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November 24, 2015

  • Socialism? You mean like in Sweden?

    Two writers examine the model that Bernie Sanders looks to--and conclude that socialism needs to be much more radical.

  • Another victim in ICE's ongoing war

    The detention of a Bronx man after a bogus arrest shows ICE is continuing its draconian enforcement, despite Obama's promises.

  • A state of endless war

    In response to the Paris attacks, the French government is pursuing the same courses of action that helped spawn terrorism.

  • On the death of a Takoma Park neighbor

    We are going to see how strong the fabric of Takoma Park is--whether we can stand in the name of what Anita Datar believed.

  • We stand with Steven Salaita

    The U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel declares its solidarity with the wrongly fired professor.

  • ¡En vivo, desde NY: Un racista!

    Cientos de activistas protestaron la aparición de Donald Trump como anfitrión invitado en Saturday Night Live.

November 23, 2015

  • Boston stands against anti-refugee bigotry

    More than 1,000 people raised their voices in Boston to defend Syrian refugees after Republican governors called for denying them entry.

  • A high-stakes battle over education justice

    Chicago teachers are mobilizing for a new contract against threats of layoffs and budget cuts that would devastate public schools.

  • On hunger strike in the heart of Texas

    Dozens of immigrant women in an infamous detention center in Texas are going without food to protest inhumane conditions.

  • Genocide ravages the Tamils

    The violence against the Tamil population of Sri Lanka has been going on since the 1940s--and continues to this day.

  • Struggle in the streets of Seoul

    South Korea's largest protests since 2008 sent a message of resistance against the government's conservative program.

  • Terror, racismo y guerra

    La Organización Socialista Internacional expresa su oposición el horrible ataque en París y a los llamados por más guerra y represión.

November 19, 2015

  • Challenging war and racism after Paris

    The International Socialist Organization expresses its opposition to the horrific attacks in Paris and to the drive for more war and repression.

  • The right exploits fear for political gain

    Amid the outpouring of solidarity after the Paris attacks, conservative politicians want to know: What do we get out of it?

  • On the road for justice in Minneapolis

    The eruption of protest over a police murder in Minneapolis continues following a highway blockade led to over 50 arrests.

  • A working-class troubadour

    One hundred years after his murder by the state, we're still celebrating the revolutionary activism and music of Wobbly Joe Hill.

  • I'll always condemn injustice

    Personal remedy is meaningless if the conditions that caused my firing remain intact at the University of Illinois and elsewhere.

November 18, 2015

  • The war-makers demand a blank check

    If we don't challenge the myths and lies of the "war on terror," political leaders have their pretext for spreading violence and shredding civil liberties.

  • Turning Paris' tragedy into war

    Our horror at the carnage that was taking place around us in Paris was compounded by a recognition of what would come next.

  • A witch-hunt victim's revenge

    It's a welcome turn of events when a persecuted communist is the affable hero of a Hollywood movie against McCarthyism.

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