Topic: National

  • Confronting racism at Fordham

    A series of racist incidents at a Catholic university in the Bronx is spurring discussion and activism among students and faculty.

  • How anger at campus racism boiled over

    Students on dozens of campuses took action in November, both in solidarity with Missouri students and to make demands of their own.

  • What kind of "just transition"?

    We need a movement strong enough to force big changes in the way humans produce and consume energy. But what kind of changes?

  • Water can't be for sale

    The co-author of a new book talks about the struggle to democratically control water resources--and its impact on class struggle.

  • The cruel consequences of anti-abortion hate

    The massacre at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic shows how the right's attack on abortion rights has unleashed a torrent of hate.

  • A cold-blooded murder for all the world to see

    The videotaped execution of Laquan McDonald by a Chicago cop is sparking outrage around the world, and days of protests in Chicago.

  • Our call for climate justice will be heard

    The movement for ecological justice faces another challenge of making our voices heard at the upcoming United Nations climate summit.

  • A racist attack on Black Lives Matter

    Opponents of racism and police violence are speaking out after a shooting by white supremacists left five protesters injured.

  • Another victim in ICE's ongoing war

    The detention of a Bronx man after a bogus arrest shows ICE is continuing its draconian enforcement, despite Obama's promises.

  • ¡En vivo, desde NY: Un racista!

    Cientos de activistas protestaron la aparición de Donald Trump como anfitrión invitado en Saturday Night Live.

  • On hunger strike in the heart of Texas

    Dozens of immigrant women in an infamous detention center in Texas are going without food to protest inhumane conditions.

  • On the road for justice in Minneapolis

    The eruption of protest over a police murder in Minneapolis continues following a highway blockade led to over 50 arrests.

  • Students stand with Mizzou

    Students across the country organized protests to end racism at the University of Missouri--and on their own campuses.

  • Why are the cops so camera shy?

    The heads of the FBI and DEA are the latest officials to claim that police can't do their jobs because of the "Ferguson effect"--fear of public scrutiny.

  • Live from New York, a racist piece of shit

    Hundreds of immigrant rights activists stood outside NBC studios to protest Donald Trump's hosting of Saturday Night Live.

  • The making of a rebellion in Missouri

    The struggle at the University of Missouri brought down a president and chancellor, but it has been building for months--and it won't stop there.

  • The anti-racist uprising at Mizzou's sportswriter explains the backdrop to the dramatic advance for anti-racism at the University of Missouri.

  • A true-blue liar and thug

    The death of an Illinois police officer was used to smear Black Lives Matter--but now we know the facts about Joe Gliniewicz.

  • He's a soldier in the war on women

    As a sexual assault survivor, I was stunned by Ben Carson's lack of understanding, compassion or empathy for women.

  • A pro-prison backlash in New York City

    The shooting of an NYPD officer is giving momentum to those who want to keep the structures that created mass incarceration.

  • Can we reach an ecological civilization?

    Pressure is building for dramatic change to preserve our ecosystem, but it will take overturning capitalism's war on nature.

  • These clinics will stay open

    More than 100 people joined in clinic defense actions at three Planned Parenthood sites in Chicago to counter anti-choice protesters.

  • Republican budget blackmail works again

    The Democrats are claiming that they won out against the Republicans' steamroller, but how much is there to celebrate in the budget agreement?

  • Our liberation is bound together

    While it is true that when Black people get free, everyone gets free, Black people in America cannot "get free" alone.

  • Rolling back the testing mania?

    The president's statement that "unnecessary testing" is consuming too much time in the classroom is welcome, but not enough.