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February 12, 2015

  • The toxic hate behind the Chapel Hill murders

    The killing of three Muslim college students was written off as a "parking dispute"--but the sickening role of Islamophobia is plain to see.

  • Why is measles back?

    To challenge the opposition to vaccination, we need less condescending snark and more activism for strong public health care.

  • Climate activists have to stand with the strikers

    Striking oil workers are showing how to take on the oil industry--and the climate justice movement needs to stand with them.

  • Making NativeLivesMatter

    Many Natives Americans have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement to take up a new slogan of their own.

  • The "national unity" trap

    The French government wants to force us to unite with those we should oppose, and oppose those with whom we should unite.

  • The anti-fascist fight isn't finished in Greece

    Anti-fascists in Greece confronted Golden Dawn's mobilization in late January, but the fight against the Nazis isn't finished.

February 11, 2015

  • SYRIZA, socialists and the struggles ahead

    Two revolutionary socialists from Greece answer questions about the historic victory of the left and the tests that will come soon for the new government.

  • Soldiers in the war at home

    The militarization of police that shocked people after Ferguson is rooted in the long failure known as the "war on drugs."

  • The mirage of reconstruction

    A new group in Gaza is drawing attention to the ongoing humanitarian crisis and the lack of accountability in the reconstruction effort.

  • Podemos marches for change

    After years of street protests and strikes, the political period that began with Spain's May 15 movement has moved into a new phase.

  • The problems with Varoufakis' gamble

    Europe's financial elite will have no reason to concede unless the SYRIZA government threatens to cancel the debt unilaterally.

  • All process, no peace

    U.S. cities and states are complicit in the barren "peace process" that has prolonged the denial of basic rights to the Palestinians.

  • A lifetime fighting from below

    She approached social work as someone who could talk about "socialism from below" as a statement of orientation.

February 10, 2015

February 9, 2015

  • Meet the Cla$$ of 2014

    Despite their talk about being "outsiders," the new GOP senators are rich, well-connected--and ready to do some dirty work for Corporate America.

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