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January 28, 2015

  • The tasks for the left after SYRIZA's victory

    The Internationalist Workers Left, a prominent group in SYRIZA's Left Platform, issues a statement after the formation of the new government.

  • Black Lives Matter in Seattle

    Hundreds of anti-racist activists in Seattle came together with Black Power icon John Carlos to discuss the future of the struggle.

  • Bill de Blasio's broken logic

    New York's mayor says he's a fighter against inequality, but that claim is undermined by his support for "Broken Windows" policing.

  • What is responsible for Paris?

    The "unity" we need to seek after the killings at Charlie Hebdo is against racism, Islamophobia and imperialism.

  • A pogrom against Bedouins

    Israeli police have provoked a confrontation with Bedouins in the Negev region--and responded with a punishing assault.

  • Which path for SYRIZA?

    SYRIZA can become a force against neoliberalism or leaders of a government of mild neoliberalism. There is no middle choice.

January 27, 2015

  • Is the Cold War against Cuba over?

    What is the agreement of the U.S. and Cuban governments plans to re-establish diplomatic relations—and what will it mean for Cubans?

  • The challenges begin now

    A member of SYRIZA's Left Platform analyzes the election results in Greece and looks at the obstacles the left already faces.

  • The war on cyber-activists

    The harsh jail sentence for Barrett Brown will have a chilling effect on journalists and others uncovering wrongdoing.

  • Forging bonds of solidarity

    An African American delegation to Palestine last year further developed important ties to the struggle for Palestinian liberation.

  • What we mourn after Paris

    Historians and authors stand in solidarity with immigrants and others victims of scapegoating following the Paris attacks.

  • Ready to strike at MFY

    Workers at MFY Legal Services in New York are locked in a battle against corporate lawyers on the non-profit’s board.

January 26, 2015

  • A new day for Greece and Europe

    SYRIZA's victory in Greek elections is a long-awaited breakthrough against a ruling class agenda that has inflicted suffering across Europe.

  • Taking the first step in a new direction

    Greek socialists and participants in SYRIZA celebrate a victory for the working class movement--and look to the fight ahead.

  • Lessons from an American Sniper

    American Sniper is a racist, militaristic movie--but it has a lot to teach us if we want to build a successful antiwar movement.

  • They murdered a socialist

    Police in Egypt killed an Egyptian leftist and poet on a protest march to Tahrir Square to mark the fourth anniversary of the revolution.

  • Inside DeflateGate

    If you really want to disturb the moral compass of the NFL leadership hierarchy, deflate their balls.

  • What to read about Greece and SYRIZA

    SW has suggestions for readers who want to find more left analysis of the struggle in Greece and prospects for the future.

January 22, 2015

  • Is Marxism Eurocentric?

    Critics of Marx's "Eurocentrism" build their case on a small sample of writings--but ignore the larger body of work that refutes their claims.

  • How the right took charge on abortion

    On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the GOP assault couldn't be more unrelenting--and out of touch with women's lives.

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