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September 8, 2016

  • Radical Columbia

    Though you wouldn't know it on the surface, Columbia University has a tempestuous history of resistance that shaped the campus in important ways.

  • Not the women's choice

    A collection of essays by women writers reveals why a Hillary Clinton presidency isn't an important step for women--or anyone.

  • The "war on terror" 15 years on

    Fifteen years after 9/11, the people of the Middle East are still paying a terrible price for the U.S. drive to dominate the region.

  • A flawed revolutionary icon

    Che Guevara should be celebrated for his courage and egalitarian spirit, and critiqued for his authoritarian vision of socialism.

  • They're poisoning our future

    Energy company EQT is destroying future generations' air, water, quality of life and prospects for safe energy.

September 7, 2016

  • What would a revolution look like?

    More and more people--especially young people--say they're drawn to socialism. But how can socialism be achieved in a country like the U.S.?

  • Facing down the oil company dogs

    A historic protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation is facing escalating repression.

  • Keeping the student strike alive

    Quebec's massive student struggle emerged from an organizing model that constantly trains new generations of activists.

  • Solidarity won Adly's freedom

    Egyptian human rights lawyer Malek Adly has won his freedom, and more political prisoners like him need international support.

  • What will end the barbarity?

    The Justice Department directive to stop using for-profit prisons is very limited, but it can open up opportunities to demand more.

September 6, 2016

  • Are Chicago teachers headed toward a strike?

    A battle between Chicago's budget-slashing mayor, a union-busting governor and determined teachers could lead to a second strike in four years.

  • Berkeley's system lets women down

    The response of University of California at Berkeley administrators to sexual harassment allegations has been far too slow and weak.

  • A new hate crime in Queens?

    The stabbing of 60-year-old Nazma Khanam is the second murderous attack in a month, and the community is demanding answers.

  • Labor Day belongs to workers

    Labor Day was born out the most radical working-class struggles of the 19th century, and we should celebrate it today.

  • Voices raised for public schools in India

    A new documentary makes the case that struggles for public education in India are intrinsically tied to other fights for justice.

  • Un concurso en impopularidad

    Clinton y Trump sean los políticos más odiados que jamás se enfrentaron en una elección presidencial, pero Ud. aún tiene una alternativa.

September 1, 2016

  • Violence, social crisis and the two Chicagos

    The violence in Chicago that cost more lives in August than any month in the past 20 years is portrayed as unexplainable--but it's anything but.

  • Why I sat with Colin

    A former Army Ranger and conscientious objector explains why he and other antiwar veterans are supporting Colin Kaepernick.

  • Are movements enough to make socialism?

    How do we balance the need to organize around specific political issues with building a wider opposition to the whole ruling order?

  • "Duterte Harry" goes on the attack

    The new president of the Philippines has made those involved in the drug trade into scapegoats for country’s larger problems.

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