Topic: National

  • How did we get the misogynist-in-chief?

    The Trump campaign gave voice to some of the most backward ideas in society--but the truth is there wasn't a voice for our side in November.

  • Una gran movilización indígena

    La mayor movilización indígena en más de un siglo se desarrolla hoy en Standing Rock, Dakota del Norte, en defensa del agua y del medio ambiente.

  • Ready to do what's right in Standing Rock

    An Iraq War vet explains why she traveled to Standing Rock--and the special role that military veterans can play in this struggle.

  • How the water protectors won at Standing Rock

    SW contributors describe what they saw on a trip to Standing Rock as an announcement is made about the future of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • Veterans deploy for justice at Standing Rock

    An Iraq War vet who joined water protectors opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline talks about why everyone needs to be a part of this struggle.

  • Gimme some DAPL

    In this week's column, the Dakota Access Pipeline pushers get a rare chance to tell their side of the story.

  • A smear against solidarity at Standing Rock

    There is no "Burning Man crisis" in Standing Rock, and we should be suspicious when police worry about the welfare of our camps.

  • Obama's cowardly silence on Standing Rock

    The president's inaction in the face of brutality against the Standing Rock protesters shows the true priorities of his administration all along.

  • Their pipeline won't work without oil

    Activists in Olympia, Washington, staged a week-long blockade to try to stop fracking materials from getting to North Dakota.

  • Our day of mourning

    The longtime Indigenous political prisoner reflects on his pride and sorrow as he sends solidarity to the struggle at Standing Rock.

  • Challenging a billionaire pipeline pusher

    Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren is the ignorant and arrogant villain behind the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • The contribution of students

    Students and student activism still have a central role to play in any bid to oppose the system, especially on a local level.

  • Labor can't sit out the fight at Standing Rock

    A co-founder of Labor for Standing Rock calls on unions and union members to join the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • A vandalized church turned site of resistance

    A church attended mostly by immigrants that was vandalized after the election now proudly displays banners of solidarity.

  • The water protectors aren't backing down

    Opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock say they will stand strong against threats to clear the Oceti Sakowin Camp.

  • Women protesters confront the "Black Snake"

    More than 150 women of the Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock faced down Morton County sheriffs in a #NoDAPL protest.

  • They turned Standing Rock into a war zone

    An eyewitness tells what happened when authorities unleashed a vicious attack on peaceful protesters trying to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • Standing Rock resiste y crece

    Por todo el país se intensifica la solidaridad con la lucha de Standing Rock por la justicia ecológica y social.

  • What will protect sex workers?

    Policies of criminalization not only fail to stop the problems sex workers face, but they do real harm to the most vulnerable people.

  • Seattle students walk out united against Trump

    Some 4,500 Seattle students from a dozen different middle and high schools walked out of class to protest after Trump's victory.

  • We won't tolerate hate at USM

    Maine socialists stand with students at the University of Southern Maine protesting against anti-Muslim graffiti on campus.

  • We'll make our campuses safe for immigrants

    Students and faculty on college campuses are forging solidarity and building a new movement to protect immigrant rights after Trump's victory.

  • The #NoDAPL call echoes across the country

    Many thousands stood together in a national day of action to demand that the federal government halt the Dakota Access Pipeline.

  • Shining a spotlight on DAPL

    People across the country are stepping up to show their solidarity with Standing Rock's struggle for ecological and social justice.

  • Africa has given enough of its people to the sea

    The drowning death of a Gambian soccer star should shine a spotlight on the horrific death toll of migrants trying to reach Europe.