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August 3, 2016

August 2, 2016

  • Two parties and two brands of Islamophobia

    Trump's attack on the parents of a Muslim soldier killed in Iraq is despicable--but the Democrats have their own version of Islamophobia to sell.

  • Their smears to discredit Jill Stein

    The allegation that Jill Stein of the Green Party opposes vaccination and is drawn to the "anti-vaxxers" is a cynical slander.

  • The long road from Olympic dream to reality

    For 10 years, Brazil has prepared for the Olympics. Now a majority of its people wish the Games had never darkened their door.

  • Defending Portland's camps

    Portland activists linked tenant struggles against evictions with a fight to end police sweeps of a local homeless camp--and won.

August 1, 2016

  • Clinton is the one who should be ashamed

    If you're still thinking outside the two-party box despite the slanders of the liberal shame machine, here are a few facts to throw back at the scolders.

  • The un-Democratic National Committee

    The leaked e-mails of Democratic National Committee officials reveal the party's real priorities, but their crimes go much deeper.

  • Stop the stink in Endicott

    More than 80,000 gallons of highly toxic waste is going into the Susquehanna River near Endicott, New York, every day.

  • The struggle for the soul of Labour

    Jeremy Corbyn's fight to remain the leader of Britain's Labour Party will have significance far beyond the party itself.

July 28, 2016

  • What happens to a Bern deferred?

    What happens to the Sanders supporters' dreams of an alternative now that they have been deferred, most plainly by Bernie Sanders himself?

  • Apartheid Israel's war on water

    During the month of June, Palestinians in the West Bank faced some of the harshest water shortages that they have in decades.

  • When we took a stand in Wisconsin

    Five years after Wisconsin workers occupied the state Capitol, there are lessons to be learned about the struggle against austerity.

  • Capitalism still breeds war

    The Battle of the Somme during the First World War took place 100 years ago, but the scale of carnage is even greater today.

  • ¿Encarna Ortega al sandinismo?

    En Nicaragua, la memoria de la Revolución Sandinista es aún muy poderosa, pero la promesa de sus líderes sigue incumplida.

July 27, 2016

  • The party platform they won't stand on

    We looked at some of the more progressive planks from the 2008 platform passed by the Democrats to see how they fared under Barack Obama.

  • Exposing the NYPD's lies about Delrawn

    The media bought a New York cop's story that he killed Delrawn Small in self-defense, until a video showed that it was murder.

  • A specter haunting Hollywood

    What does a movie like the Ghostbusters say about the film industry's view of women--in the movies and in the theater seats?

  • In defense of busing in Boston

    The contemporary consensus that busing Boston's students to desegregate the public schools was "misguided" is just wrong.

July 26, 2016

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