Topic: National

  • Will the real opioid pushers ever be punished?

    Bernie Sanders is proposing to hold drug company crooks accountable for the opioid crisis. But the Washington establishment will vote to acquit.

  • Smeared for speaking the truth

    A Fresno State professor's tweets about Barbara Bush has sparked an outcry even among those who defend academic freedom.

  • Protesters to UC's chancellor: Use it or lose it

    The Chancellor of UC Berkeley doesn't want to live in the chancellor's mansion, so why shouldn't we house homeless students in it?

  • The fight continues for the Black Pride 4

    Support is continuing to build for four Black and queer protesters arrested at the Pride festival in Columbus for challenging racism.

  • We want Syracuse to Recognize Us

    Bigoted videos from Syracuse University's Theta Tau chapter are sparking protests and demands for broader change at the school.

  • Trump's surprise accomplice on border troops

    Why would a liberal Democratic governor support Trump's call for National Guard troops to protect the U.S.-Mexico border?

  • The economics of their waste

    Recycling programs around the world are on the brink of collapse, and the reason is both simple and absurd: They're not profitable.

  • NYPD answer to a mental health crisis: Shoot

    At Saheed Vassell's funeral on April 20, hundreds mourned his death at the hands of police and vowed to continue the fight for justice.

  • Why is a sanctuary city profiting off detentions?

    Activists challenged an Essex County Democrat who claims to support immigrants over his backing for an ICE detention center.

  • The myth of the "#MeToo panic"

    The #MeToo campaign has been accused of ignoring "due process"--but has due process existed at all for women who have faced sexual assault?

  • Will Vermont's new gun laws help?

    The three new gun-control measures passed into law in Vermont are a departure for the state--but we should take a closer look.

  • Debating gun violence in Madison

    A discussion about guns at the University of Wisconsin was notable for what Republican and Democratic speakers failed to mention.

  • It's the cop way or the highway

    Three New York State senators are holding a highway bill hostage to their plan to put armed cops in every New York City school.

  • Asheville stands up to ICE

    Hundreds of Asheville residents gathered in solidarity with their immigrant neighbors after a series of ICE raids detained dozens.

  • When Lucasville rose up

    A prisoner who took part in the Lucasville prison rebellion describes how inmates organized and the legacy of the revolt today.

  • A new far-right threat crystallizes

    A list of anti-racist activists is circulating on a far-right internet forum, raising the clear threat of neo-Nazi violence against the left.

  • The caravan marches north

    Some 1,500 migrants from Central America set out on a journey across Mexico toward the U.S. to demand dignity and asylum.

  • Stopping a tuition increase at Portland State

    When the Portland State University Board of Trustees wanted to raise tuition, students halted their plans with the treat to strike.

  • Guns and the suicide epidemic

    Suicide is the leading cause of gun deaths in the U.S., and it warrants attention in the discussion about stopping gun violence.

  • We need a science that advances social justice

    Defending science from attacks by the Trump administration isn't enough--we need to transform the role of science.

  • Protesting an anti-choicer at the UN

    NYC for Abortion Rights members protested an anti-abortion official of the Trump administration when he spoke at the UN.

  • Science can be used for oppression or liberation

    A leading scholar of evolutionary genetics and debunker of biological theories of race talks about why we need radical scientists.

  • Sentenced to 65 years for a cop's crime

    Alabama teenager Lakeith Smith is going to prison for 65 years--because he was present when a cop killed his friend.

  • He needed help, and UChicago cops shot him

    The shooting of a University of Chicago student experiencing a mental health episode shows why the police need to be disarmed.

  • The Coward-in-Chief's cruel war on migrants

    Trump and the right's fearmongers are trying to make it seem not pathetic but wise for rich white men to fear poor migrant children coming to the U.S.