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February 9, 2012

February 8, 2012

  • Discussing the way forward for Occupy

    Debates over a general strike call for May Day and the tactics of a recent protest in Oakland highlight some key questions facing the movement today.

  • Komen's race to the right

    When Komen for the Cure announced plans to stop approving grants for Planned Parenthood, it sparked furious protest.

  • Heroes of Super Bowl Sunday

    Union and Occupy activists dared to be heard on a day when everyone told them to just shut up and watch the game.

  • Bankruptcy as a weapon

    American Airlines announced it wants to cut 13,000 jobs and impose a range of other concessions--to "return to profitability."

  • Time to shut Vermont's nuke

    Occupy Burlington held a march to protest a court ruling overturning Vermont's decision to shut down a nuclear reactor.

  • Banking on profitable prisons

    Activists in Washington, D.C., protested Wells Fargo for its investments in the for-profit incarceration industry.

  • Solidarity with Sotheby's workers at UVM

    Activists mic-checked the University of Vermont's board of trustees to demand a fair contract for Sotheby's workers.

February 7, 2012

  • Syria between civil war and sanctions

    With the latest maneuvers by the West blocked in a UN Security Council vote, the regime of Bashar al-Assad is seeking to drown Syria's revolution in blood.

  • What caused the soccer massacre in Egypt?

    Protests erupted in Egypt over a soccer-match massacre that many people believe was orchestrated by the military.

  • Targeted for turnaround in NYC

    New York's "education reform" agenda only pays attention to facts when it suits the city's agenda of demonizing teachers.

  • Labor's stand in Indianapolis

    Thousands of labor and Occupy activists turned out in Indiana after the passage of so-called "right-to-work" legislation.

  • The power of soul

    Don Cornelius, the creator of Soul Train, died this month, after providing a TV stage to decades of Black musicians.

  • Two more heroes of Black history

    In honor of Black History Month, I'd like to briefly highlight two Black socialists, Lucy Parsons and A. Phillip Randolph.

  • The historical evidence for Jesus

    The simplest explanation of the available evidence is that there was a historical Jesus whose life was the basis for the later myths.

February 6, 2012

  • Capitalism versus democracy

    The attacks on the Occupy movement send an unmistakable message: You have the right to free speech--but try to use it, and we'll do all we can to stop you.

  • Islamophobes in blue

    New York City cops were shown a racist film as part of "training"--a sign of the depths of anti-Muslim bigotry in the NYPD.

  • The backlash against Occupy Oakland

    Oakland's politicians, police and media are on the attack against Occupy--and activists are responding with a discussion about what's next.

  • The racism of Equality

    The Equality Forum's plans to honor Israel for its purported advancement of LGBT civil rights amounts to pinkwashing.

  • SF activist falsely accused

    Activist DeBray "Fly Benzo" Carpenter faces up to four years in jail after police attacked him for videotaping them.

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