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December 18, 2009

December 17, 2009

  • The summit that was designed to fail

    The UN Conference on Global Warming in Copenhagen has been marked by bitter rivalries on the inside and police repression of activists on the outside.

  • I'm done defending Obama

    When I think of how we can help the soldiers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, I have only three little words: Bring them home.

  • U.S. ties to a Uganda hate law

    The proposed law in Uganda that would further criminalize LGBT people is frightening, but that isn't the only disturbing part of the story.

  • Global justice not greed

    Two new films look in different ways at the effects of the free market around the world, and the prospects for challenging it.

  • When a precious life means little

    The movie Precious shines a light on the American welfare state, which punishes the poor and does little to lift families out of poverty.

  • Organizing from the bottom up

    Tim Costello, a long-time activist in the labor and global justice movement in Boston, passed away on December 4.

  • GE slashes workers' health benefits

    General Electric dropped a bombshell on its non-union employees--their responsibility for health care expenses will go up dramatically next year.

December 16, 2009

  • Who's afraid of the big, bad Zinn?

    A conservative Web site accused the "people's historian" of perpetrating a distorted "version" of history, but it's the truth that they're scared of.

  • Our compañero in struggle

    Walter Tróchez, a well-known LGBT activist and member of the National Resistance Front in Honduras, was killed December 13.

  • Taking the next step for equality

    We need to build a mass movement for LGBT rights, and to do that, we need you, your friends and co-workers, and thousands more people.

  • Why I'm going to Gaza

    I want to see the damage caused by weapons bought with my tax dollars--and I want it understood that Israel does not kill in my name.

  • The crime of the century

    During 17 years of assault on a defenseless civilian population, more people have died in Iraq than during the peak years of the slave trade.

  • Defending marriage equality in Queens

    About 100 activists marched in Queens to show their opposition to a New York state senator who voted against marriage equality.

December 15, 2009

  • America's new homeless

    Hunger and homelessness are reaching all-time highs in cities under the pressure of a crisis that's still hitting hard.

  • New battles take shape in Iran

    Large and militant student demonstrations in Iran signal a new phase of the pro-democracy struggle amid signs of splits among conservatives.

  • Rallying to defend our schools

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to close a record number of schools, but he's starting to face a wave of resistance.

  • Going AWOL to get help

    With the military health care system overstretched, more soldiers are taking other steps to get treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

  • Nothing natural about war

    On four separate occasions in his Nobel speech, Barack Obama brought up the false idea that war has been around since the beginning of human history.

  • Views in brief

    The violence of the system | How Wal-Mart stole Christmas | I'm leaving too | Who's covering up torture now? | Why aren't our protests more diverse?

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