Topic: National

  • The police are useless in the face of tragedy

    The death of an Oakland mother has shown once again that city officials' preferred solution to crime is no solution at all.

  • San Francisco's racist gang in blue

    As a deputy public defender in San Francisco, I'm not shocked that there is a white-power network among the police.

  • Madison on the march for Black lives

    In the weeks since teenager Tony Robinson was killed by a Madison police officer, thousands have taken to the streets to demand justice.

  • Running Illinois like a banker

    Union members traveled to the state capital to protest Gov. Bruce Rauner plans to slash social spending and workers' rights.

  • Noel's family is keeping the struggle alive

    Thanks to solidarity and support, Los Angeles-area families of police murder victims are finding the strength to stand up and demand justice.

  • Linking arms to protect New York schools

    Parents, students and teachers in New York City stood outside 300 schools to defend public education from Cuomo's attack.

  • Boston Pride abandons solidarity

    A victory for LGBTQ groups to be in the St. Patrick's Day Parade is being marred by the continued exclusion of antiwar groups.

  • Naked, unarmed and still shot dead

    Police in suburban Atlanta killed an unarmed Black man who struggled with mental illness, sparking a string of protests.

  • Denying Cuomo his test data

    The movement to opt out of Common Core tests reached new highs in New York last year--and this year looks even better.

  • An epidemic of deadly anti-trans violence

    At least 10 trans women have been killed since the start of 2015, a fact that should sound the alarm about anti-trans violence.

  • Climate catastrophe in the South Pacific

    The destruction of Cyclone Pam is the result of a climate crisis made elsewhere, coming on top of the ravages of neo-colonialism.

  • Opting in for real learning

    We're seeing the confidence of parents, students and teachers to act on their beliefs and refuse standardized testing in a way that's truly unprecedented.

  • Why was Yuvette Henderson killed?

    Protesters against police murder shut down a Bay Area Home Depot for five hours to demand justice for Yuvette Henderson.

  • Pregnant and still shackled

    It has been illegal to shackle incarcerated pregnant women in New York since 2009, but prison officials routinely flout the law.

  • Who's being attacked in Ferguson?

    The right wing is out to smear protesters and the Black Lives Matter movement after a shooting that injured two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri.

  • Attica is still a symbol of brutality

    Three guards at a New York state prison were found guilty of assault in a case that reveals a widespread culture of abuse.

  • Let them eat Common Core

    I believe No Child Left Behind and Common Core are part of the 1 Percent's agenda to wreck what few rights we have left.

  • More police isn't the answer in Queens

    Community organizers from a variety of struggles came together at a Queens forum to discuss their problems with the NYPD.

  • Detained in China for protesting sexism

    A group of feminists in China were detained by the government for planning a protest on International Women’s Day.

  • Jugando con los inmigrantes

    Los republicanos juegan a las apuestas con la vida de los inmigrantes, pero esto no debe hacernos olvidar el historial del Deportador en Jefe.

  • Protests erupt after police killing in Madison

    Hundreds of people have taken to the streets each day to protest the murder of an unarmed Black teenager by police in Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Framing a child for his own murder

    Cleveland police reached a new low of victim-blaming when they claimed that 12-year-old Tamir Rice bore responsibility for his own death.

  • A diagnosis of Obamacare

    Five years after its passage, what has the Affordable Care Act meant for U.S. workers and their access to health care?

  • Bronx Defenders need to be defended

    A defense firm for poor New Yorkers is the latest target of a right-wing backlash against the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • Putting politics ahead of immigrants' lives

    The immigrant bashing of Republicans is back in the spotlight in Washington, but we shouldn't forget the Deporter-in-Chief's dismal record.