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July 8, 2016

July 7, 2016

  • Explaining the fading fortunes of Podemos

    Podemos' disappointing result in Spain's general election was the product of political factors that could have been chronicled and foretold.

  • Breathing in the socialism in the air

    The Socialism 2016 conference in Chicago brought together nearly 1,400 people on the front lines of the fight for a better world.

  • The rise of "respectable" fascism in Austria

    A court-ordered election revote is again raising the possibility that a party with direct Nazi roots might win Austria's presidency.

  • On strike against an 84-hour workweek

    Ohio Teamsters are fighting an outrageous demand by International Paper bosses for almost unlimited mandatory overtime.

  • Conteniendo el fuego

    La radicalización que alimentó la campaña de Bernie Sanders sigue viva, y los demócratas quieren su ayuda para contenerla.

June 30, 2016

  • I won't be shamed into voting for Clinton

    Liberal scolders in favor of Hillary Clinton twist the widespread disgust with Clinton's conservatism and present it as privileged self-indulgence.

  • Where segregation and gentrification meet

    The rezoning of two public schools in Brooklyn has cast a spotlight on the reality of educational segregation in New York City.

  • Labor's bloody battle in steel

    A new book on the Little Steel strike of 1937 provides a gut-wrenching look at the violence of America's captains of industry.

  • The establishment bounces back in Spain

    The two parties that have dominated Spanish politics since the 1970s have reasserted themselves in the recent national elections.

  • Clashing views on the Brexit vote

    Two readers weigh in on the ongoing debate about the meaning of the UK's Brexit vote--and what the left's response should be.

June 29, 2016

  • Making history or maintaining the status quo?

    Hillary Clinton's nomination will be hailed as a historic breakthrough for women, but what kind of history would a Clinton presidency make?

  • Socialism from A to Z

    A collection of essays by contributors to Jacobin magazine makes a powerful argument for what socialism is--and isn't.

  • What comes next after the Brexit vote?

    June 24 was a dark morning, but the left can engage both Leave and Remain voters in future struggles to defend migrants and protest austerity.

  • Confronting the roots of anti-LGBT violence

    Calls for more cops to protect LGBT people miss the mark about where gay oppression comes from--and what side police are on.

  • Okinawa is still being exploited by the U.S.

    Protests against U.S. bases and soldiers have taken on renewed and more urgent life after the murder of an Okinawan woman.

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