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November 21, 2011

  • He's concerned about our health?

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Zuccotti Park was raided because of concerns about public health, but that's hard for any New Yorker to take seriously.

  • Faculty walkout at Cal State

    Teachers at two Cal State campuses went on a one-day strike to raise awareness about the crisis in the CSU system.

  • NBA players stand together

    The media claim NBA players are out of touch with economic reality, but they have more in common with the 99 percent.

  • Seven billion isn't the problem

    The mistake population pessimists make is seeing people solely as consumers, while forgetting most of us can also produce.

  • Crab fishermen want fair deal

    Bay Area crab boat operators are on strike in a dispute with seafood distributors over the price of their catch.

November 18, 2011

  • Occupy on the march

    Protests in New York and other cities November 17 highlighted both the tremendous potential and the real challenges for the Occupy movement.

  • Misery of the maquiladoras

    The maquiladoras along the border produce big profits for U.S. multinationals--but suffering for Mexican workers.

  • ¡No! No nos callarán

    El 1 por ciento está llevando a cabo un asalto cuidadosamente organizado para destruir el movimiento Ocupa--pero nuestro lado está determinado a continuar la lucha.

November 17, 2011

  • Solidarity on the streets

    Tens of thousands will raise their voices against the 1 percent as part of an Occupy Wall Street day of action in New York City and around the U.S.

  • Greece's loan-shark government

    The handover of Greece's government to a former European Central Bank official is a stark symbol of who really holds power.

  • The strange logic of Jean Quan

    Listening to Oakland officials claim they support the Occupy movement might be funny if they weren't inflicting so much violence.

  • The hiring hall and home defense

    An ILWU member makes the case for organized labor taking up the struggle against evictions and foreclosure.

  • Solidarity with Palestinian freedom riders

    Freedom rides organized by Palestinians are harkening back to a tactic used by the U.S. civil rights movement.

  • The spring of student revolt

    A new book brings together accounts of student activists taking part in rebellions against austerity around the world.

  • An appeal for political asylum

    I decided to emigrate to America out of fear for my own safety and not wanting to leave my daughter fatherless.

November 16, 2011

  • We won't be silenced

    The 1 percent is carrying out a carefully organized assault to destroy the Occupy movement--but our side is determined that the struggle will go on.

  • Occupy resists the crackdown

    Thousands flooded back to New York's Zuccotti Park following a police raid--while UC Berkeley students answered a police raid with a strike and protest.

  • The struggle continues in Oakland

    Oakland police evicted the Occupy encampment for a second time, but activists are keeping up the fight on a daily basis.

  • And then they came for us

    New York's mayor--the second wealthiest man in the city--deployed his troops against the birthplace of Occupy.

  • An anti-LGBT attack in Michigan

    Far-right Michigan Republicans are behind several pieces of discriminatory legislation that target the LGBT community.

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