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April 6, 2011

April 5, 2011

  • Never a force for good

    In every U.S. military intervention, the justifications concocted for public consumption differ substantially from the U.S. government's real aims.

  • Resisting Islamophobia and war

    Two leading activists talk about building an alliance of Muslims, labor and the antiwar movement ahead of this weekend's antiwar mobilizations.

  • An incitement to violence

    Several days of rioting that claimed at least 30 lives in Afghanistan were sparked by news that a Florida pastor burned a Koran.

  • Fighting for justice at Giant

    Workers representing several unions came together March 30 to tell Giant Food bosses that they won't get by with union busting.

  • Rio Tinto can't beat us

    The film Locked Out brings to life last year's 15-week lockout at Rio Tinto mining--and lets the workers tell their story.

  • A Marine faces bigotry and abuse

    I volunteered to serve my country during a time of war, but was kicked out of the Marines for being gay.

  • Is intervention a necessary evil?

    I think the air strikes in Libya were worth doing, and that they are giving the Libyan revolution the only chance it has to succeed.

April 4, 2011

  • Is Israel preparing a new war on Gaza?

    Dozens of Palestinians are casualties in a sharp escalation in Israel's pounding of the people of Gaza--with the threat of worse to come.

  • A voice for Black liberation and democracy

    One of the leading African American scholars of his generation died April 1 on the eve of the publication of his groundbreaking biography of Malcolm X.

  • Achievements of the revolution in Egypt

    A process of change is taking place in Egypt that doesn't end with Hosni Mubarak, but it can't be underestimated how much has changed already.

  • You'll (not) love this health plan

    Lately, I'm beginning to enjoy the nightmares I have while sleeping more than the one I have while awake.

  • What Cuomo did to our schools

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo's budget continues a trend of cutting taxes for New York's wealthy, while making education cuts that will hit the poor hardest.

  • Taking on a mortgage giant

    The trail of the Lennon-Griffen family's mortgage runs through a virtual who's who of bailed-out banks and financial outfits.

  • The battle at Chicago charters

    The latest front in the battle to unionize charter schools is taking place at the Chicago Math and Science Academy.

  • Left out of Obama's dinner

    One hundred people gathered in Harlem to protest a Democratic Party fundraiser where Barack Obama appeared.

April 1, 2011

  • A generation found that it can fight back

    The eruption of protest and rioting in Los Angeles in 1992 was an expression of the decades of accumulated anger at racism and class inequality.

  • The Socialist Party and the war

    Even as it was experiencing electoral successes, the Socialist Party was deeply divided--the First World War would be a crucial turning point.

March 31, 2011

  • The nightmare that could happen here

    Japan's disaster should prove there's no such thing as "safe" nuclear power--but it's a lesson U.S. politicians and business leaders haven't learned.

  • The battle to save Troy Davis

    After a setback from the Supreme Court, the sister of Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis describes her determination to keep fighting for her brother's freedom.

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