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March 22, 2016

  • New Yorkers say no to Trump

    Over a thousand people rallied to tell the world that immigrants are more welcome in New York City than Donald Trump.

  • Mobilizing for not-democracy

    Liberal organizations supporting Obama's Supreme Court nominee should look a little closer at who and what they're behind.

  • Challenging Vassar's attack on BDS

    The Vassar Student Association passed a resolution in solidarity with Palestinian rights--despite pressure from administrators.

  • Connecticut state workers face big cuts

    A Democratic governor is using the threat of mass layoffs of state workers as a negotiating tactic against Republicans.

March 21, 2016

March 17, 2016

  • Somebody finally stood up to the bully

    Chicagoans shut down Donald Trump's message of hate, at least for a night, and millions of people around the U.S. celebrated what they did.

  • Students in the streets against cuts in Boston

    More than 3,000 Boston students stormed out of schools to protest budget cuts that come as area corporations get tax breaks.

  • Flint had many betrayers

    People in Flint had a right to expect that the United Auto Workers would not only warn them, but fight like hell for them. It didn't.

  • Bernie's blind spot

    Sanders' rally speech was inspiring, but it clarified for me why I won't vote for anyone who can't break with the Democrats.

  • Building BDS and the union at NYU

    Graduate student workers at New York University are set to vote next month on a resolution in solidarity with Palestine.

March 16, 2016

  • Fear has a good day

    Frontrunners Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump did well on one of the biggest days of the primaries, but this election is still breaking the mold.

  • Our struggles link us together

    Angela Davis' new book of interviews, articles and speeches connects the different struggles against racism, sexism and empire.

  • Taking sides with the Chicago teachers

    More than 200 people gathered for a rally to hear unionists and activists pledge their solidarity with the Chicago Teachers Union.

  • Preparing for new elections in Spain

    The left in Spain must look beyond forming a coalition government and prepare to challenge whichever party takes power.

  • SUNY students stand against tuition hikes

    Students at 10 schools in the State University of New York system walked out of classes to protest an extension of tuition increases.

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