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March 17, 2015

  • Resistance forms in Eastern Europe

    The patterns of the struggle against neoliberal reforms in Poland have implications for what comes next in Ukraine.

  • Missing the point of what we wrote

    Our article on the Chicago mayoral election has been the subject of criticisms we don't think are fair to the arguments we made.

March 16, 2015

  • Who's being attacked in Ferguson?

    The right wing is out to smear protesters and the Black Lives Matter movement after a shooting that injured two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri.

  • A victory for NYU grad employees

    Members of the Graduate Student Organizing Committee at New York University set a milestone for labor with their contract agreement.

  • Pregnant and still shackled

    It has been illegal to shackle incarcerated pregnant women in New York since 2009, but prison officials routinely flout the law.

  • Why was Yuvette Henderson killed?

    Protesters against police murder shut down a Bay Area Home Depot for five hours to demand justice for Yuvette Henderson.

  • Putting its energy into the wrong fight

    The Chicago Teachers Union is putting resources into the mayoral runoff election instead of preparing for other battles.

March 12, 2015

  • Will ISIS be driven back in northern Iraq?

    The Iraqi military and Shia militias are on the verge of retaking the city of Tikrit--but this success reveals the underlying problems for the U.S.

  • Attica is still a symbol of brutality

    Three guards at a New York state prison were found guilty of assault in a case that reveals a widespread culture of abuse.

  • Breathing space or a tighter stranglehold?

    One thing is certain about the Greek government's deal with the Eurogroup: It ensures neither a truce nor financial relief.

  • United blames the pilots

    With a leaked memo, United Airlines is trying to scapegoat pilots for the company's poor attention to safety.

  • UKIP downplays its racism

    The UKIP's dilemma is that moaning about immigrants is popular, but declaring certain types of foreigners inferior to "us" isn't.

  • Clearly no alternative to austerity

    All the evidence points to Chuy García being a nicer, less abrasive face to the same austerity policies pursued for a decade.

  • Be critical, but be for Chuy

    To not endorse Chuy García, despite your valid criticisms, when he is poised to defeat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is absurd.

March 11, 2015

  • Walker's war of terror against workers

    The governor of Wisconsin thinks union members are "terrorists," but what's more terrorist than stealing the future from working people?

  • Rifts running through the Arab world

    Recognizing inequality in power and wealth is essential to understand the counter-revolutionary moment in the Middle East.

  • Divestment stymied at OSU

    The student government at Ohio State issued a last-minute ruling to disqualify a pro-Palestine campus referendum.

  • More police isn't the answer in Queens

    Community organizers from a variety of struggles came together at a Queens forum to discuss their problems with the NYPD.

  • Detained in China for protesting sexism

    A group of feminists in China were detained by the government for planning a protest on International Women’s Day.

  • Let them eat Common Core

    I believe No Child Left Behind and Common Core are part of the 1 Percent's agenda to wreck what few rights we have left.

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