Topic: National

  • Why are they afraid of Ferguson?

    The heroism of Ferguson's rebels and the work of activists beyond is setting the stage for a deeper revolt against racism and oppression.

  • Fighting for justice inside NYC jails

    Pressure is building on New York City officials to address the systematic abuses inside the Rikers Island jail complex.

  • Breaking the silence about abortion

    Having an abortion is already difficult, but the loneliness, alienation and silence about it add another unbearable weight.

  • How Denton beat the frackers

    Years of organizing set the stage for Denton, Texas, voters to approve a fracking ban--but the energy industry won't give up.

  • The scaremongers go to work

    Missouri authorities are sending a message as the Ferguson grand jury deliberates: Find anti-racist protesters guilty of violence.

  • A Keystone test in the Senate

    Obama and the Democrats are on the spot about the Keystone XL pipeline--and it's one of their own who put them there.

  • Their deal to wreck the planet

    The U.S.-China agreement doesn't come close to cutting CO2 emissions on a scale necessary to stop climate change.

  • Demonizing dissent in Ferguson

    With a grand jury decision looming, the authorities in Missouri have declared a preemptive war on anyone who speaks out against injustice.

  • Fighting for Francisco

    A Portland labor and immigrant rights organizer could be deported to a country where his life would be in danger.

  • A hell-raiser against injustice

    Darby traveled all over, whenever and wherever he was needed, to confront the racist criminal justice system.

  • Farewell to a fighter and a teacher

    Darby Tillis knew and could explain the criminal justice system from the inside out, and he worked passionately to expose it.

  • What happened in Marysville?

    Little is known about why a high school freshman opened fire on his friends--but that hasn't stopped the media speculation.

  • A rallying cry for recess

    Parents, teachers and kids rallied to send a message to the Seattle school board: Lunch and recess are human rights.

  • Fighting for a people's budget in Seattle

    Community and labor groups responded to Kshama Sawant's call for an alternative budget for the people of Seattle.

  • Protesting a disaster before it happens

    Washington residents are fighting to stop the expansion of dangerous shipments of crude oil by rail across the state.

  • Organizing against Gentrification U.

    Columbia students and Harlem residents are challenging the university's role in over-policing and pricing out its neighbors.

  • Carrying the weight together

    Solidarity and collective action against sexual assault were at the heart of the international Carry That Weight day of action.

  • Time to protect free speech at Columbia

    Students and faculty at Columbia University are speaking out about their concerns regarding the university's rules of conduct.

  • ¿Qué influenció a la Corte?

    ¿Qué pudo haber hecho que la Corte Suprema, repleta de jueces conservadores, tomara una decisión que favorece el matrimonio gay?

  • Standing up to the Ebola scaremongers

    Nurse Kaci Hickox is speaking truth to power about the Ebola outbreak: Quarantining health care workers only furthers the racist panic.

  • Ferguson's resistance continues to echo

    A march in Boston shows how the resistance following Mike Brown's murder has galvanized a new generation of activists.

  • We need clinic defenders

    Abortion rights activists need to make our voices heard at the clinics, so we can regain some of the ground lost to the right.

  • The Jeffco rebels

    A right-wing school board in Colorado has provoked an eruption of walkouts and sick-outs by students and teachers.

  • Let us graduate, let us educate

    A walkout at Seattle's Garfield High forced the school district to back off its threat to cut one teacher in a core subject area.

  • Smears won't stop the struggle for justice

    Mike Brown is being subjected to more slanders--but a new generation of activists who have emerged around this case are keeping up the fight.