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January 29, 2015

  • How will the EU strike back against SYRIZA?

    Germany and the European Union will keep up the pressure on Greece--but the country's left-wing government has a mandate to reject austerity.

  • Obama in India: The sequel

    On his trip to India, Barack Obama stressed "partnership"--but that translates to exploitation for Indian workers.

  • Washington mourns a monarch

    A delegation of U.S. political figures, led by Barack Obama, traveled to Saudi Arabia to pay their respects to a vicious autocrat.

  • The fall of the house of Silver

    Why are New York liberals scrambling to defend Sheldon Silver, the corrupt Assembly Speaker indicted for taking bribes?

  • Arrested for a protest march

    Activists in Western Massachusetts rallied at a courthouse in solidarity with a Black Lives Matter activist who was unjustly arrested.

  • Deflated footballs and Hitch the snitch

    Is the New England Patriots' ball maintenance a "weapon of mass distraction" or something worth giving a damn about?

  • Freedom of the press and the working class

    In an article written in 1938, Leon Trotsky argued for the importance of socialists championing democratic rights.

January 28, 2015

  • The tasks for the left after SYRIZA's victory

    The Internationalist Workers Left, a prominent group in SYRIZA's Left Platform, issues a statement after the formation of the new government.

  • Black Lives Matter in Seattle

    Hundreds of anti-racist activists in Seattle came together with Black Power icon John Carlos to discuss the future of the struggle.

  • Bill de Blasio's broken logic

    New York's mayor says he's a fighter against inequality, but that claim is undermined by his support for "Broken Windows" policing.

  • What is responsible for Paris?

    The "unity" we need to seek after the killings at Charlie Hebdo is against racism, Islamophobia and imperialism.

  • A pogrom against Bedouins

    Israeli police have provoked a confrontation with Bedouins in the Negev region--and responded with a punishing assault.

  • Which path for SYRIZA?

    SYRIZA can become a force against neoliberalism or leaders of a government of mild neoliberalism. There is no middle choice.

January 27, 2015

  • Is the Cold War against Cuba over?

    What is the agreement of the U.S. and Cuban governments plans to re-establish diplomatic relations—and what will it mean for Cubans?

  • The challenges begin now

    A member of SYRIZA's Left Platform analyzes the election results in Greece and looks at the obstacles the left already faces.

  • The war on cyber-activists

    The harsh jail sentence for Barrett Brown will have a chilling effect on journalists and others uncovering wrongdoing.

  • Forging bonds of solidarity

    An African American delegation to Palestine last year further developed important ties to the struggle for Palestinian liberation.

  • What we mourn after Paris

    Historians and authors stand in solidarity with immigrants and others victims of scapegoating following the Paris attacks.

  • Ready to strike at MFY

    Workers at MFY Legal Services in New York are locked in a battle against corporate lawyers on the non-profit’s board.

January 26, 2015

  • A new day for Greece and Europe

    SYRIZA's victory in Greek elections is a long-awaited breakthrough against a ruling class agenda that has inflicted suffering across Europe.

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