Topic: National

  • The budget disaster in store for our schools

    The Trump budget proposal is filled with atrocities, but Betsy DeVos' plan to wreck the Education Department is especially cruel.

  • Criminalizing people who need help

    Police in Columbus, Ohio, responded with force, not assistance, in two cases where people were suffering mental-health issues.

  • DePaul has the money to pay

    The scholarship fund for undocumented students is a great idea, but why should it be funded by increased student activities fees?

  • Will Kentucky become abortion-free?

    The attempt by anti-abortion activists to shut down the only remaining clinic in Kentucky is a dark sign of the right’s confidence.

  • Parents get rid of the school bully

    In a historic victory for parent and teacher activists, the abusive principal of Central Park East 1 in New York City has been forced out.

  • ¿Una nación de inmigrantes?

    Estados Unidos tiene una relación contradictoria con sus inmigrantes porque sus empleadores necesitan para abaratar el costo laboral.

  • Pushing back the frackers in New York

    We Are Seneca Lake campaigners won an important victory in their years-long fight against fossil fuel expansion in New York.

  • ICE knows that we stand with Carimer

    Carimer Andujar, an undocumented student at Rutgers, remains free after hundreds joined a rally outside the ICE office she was summoned to.

  • People living in fear can't be left to fight alone

    An activist in the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City talks about the struggle to stop deportations--including her husband's.

  • How we protected Jose when the system didn't

    A determined campaign pressured a North Carolina city to drop charges against a teenager falsely accused of assaulting a police officer.

  • Paying for Hanford's toxic legacy

    The emergency at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington state underscores why it's called "the most toxic place in America."

  • The Republicans' "repeal and destroy" mission

    Paul Ryan and Donald Trump let an already disastrous health care bill get even worse in order to declare a legislative victory.

  • A Texas-sized bigotry bill

    The "sanctuary cities ban" signed into law in Texas seeks to turn police departments and universities into immigration enforcers.

  • ICE came for us and the community stood up

    Two migrant labor activists detained by ICE describe how Trump is carrying out a political attack on the leaders of the immigrant struggle.

  • Don't deport my husband

    The wife of Otto Morales-Caballeros tells how he was abducted by ICE to be sent back to a country he hasn't seen since he was 16.

  • Black Bloc tactics weaken our struggle

    An SW contributor challenges some of the points made in defense of the Black Bloc's actions at the Portland May Day march.

  • What will make UT safe for all students?

    A tragic killing at the University of Texas was followed by a racist backlash that highlighted administration double standards.

  • Will they get away with punishing the sick?

    If Trumpcare becomes law, cancer patients like me could have to pay most of the cost of a house every year to get the treatments we need to stay alive.

  • The spirit of solidarity at NORCOR

    More than 100 people came out to support immigrant hunger strikers demanding better conditions at an Oregon prison.

  • A real-life lesson in McCarthyism

    A New York City principal has been accused of "communist activities" by administrators because of her fight for integrated schools.

  • Trump's favorite sheriff claims another victim

    Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is under increasing scrutiny because of the execution-by-dehydration of a mentally ill man behind bars.

  • The Portland police were at fault

    Three readers respond to an SW report on the police attack on a Portland May Day march and the discussion of left strategies.

  • Protesting blue-light surveillance

    Students at SUNY Binghamton organized a sit-in to demand a stop to the school’s plan to expand "blue light" security off campus.

  • Mad about science

    The right's politically weaponized ignorance about science is nevertheless effective and well funded--and it isn't going away.

  • Making May Day matter at work

    For the first time in my years as a union activist, I marched on May Day as part of a contingent made up of my own co-workers.