Topic: National

  • How activists are confronting ICE's terror

    Fear is flooding through communities as Trump's war on immigrants intensifies, but activists are working on initiatives to defend the vulnerable.

  • Why capitalism clings to fossil fuels

    A transition to renewable energy even makes sense for capitalism, but this is a system where sense doesn't count for much.

  • ICE grabs another victim in Maine

    A 28-year-old Somali immigrant and U.S. permanent resident was arrested by ICE agents in the middle of a court hearing.

  • A government swindle on student debt

    The government is trying to retroactively disqualify former students from a program that would forgive part of their loan debt.

  • Sessions' green light to police violence

    The order by Trump's attorney general to review all federal oversight of local police departments is a chilling endorsement of police impunity.

  • Make May Day a day of resistance

    A walkout of Seattle high school students on May Day would show people that we will stand together in the face of oppression.

  • Nada menos que la igualdad

    Durante las protestas del 1° de mayo, los inmigrantes--y quienes los apoyan--tienen la oportunidad para no sólo oponerse a Trump, sino también para declarar qué quieren.

  • We'll stand together on May Day

    The executive director of Voces de la Frontera explains why taking on Trump's anti-immigrant agenda will require solidarity with labor and other forces.

  • We'll fight to stop the deportations

    A community forum in Queens brought people together to discuss forming a network to defend immigrants in the neighborhood.

  • OSU fights to "Boot the Braids"

    Student activists at Ohio State University are linking arms with farmworkers to demand Wendy's pay fair wages.

  • A xenophobe gets a house call

    Dozens of members of Bay Ridge for Social Justice protested outside the home of an anti-immigrant New York State legislator.

  • Why this scientist is marching

    A scientist and organizer of the April 22 March for Science explains why it's important to march against the Trump agenda.

  • Facing a fake clinic escort in NYC

    Anti-choice bigots are pretending to be escorts in front of women's clinics, and they can't be allowed to spread their lies.

  • Parents occupy a school to save it

    The campaign to remove a principal who is waging war on teachers at a progressive New York school hit a new level of militancy.

  • Arkansas speeds up its death machine

    The state of Arkansas plans to execute seven people in 11 days--before its execution drugs expire.

  • "Freedom" from health care

    Rep. Mark Meadows leads the "Freedom Caucus," which aims to give insurance companies the freedom to gouge us.

  • The resistance will not be branded

    The victim of an unprovoked pepper-spray attack by a Seattle cop woke up to find himself part of a Pepsi-mocking meme gone viral.

  • Mayo 1° en lucha solidaria

    Organizaciones por los derechos de los inmigrantes se unen a sindicatos y otras fuerzas para hacer el Primero una muestra de fuerza.

  • Putting single-payer back on the table

    With the defeat of the Republicans’ disastrous health care bill, now is the time to renew the fight for real universal health care.

  • Countering 40 Days of anti-choice lies

    Some 30 pro-choice activists mobilized in defense of abortion rights against a "40 Days for Life" protest in downtown San Diego.

  • Overwhelmed by a sea of despair

    America's opioid epidemic is part of a deep and deadly social crisis that is only getting worse--and the roots of both lie in the profit system.

  • Standing up for the Vermont organizers

    Some 200 people rallied outside a Boston immigration court to support three Vermont farmworker activists detained by ICE.

  • Why is this cop still in uniform?

    After he was assaulted, Earl Malanado found out his attacker was the same police officer who murdered Alan Blueford in 2012.

  • ICE opens fire during a botched Chicago raid

    The ICE raid that ended in a shooting at a Chicago home is the latest escalation of Trump's reign of terror against immigrants.

  • Freeing a Portland Dreamer

    After 24 hours of protest, immigrants rights supporters celebrated the release of a detained Dreamer in Portland, Oregon.