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March 15, 2011

  • No longer a one-sided class war

    What we're seeing in Wisconsin is the culmination of 40 years of a one-sided class war in this country, waged by the rich against the rest of us.

  • Bloomberg attacks city workers

    New York's billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants city workers to pay for the crisis--and is threatening to lay off 6 percent of the city's teachers.

March 14, 2011

  • The struggle will continue

    Scott Walker pushed through his anti-union legislation in Wisconsin, but a massive labor rally showed the struggle to stop the union-busters isn't over.

  • Executions are history in Illinois

    Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn ended the death penalty system by signing a bill abolishing executions and commuting all 15 current death sentences.

  • Peter King's witch-hunt hearing

    The comparison between today's anti-Muslim hysteria and the 1950s McCarthy era got more literal with Peter King's congressional hearing last week.

  • The facts about racism in Libya

    Some voices on the left have claimed that Libya's popular uprising is racist, but it's Qaddafi's regime that is to blame.

  • Indiana labor pushes back

    Unions mobilized to stop workers in their state from being the latest victims of the Republican hit squad.

  • Picketing for the jailed socialists in Zimbabwe

    Activists in Washington, D.C., held pickets in solidarity with six Zimbabwean socialists facing charges of treason.

  • Castlewood lockout turns one

    Workers at Castlewood Country Club are continuing their fight for justice as a lockout by management enters a second year.

  • Fighting to keep HOPE alive

    Protests against a controversial proposal to put new limits on the HOPE scholarship captured the attention of the state.

  • Rallying against cuts in S.C.

    Some 2,000 people rallied outside the State House in Columbia, S.C., to oppose plans to ax education, the arts and Medicaid.

March 11, 2011

  • Now is the time to fight

    Labor must answer Scott Walker and the Wisconsin union-busters with immediate action--or unions will face even more vicious attacks.

  • What do we do next?

    We need to up the ante in Wisconsin by withholding the one thing they can't strip away from us--the work we do.

  • Labor protests spread to Iowa

    Gov. Terry Branstad is pushing radical austerity measures--but the Iowa labor movement and activists from across the state are pushing back.

March 10, 2011

  • Do or die in Wisconsin

    Scott Walker is on the verge of ramming through union-busting legislation, and organized labor needs to step up the fight or face catastrophic defeat.

  • Seven deadly lies about public-sector workers looks at seven myths about public-sector compensation and government deficits--and provides the facts to counter them.

  • Taking on Texas-sized austerity

    Gov. Rick Perry and the Republicans want to slash $31 billion in state spending over two years--but a fightback is brewing.

  • A matter of life or death in Zimbabwe

    The lives of six Zimbabwean activists--accused of treason by the regime of Robert Mugabe--hang in the balance.

  • More important than a movie

    Ostensibly a movie about recreating the exploits of Christopher Columbus, Even the Rain is about history and so much more.

  • Hilton settles with hotel workers union in S.F.

    UNITE HERE Local 2 won a contract with the San Francisco Hilton after weeks of actions by members and supporters.

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