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April 21, 2014

  • Unspoken casualties of the Marathon bombing

    Little has been said about the bitter experiences of Muslims after the Boston Marathon attack last year, nor the broader assault on civil liberties.

  • Will eastern Ukraine break away?

    Ukraine is another step closer to breaking apart with uprisings in eastern cities by pro-Russian groups threatening secession.

  • A fight for the IAM's future

    The presidential candidate of the Reform IAM slate speaks out about the crisis in the union--and his election challenge.

  • How do we remember the past?

    Every politician with a pulse is exploiting their particular version of what the Boston Marathon bombing "means."

  • The smearing of Max Blumenthal

    An ugly campaign linking the anti-Zionist writer to racist Frazier Glenn Miller is really about silencing critics of Israel.

  • Gushing over the Queen

    Fawning celebrations over a state visit with the Queen are really about the Irish ruling class gaining acceptance.

April 18, 2014

  • It was martial law in Watertown

    An activist who endured a lockdown during the manhunt after the Boston Marathon bombings remembers that day.

April 17, 2014

  • Marxism and the making of history

    At the core of Marxism is the answer to a question: If people are products of their circumstances, how can they change those circumstances?

  • Why was this Nazi able to kill?

    The man who murdered three people outside Kansas City had an extensive record of involvement with violent Nazi groups.

  • "People First" puts money first

    A move to a managed-care system threatens to set back the struggle for disability rights in New York and damage lives.

  • What lies ahead for Michoacán?

    The coming weeks will be critical to self-defense groups in western Mexico that formed to combat organized crime cartels.

  • Running low on hope

    The question of how quickly climate change is taking place hovers over the discussion in the book Hope on Earth.

  • Views in brief

    The odds against the homeless | Life on the extra board | Retired and struggling to get by | Less-than-great expectations | Companies holding unions hostage

April 16, 2014

  • Are better schools the solution to poverty?

    The mantra of politicians and the media detracts from the real sources of--and solutions to--both poverty and the crisis of public education.

  • The real fraud about Afghanistan's election

    The media cheered Afghanistan's election as a success story, but the outcome will change little if anything for ordinary Afghans.

  • Solidaire in Quebec's election

    A member of Québec solidaire analyzes the outcome of the provincial election and the improved showing for the left.

  • Ready to raise the floor in SF

    A coalition of labor and community groups is moving ahead with a referendum that would raise San Francisco's minimum wage.

  • The lessons of cricket

    It's a measure of C.L.R. James's skill as a writer that Beyond a Boundary is one of the best books about sports ever written.

  • When criticism is off limits

    For discussing how criticism of Israel is muted, former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr is facing a backlash.

April 15, 2014

  • Why are they waging a war on science?

    From challenging evolution to denying climate change, the right's anti-science dogmas are promoted with the aim of bolstering conservative causes.

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