he was 16.

May 10, 2017

  • Will they get away with punishing the sick?

    If Trumpcare becomes law, cancer patients like me could have to pay most of the cost of a house every year to get the treatments we need to stay alive.

  • New School, same old union-busting

    The New School, a private college in New York with a progressive reputation, is trying to block student workers from unionizing.

  • The spirit of solidarity at NORCOR

    More than 100 people came out to support immigrant hunger strikers demanding better conditions at an Oregon prison.

  • What will make UT safe for all students?

    A tragic killing at the University of Texas was followed by a racist backlash that highlighted administration double standards.

May 9, 2017

  • Trump's favorite sheriff claims another victim

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is under increasing scrutiny because of the execution-by-dehydration of a mentally ill man behind bars.

  • Not a laughing matter

    The conviction of a protester who laughed during Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing is symbolic of a wider crackdown on dissent.

  • Bringing Marxism to discussions of disability

    Roddy Slorach offers the first comprehensive historical materialist treatment of the history, theory and politics of disability.

  • A real-life lesson in McCarthyism

    A New York City principal has been accused of "communist activities" by administrators because of her fight for integrated schools.

May 8, 2017

  • Dear Mr. Civil War Scholar-in-Chief

    Who knew Black history would become a theme of your presidency? For the second time, I am pole-axed by your comments about the subject.

  • The hunger strikers need us to speak out

    One in four Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails is on a hunger strike, in defiance of all attempts to break their resistance.

  • Protesting blue-light surveillance

    Students at SUNY Binghamton organized a sit-in to demand a stop to the school’s plan to expand "blue light" security off campus.

  • Mad about science

    The right's politically weaponized ignorance about science is nevertheless effective and well funded--and it isn't going away.

  • The Portland police were at fault

    Three readers respond to an SW report on the police attack on a Portland May Day march and the discussion of left strategies.

May 5, 2017

  • Making tax cuts for the rich great-er again

    Trump wants to give Corporate America and the rich tax breaks on par with Reagan's. The results will be equally devastating if he gets away with it.

  • Is there a ruling-class resistance to Trump?

    Even as Trump makes one blunder after another, he is creating ominous common ground with sections of the establishment.

  • No representative in this vote

    French socialists argue that the threat of the far right must be confronted by social struggle, not voting for neoliberalism.

May 4, 2017

  • The Misogyny Factor

    When Fox News fired Bill O'Reilly for sexual harassment, Donald Trump came to O'Reilly's defense--and sent a sick message to women everyone.

  • Hard facts about Portland's May Day "riot"

    Police are to blame for escalating the chaos and violence in downtown Portland, but the street battle raises key questions for the left.

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