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December 12, 2016

December 9, 2016

  • Touch of evil

    In this week's column, meet a modern-day Philip Marlowe, trying to crack a murder case that only he can't seem to solve.

December 8, 2016

  • Saving jobs one corporate bribe at a time?

    Trump's Carrier deal shows how he will pose as a defender of jobs--unless unions offer a way forward by fighting the bosses instead of bribing them.

  • An Islamophobic progressive?

    Tulsi Gabbard has a reputation as a liberal, but her defense of reactionary causes proves she has more in common with Trump.

  • Confronting the far-right threat at Purdue

    When fascist flyers appeared on the campus of Purdue University, it spurred protests and a flurry of anti-racist organizing.

  • Cynically using anti-Semitism to attack BDS

    A recent bill that sailed through the U.S. Senate purports to target anti-Semitism, but its actual goal is to silence critics of Israel.

  • The beginning of the end for Hoffa?

    The recent election in the Teamsters union didn't unseat the old guard's James P. Hoffa, but it left him discredited and vulnerable.

  • Two poles of an evil duopoly

    Democrats and Republicans aren't identical, but they're tied together--and the rise of one conditions the eventual rise of the other.

December 7, 2016

  • What we did in Iowa to chase away the Klan

    The Midwest Network to Stop the Klan was an example of successful anti-racist organizing in the 1990s that holds lessons for today's left.

  • Oakland's tragedy didn't have to happen

    The deadly fire at Oakland's Ghost Ship is blow to a community that has few places to go in a city where profit comes before safety.

  • The blizzard didn't stop us

    A furious winter storm hit the Standing Rock encampments, but that isn't stopping the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • We want a hate-free city

    Hundreds of Queens residents responded to a recent spike in hate crimes by mobilizing to make their neighborhood a "hate-free zone."

  • Views in brief

    Solidarity can win | Taking on the state at Standing Rock | Trump's misogyny is too common | Hitting Energy Transfer Partners in the wallet

December 6, 2016

  • How did we get the misogynist-in-chief?

    The Trump campaign gave voice to some of the most backward ideas in society--but the truth is there wasn't a voice for our side in November.

  • Ready to do what's right in Standing Rock

    An Iraq War vet explains why she traveled to Standing Rock--and the special role that military veterans can play in this struggle.

  • Scaring off the Klan in North Carolina

    At multiple demonstrations, anti-racists in North Carolina and Virginia turned out to oppose the racist hate of the Klan.

  • Why I parted ways with Fidel Castro

    Cuba was once my main political inspiration, but I came to recognize that Castro didn't represent the kind of socialism I stand for.

  • Una movilización indígena

    La mayor movilización indígena en más de un siglo se desarrolla hoy en Standing Rock, Dakota del Norte, en defensa del agua y del medio ambiente.

December 5, 2016

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