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January 3, 2017

  • The Trumponomics con game

    Donald Trump's promises to heat up the U.S. economy in order to boost job creation is a cover for another massive handout to the wealthiest.

  • To the "leftist" admirers of Assad's Syria

    As a Syrian who identifies with the left, I am appalled by those who call themselves left-wingers, but who stand with the Assads.

  • Standing Rock is what democracy looks like

    The water protectors have managed to share a sacred fire under Arctic conditions and create a strong, well-organized community.

  • Exile off Main Street

    A recent book chronicles the lives of people living in a low-income residential hotel--and the community they struggle to create.

  • Plotting the points of a fightback

    Donald Trump, more than any other Republican president, could provoke mass opposition as a result of his overreach.

December 16, 2016

  • Can Trump reverse the Standing Rock victory?

    Water protectors and their supporters are fearful that DAPL won't stay blocked, but there's substance to this victory that gives us something to build on.

  • Merry Capitalist!

    In this week's column, see how the other not-even-close-to-half buys their presents: Find a quisling to tell them what to get.

December 15, 2016

  • An infrastructure plan to make companies drool

    Donald Trump's trillion-dollar infrastructure plan will stimulate corporate profits far more than it will create jobs or increase economic growth.

  • For the well-read red

    A few of SW's regular contributors give their picks for holiday gifts--or simply excuses to relax during the holiday season.

  • Trump and the rise of the new McCarthyites

    His election has unleashed new right-wing forces in American universities at a time when left faculty were already under siege.

  • Who's afraid of the rank and file?

    Graduate student workers in a reform caucus argue that democratizing the United Auto Workers is a key to winning better contracts.

  • The resistible rise of Norbert Hofer

    An Austrian activist explains why the far-right Freedom Party has made electoral gains--and how it can be beaten back.

December 14, 2016

  • 2016 and the tale of two Americas

    In the U.S. and beyond, the right is cohering around figures like Trump, while threads of a new resistance are still coming together into a clear left alternative.

  • Marcos' ghost and a new resistance to Duterte

    A Philippines socialist explains how anger at the burial of a former dictator sparked opposition to the new right-wing president.

  • Reproductive justice is our fight

    The stories of women of color organizing for reproductive justice told in Undivided Rights will help prepare us for new struggles.

  • Merkeling to the right

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel's support for a ban on the burqa is another cynical exploitation of the refugee crisis.

  • The big picture under Trump

    The next four years don't need to be defined one-sidedly as merely an unrelenting horror show orchestrated by Donald Trump.

December 13, 2016

  • The counterrevolution crushes Aleppo

    The combined forces of Syria's regime, Russian air power and Iranian-backed death squads are retaking the last city liberated by the 2011 revolution.

  • The struggle doesn't stop at Standing Rock

    Hundreds marched in Washington, D.C., to support political prisoner Leonard Peltier and the water protectors around the country.

  • Guilty of grand theft overtime

    A judge's ruling denying overtime protection to 12 million workers signals what's to come under Trump--unless workers organize.

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