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October 3, 2016

  • The road that brought us to Standing Rock

    SW contributors tell what they saw and heard on a trip to bring support and solidarity for the historic resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • Fighting the anti-BDS backlash

    The BDS movement has a wider audience than ever, but it also faces an onslaught against it by defenders of Israeli apartheid.

  • His right to hate both candidates

    Quarterback Colin Kaepernick wants people to face the reality of racist police violence, not necessarily vote for Hillary Clinton.

  • Marching against New York's Abu Ghraib

    Hundreds of people, led by former prisoners, gathered to demand the closure of New York City's notorious jail Rikers Island.

  • Aciertos y fallas de un rebelde

    Ernesto "Che" Guevara debe ser celebrado por su valor y espíritu igualitario, y criticado por su visión autoritaria del socialismo.

September 29, 2016

  • Ready to strike for Chicago's schools

    Chicago teachers have authorized a walkout and set a mid-October strike date in a show of determination to defend their jobs and public education.

  • Exploiting an epidemic

    A society that wants to stop drug addiction needs to deal with its root causes--not simply shame and punish drug users.

  • A new but familiar battle at Standing Rock

    The broken treaties of the past are an important part of the climate justice battle at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation today.

  • How Putin's party lost votes and still won

    Vladimir Putin's government is facing more social discontent, but that wasn't expressed in a federal election with very low turnout.

  • Views in brief

    A long, slow awakening | Austin turns out for Standing Rock | Why can't Stein debate? | Voting versus the movements

September 28, 2016

September 27, 2016

  • It was like shooting Trump in a barrel

    Trump proved in the first debate that he's an egomaniac and serial liar, but Hillary Clinton can't seem to give people a reason to vote for her.

  • The Tribune of the oppressors

    The Chicago Tribune says that the Chicago Teachers Union strike authorization vote was undemocratic, but consider the source.

  • Gutting the UMass Labor Center

    The UMass administration wants to cut the budget and force out left-wing faculty at the prestigious Labor Center in Amherst.

  • Marx was her personal tutor

    A recent biography of Eleanor Marx explores a life steeped in the political debates and struggles that defined her time.

  • ¿Puede Clinton detener el trumpismo?

    Es el nuevo uno-dos del mal menor: Uno, Trump podría ganar. Dos, mejor votar por Clinton, o estaremos todos condenados. ¿En serio?

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