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May 18, 2012

  • Our stand against NATO

    An Afghan opponent of war and oppression sends a message of support for the protests against the NATO summit in Chicago.

  • The politics of Marcus Garvey

    In the face of systematic racism, the "back to Africa" ideas of Marcus Garvey struck a chord in early 20th century America.

  • The best democracy money can buy

    In a society based on a massive concentration of wealth, one billionaire has far more clout than millions of poor people.

  • Planeando dominación mundial

    Fortificados y tras un enjambre de policías, los líderes de la OTAN, la alianza militar más poderosa del mundo, se reunirán mientras miles marcharán protestando.

May 17, 2012

  • Winning concessions from the apartheid state

    Palestinian prisoners ended one of the largest and longest-running hunger strikes ever after an agreement that Israel will meet some of their terms.

  • Not the voice of a generation

    A repellent sense of entitlement gets in the way of any message the characters of the HBO series Girls might have.

  • Where did SYRIZA come from?

    In an article from 2008, a leading Greek socialist explains what went into forming the Coalition of the Radical Left.

  • A world where monsters rule

    Maurice Sendak shook up the staid world of children's books to help create literature that both educated and entertained.

  • Part of the way in Rhode Island

    Rhode Island's governor is recognizing out-of-state same-sex marriages--but we still don't have marriage equality.

  • Deregulation and the Democrats

    Every gain the labor movement has won has been the result of workers' struggles themselves, in spite of Republicans and Democrats.

May 16, 2012

  • NATO's new world order

    The leaders of the world's most powerful military alliance will meet behind barricades and swarms of police--while thousands march in dissent.

  • They executed Alan Blueford

    The family of Alan Blueford is demanding justice after the Oakland police gunned down the unarmed teenager.

  • After Amendment 1 in North Carolina

    An anti-marriage equality referendum passed on Election Day, but the response from LGBT rights supporters was immediate.

  • Drones, missiles and gunships

    London during the Olympics will see "the biggest mobilization of military and security forces since the Second World War."

  • A view from the shop floor

    In Autoworkers Under the Gun, Gregg Shotwell provides important lessons for rank-and-file activists in any industry.

  • Hilton workers rally for union

    Some 100 hotel workers and their supporters picketed in front of a San Diego Hilton Hotel to kick off a fight for union recognition.

  • We want justice for Brandy

    Opponents of anti-LGBT violence are speaking out following the shooting death of Brandy Martell in Oakland, Caif.

May 15, 2012

  • Big trouble at Diamond Jamie's casino

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon says his bank blew billions of dollars on a reckless gamble--proving that casino capitalism is alive and well.

  • A summit to represent us

    More than 800 activists came together for the People's Summit to kick off a week of anti-NATO events in Chicago.

  • Quebec students stay defiant

    Quebec students entered the fourth month of their strike by rejecting a government offer that failed to meet any of their demands.

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