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June 29, 2016

  • Making history or maintaining the status quo?

    Hillary Clinton's nomination will be hailed as a historic breakthrough for women, but what kind of history would a Clinton presidency make?

  • Socialism from A to Z

    A collection of essays by contributors to Jacobin magazine makes a powerful argument for what socialism is--and isn't.

  • What comes next after the Brexit vote?

    June 24 was a dark morning, but the left can engage both Leave and Remain voters in future struggles to defend migrants and protest austerity.

  • Confronting the roots of anti-LGBT violence

    Calls for more cops to protect LGBT people miss the mark about where gay oppression comes from--and what side police are on.

  • Okinawa is still being exploited by the U.S.

    Protests against U.S. bases and soldiers have taken on renewed and more urgent life after the murder of an Okinawan woman.

June 28, 2016

  • Will New York get an anti-Muslim blacklist?

    Days after the Orlando killings, Democratic and Republican senators in a liberal state passed a bill that marks a new low for the "war on terror."

  • Can the police be reformed?

    The history of where the police came from and why is key for activists who are asking what can be done to reform them.

  • Seeing the whole picture after the referendum

    The left needs to be wary of celebrating the vote for "Brexit" as simply a working-class revolt against the establishment.

  • Another side of the champ revealed

    The words of Malcolm X's daughter Attallah Shabazz, in honoring Muhammad Ali, can help us understand where we need to go.

  • El Trumpezón de la derecha

    Trump obtuvo la candidatura presidencial del Partido Republicano porque sus posiciones son compartidas por la mayoría de la base del GOP.

June 27, 2016

  • Victor Diaz is still fighting for justice

    A Vermont farmworker activist who was detained by ICE, but released after a solidarity campaign explains the stakes in this struggle for justice.

  • Discussing the meaning of the Brexit vote

    SW compiles a sample of left-wing comment on the ramifications of the UK referendum vote in favor of leaving the European Union.

  • The Democrats' cynical sit-in

    It's the season of political antics, and the Democrats showed they wouldn't be outdone with a sit-in that offered a false solution.

  • A campaign for Sakuma farmworkers

    Workers at Sakuma Bros. near Seattle are fighting for their first contract four years after a series of strikes launched their union.

  • Turning to the challenges ahead after the vote

    The day after the vote for "Brexit," as many as 1,500 people demonstrated in London in solidarity with refugees and migrants.

June 24, 2016

June 23, 2016

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