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June 18, 2015

  • Torture was the rule

    Newly declassified documents shed light on the CIA's detention and torture programs as the "war on terror" began.

  • Building solidarity at the grassroots in Greece

    A member of the Solidarity For All in Greece describes the effort to support people in need so they can fight back.

  • Views in brief

    Will we have to pay for charters? | The impact Bernie can have | The problems at Quad | The limits of the left

June 17, 2015

  • The now-you-hear-it, now-you-don't populist

    When Hillary Clinton tells low-wage workers that she wants to be their "champions" in the Fight for 15, no one should believe it for a second.

  • What is the Leninist approach?

    The Russian revolutionary Lenin made some of his greatest contributions on the question of how to get from "here" to "there."

  • Behind Germany's strike wave

    An upsurge of labor actions shows the unhappiness of German workers with the country's celebrated economic model.

  • Cast out and abandoned

    We should call the Rohingya's persecution in Southeast Asia what it is: genocide, the intentional destruction of a people.

  • Thenceforward and forever free

    Despite its avoidance of questions about justice, the Emancipation Proclamation was a challenge to the American political order.

June 16, 2015

  • Fear wave stalks Gotham!!

    A small increase in some crimes has the New York media and police advocates whipping up a hysteria about the return of the "bad old days."

  • My 5-year-old scraps the MAP

    The Seattle School District wanted my kindergartener son to take a standardized test. He joined the opt-out struggle instead.

  • The drive for "national unity"

    Pro-austerity parties in Greece are trying to capitalize on the EU's extortion to take away all options for a left government.

  • Two roads to the NBA Finals

    The two coaches in the NBA Finals have deep--and deeply disparate--connections to the politics of the Middle East.

  • Bad apples and a rotten orchard

    Eric Casebolt's resignation shows the effect of the Black Lives Matter movement, but also perhaps a new strategy by police.

June 15, 2015

  • Meet the victims of mass incarceration

    A prison justice activist recounts her trip with three dozen family members to visit their loved ones locked away inside an Illinois prison.

  • The CTU rallies for a contract and a lot more

    Thousands of red-shirted Chicago Teachers Union members and their supporters took to the streets to demand a fair contract.

  • Justice for Albert Woodfox and the Angola 3

    A man who has spent four decades in solitary confinement deserves nothing less than immediate and unconditional release.

  • If trade were really free

    "Free trade" deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership are the latest chapter of unequal development caused by colonialism.

  • Fighting for the wages we deserve

    The Burlington City Council backed a resolution calling on HowardCenter to pay direct-care service providers a living wage.

  • El poder sindical de base

    Los trabajadores deben organizarse en la base de los sindicatos para superar las limitaciones de la burocracia sindical.

June 11, 2015

  • Confronting the incarceration nation

    Mass incarceration is a system of social control based on racism, but its hold extends over the entire working class population of the U.S.

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