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April 7, 2015

April 6, 2015

  • They can afford $15

    Low-wage workers will come together on April 15 for a national day of action for $15 and a union--demands their movement has put in the spotlight.

  • Give Mumia the medical care he needs

    A leading figure in the struggle for Mumia Abu-Jamal says Pennsylvania is trying to carry out an execution by medical neglect.

  • Indiana's war on pregnant women

    Using 17th century "science," an Indiana court ruled that Purvi Patel must serve 20 years in prison for the "crime" of feticide.

  • Time to up the pressure on Shumlin

    Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin is proposing deeper cuts, but workers and activists are planning to send a message of resistance.

  • What is the basis for unity?

    Genuine solidarity requires that we struggle against any remnant of oppression that exists within our own ranks.

April 2, 2015

  • The rivalries tearing the Middle East apart

    New military escalations by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia will further destabilize a Middle East of multiplying hostilities and humanitarian disasters.

  • All Black children matter

    Two parents who have lost children to violence talk about the struggle against racism and police terror in New York City.

  • Solidarity must be the guiding principle

    Three members of the ISO take up some of the political ideas put forward by the spoken word duo Darkmatter.

  • Has the Maple Spring returned?

    More than 100,000 Quebec students are expected to join a strike that raises the prospect of a renewed campus rebellion.

  • Cuomo to our schools: "Drop dead"

    New York legislators passed a wish list of corporate school "reforms." Now teachers, parents and students have to take action.

April 1, 2015

  • Who will write the next chapter in the struggle?

    The commemoration of the Selma civil rights march prompted many to think about how much has changed in 50 years--and how much has not.

  • No hate in this state

    The passage of a bill legalizing anti-LGBT discrimination has produced a welcome wave of solidarity and protest.

  • Will the new agreement weaken the ILWU?

    A tentative agreement covering West Coast dockworkers appears to trade higher wages for possible concessions on future jobs.

  • A fighter's life in danger

    Political prisoner and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal remains in a hospital intensive care unit where he was rushed this weekend.

  • The bias at the BBC

    You can see why British conservatives would accuse the BBC of left-wing bias since many of the journalists are Tories.

March 31, 2015

  • Capitalism, racism and the 1 Percent

    Racism has deep roots intertwined with capitalism itself--but its grip can be broken, particularly at times of heightened class struggle.

  • LA teachers headed for a showdown

    As the school year begins to wind down, a major labor battle is looming in the country's second-largest school district.

  • Move the Final Four

    If the NCAA wants to take a stand against a bigoted law, it should move the basketball championships out of Indiana.

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