Topic: National

  • Can the police be reformed?

    The history of where the police came from and why is key for activists who are asking what can be done to reform them.

  • Victor Diaz is still fighting for justice

    A Vermont farmworker activist who was detained by ICE, but released after a solidarity campaign explains the stakes in this struggle for justice.

  • Graduating, undocumented and unafraid

    Two high school valedictorians in Texas stepped out of the shadows on Graduation Day to demand justice for immigrants.

  • What did people want at the People's Summit?

    Organizers of the three-day conference had an agenda of mobilizing for the Democrats, but many of the attendees had other ideas.

  • The shame of San Francisco

    The list of people killed by the San Francisco police continues to grow, and reform from the top isn't solving the problem.

  • Police crimes too big to hide

    The Oakland Police Department has gone through three chiefs in the last two weeks because of the cops' sickening abuses.

  • Looming threat of the superbugs

    Antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria could become a bigger killer than cancer by 2050, but Big Pharma is thinking about profits.

  • How the "bathroom bills" feed bigotry

    Politicians say they want to stop the hate behind the Orlando's killings--but then they feed bigotry with so-called "bathroom bills."

  • A double victory at Evergreen

    Students at Evergreen State College backed resolutions in solidarity with the Palestinian people and with migrant farmworkers.

  • The Orlando massacre can't be reduced to guns

    It's no surprise that the "warriors on terror" want to exploit Orlando--but the focus on gun control likewise misses the real causes of violence.

  • Where are we on the road?

    The struggle for LGBTQ equality has come a long way, but the Orlando murders show us we still have a ways to go.

  • The education deform empire strikes back

    New federal regulations signal that the Obama administration is still trying to ram through its agenda of high-stakes testing.

  • The police don't need bunkers

    Opponents of a planned $160 million police station in Seattle gathered to speak out against the warped priorities of city officials.

  • They want to use Orlando for the "war on terror"

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton wasted no time in attempting to exploit the Orlando massacre to serve their personal political agendas.

  • A rape survivor's voice made the world listen

    The victim-blaming of a survivor of sexual assault at Stanford University was appalling, but her courageous words inspired an outpouring of support.

  • Orlando and the message of Muhammad Ali

    I can think of no better response to the cavalcade of hate since the mass murder in Orlando than the message of Ali 's funeral.

  • Heckling Governor Frackenlooper

    Protesters disrupted an appearance by the Colorado governor to highlight his cozy relationship with the fracking industry.

  • Their phony "Ferguson effect"

    Louisiana lawmakers have passed a "Blue Lives Matter" law, but it's not the police who need protecting from the public.

  • Don’t let UW drop our TAs

    Students and workers rallied against the University of Washington's plan to cut teaching assistant positions.

  • I support the DePaul protesters

    DePaul President Rev. Dennis Holtschneider shouldn't apologize to the right-wingers who brought a bigot to speak on campus.

  • Do gorillas matter more than Black families?

    The media circus about assigning blame for the death of a gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo is a stark illustration of 21st century racism.

  • How can we fight for funding in Illinois?

    Activists from across Chicago met to discuss the Illinois budget crisis, which threatens to close schools and cut tuition grants.

  • She won't go back in the shadows

    Determined protest won an undocumented activist her rights. Now they want to take away those rights...for protesting.

  • Pushing back the polluters in Washington

    Activists in Washington state held the line against environmental destruction with a series of actions and events in May.

  • Still demanding justice for Andre and Bryson

    Around 100 people gathered in Olympia, Washington, to remember two unarmed Black men shot a year ago by a white officer.