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September 9, 2010

September 8, 2010

  • Too late and way too little

    The economic crisis is dragging on--and all Barack Obama has to offer is chump change on infrastructure spending, plus more corporate tax breaks.

  • Whole towns have vanished

    A member of the Labor Party Pakistan describes the impact of the catastrophic floods in her country--and the government's inept response.

  • Shot down by Seattle cops

    A homeless Native American man became the latest victim of the brutal Seattle police when an officer shot him four times, killing him on the spot.

  • The power behind the Thai throne

    The real center of power in Thailand, lurking behind the throne of King Bhumibol and doing the bidding of the elite, is the military.

  • Using "reform" to push charters

    Charter backers are creating an education marketplace in Houston that looks a lot like the industries from which they draw support, including Big Oil.

  • Circumcision and HIV infection

    In an otherwise wonderful article, Mike Marqusee claims that "there is no evidence that circumcision affects HIV spread." This is not true.

September 7, 2010

  • Is America a right-wing country?

    The emergence of the Tea Partiers and the looming GOP victory in November has led to a revival of the idea that the U.S. population is basically conservative.

  • The new African land grab

    The privatization of millions of acres of land in Africa is helping to fuel a crisis of hunger and displacement across the continent.

  • Bradley Manning's heroic fight

    If the government's charges against Pfc. Bradley Manning are true, then he is a hero, not a criminal, says the founder of a Web site defending him.

  • Bud Selig's civil rights wrongs

    Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig is ducking immigrant rights activists who want to know why the 2011 All-Star Game is still slated for Arizona.

  • Powell's workers rock out to walk out

    ILWU Local 5 and its rank and file are building a strike fund in anticipation of next year's contract battle at Powell's Books.

September 3, 2010

  • The cuts that will leave nothing behind

    State budget cuts in social services are so deep that many programs and agencies are disappearing--precisely at a moment when they're needed most.

  • Social crisis stalks Pakistan

    The floodwaters are finally beginning to recede a month after they tore through Pakistan, but the devastation left in their wake is vast.

  • Mott's strikers send out pickets

    Mott's workers marked their 100th day on strike with a big show of community support--and by taking their picket to other cities.

  • Organizing the battle for Berkeley

    North Star, a memoir by the late Peter Camejo, tells the story of a life dedicated to struggles for justice and the fight for socialism.

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