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June 29, 2015

  • A civil rights victory long in the making

    The Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage was a sweeping victory in the decades-long struggle to recognize the humanity of LGBT people.

  • Greece's show of defiance

    The SYRIZA government's decision to hold a referendum on European demands for yet more austerity has opened up a new political situation.

  • They need to free Bree

    Sign a petition to support the antiracist activists who took down the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Capitol grounds.

  • Youth protests shake Armenia

    Despite a police crackdown, the streets of the capital of Yerevan are alive with mass protests against an electricity price hike.

  • They can't fight for themselves

    Feras Morad and Hector Morejon were unarmed, but Long Beach police killed them anyway. Their families are fighting back.

  • Tall tales about Waterloo

    The British media is celebrating the defeat of France's Napoleon in a battle 200 years ago, but the real story is different.

June 25, 2015

  • Ignoring the real roots of American violence

    The Charleston massacre has millions wondering what can be done--but the political and media establishment aren't offering real answers.

  • Why did de Blasio capitulate?

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's proposal to hire some 1,300 new cops is another sign that he's no progressive savior.

  • Arrested by a racist in Seattle

    An activist who was racially profiled, falsely arrested and brutalized speaks out for the right to organize and demonstrate.

  • Responsible for a witch hunt

    The spotlight is back on top U.S. officials from the Bush years for their role in the post-9/11 persecution of Arabs and Muslims.

  • We need real jobs on the South Side

    Dozens of Black construction workers picketed a site at the University of Chicago to demand good-paying jobs.

June 24, 2015

  • The American way of racism that made a killer

    Dylann Roof’s mass murder in Charleston exposes the racist rot at the heart of America—and those who profit from it, politically and financially.

  • Class, capitalism and the tech industry

    The tech industry has constructed a series of myths that obscure the realities of class power, exploitation and oppression.

  • Where is France heading?

    The French government's austerity policies bring an urgency to the task of rebuilding social movements and the radical left.

  • The fiction of "balance" in Israel's war on Gaza

    A United Nations report on war crimes committed during Israel's assault on Gaza seeks "balance" where there is none.

  • A simple choice in West Papua

    Indonesian policies in West Papua have been designed from the beginning to silence the voice of the indigenous people.

June 23, 2015

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