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April 20, 2010

  • The banker robbers

    The SEC lawsuit accusing Goldman Sachs of fraud sheds a whole new light on the colossal--and ongoing--looting of the economy by Wall Street.

  • What's in the LA teachers' contract?

    Members of United Teachers Los Angeles approved a new contract that accepts furlough days in order to prevent more than 2,000 threatened layoffs.

  • Their homes reduced to rubble

    Major demolitions carried out by Israeli forces in recent weeks have left dozens of Palestinians homeless in the West Bank.

  • UCSC activists need your help

    California budget cuts activists are resisting university administrators’ attempts to divide them--and they're asking for your support.

  • Fund education with corporate taxes

    Madison schools are facing a $30 million shortfall for the 2010-11 budget--but that gap could be closed if corporations paid their fair share.

  • Veterans struggling to keep a job

    The National Guard is trying to kick me out because I refused to go on training that would have made me take 30 days off from my job.

April 19, 2010

  • Confederate (Distortion of) History Month

    Virginia's Republican governor grabbed national attention with a proclamation to honor the history of the Confederacy and its war to defend slavery.

  • Seeing through the tear gas mist

    With threats of a crackdown looming against pro-democracy demonstrators, a dissident responds to distortions about the rebellion shaking Thailand.

  • The Catholic Church's web of deceit

    As new allegations of child abuse emerge, it's crystal clear that the pattern of evasion, obstruction and cover-up reflects instructions from the Vatican.

  • Much ado about very little

    The ferocity of political competition in the upcoming UK elections is in inverse proportion to the enthusiasm of the voters.

  • A setback for Internet freedom

    A recent court ruling says that media corporations, and not the public, can dictate who uses the Internet, and what for.

  • Peralta board meeting shut down

    Students and supporters protested at a board meeting against plans to close the Alameda Community College's child care center.

  • UMass speaks out against budget cuts

    A month after the March 4 Day of Action, several dozen people turned out for a speak-out against cuts in education at the University of Massachusetts.

April 16, 2010

  • The Texas school of falsification

    New curriculum changes are being instituted in Texas that aim to indoctrinate kids with a warped version of history that enshrines conservatives as heroes.

  • Israel: An outpost of empire

    Israel confidently defies international laws that prohibit the building of settlements in occupied territory--thanks to U.S. backing.

  • War crimes and cover-ups

    While footage of U.S. soldiers committing atrocities against Iraqi civilians has shocked many, some vets say such war crimes are not uncommon.

  • The case for socialism

    We live in a world of shocking inequality--but a new edition of The Case for Socialism argues that it's possible to fight for a different kind of world.

  • Defending Boston's public libraries

    Boston officials voted April 9 to severely cut library jobs and close branches--but activists and union members vow to keep fighting.

  • Rallying for Social Security equality

    Seven hundred people marched to the Social Security Administration office in Hollywood to demand equal benefits for same-sex couples.

April 15, 2010

  • How SNCC lit a spark

    The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee--one of the central organizations of the civil rights movement--was founded 50 years ago.

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