Topic: National

  • Why we're opting out of PARCC

    It's easy to feel alone, but we can take hope from the teachers, parents and students standing up to high-stakes testing.

  • Don't let Walker wreck UW

    University of Wisconsin students, faculty and campus workers are mobilizing against Gov. Scott Walker's plan to slash funding.

  • Rodney Reed wins a reprieve

    Grassroots activism played an important role in winning a stay of execution for Texas death row prisoner Rodney Reed.

  • Bringing the struggles together in N.C.

    North Carolina's Historic Thousands on Jones march brought tens of thousands of people to the state capital of Raleigh.

  • Rodney Reed's supporters turn up the heat

    The struggle to save an innocent man on Texas death row is moving into the national spotlight as an execution date approaches.

  • Shot down for throwing a rock

    The videotape of the execution-style killing of Antonio Zambrano-Montes shows that police murdered him in cold blood.

  • The NYPD tries to derail our fight

    Activists need to be visible in combatting racist police policies and the political establishment that enables them.

  • Why is measles back?

    To challenge the opposition to vaccination, we need less condescending snark and more activism for strong public health care.

  • Making NativeLivesMatter

    Many Natives Americans have been inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement to take up a new slogan of their own.

  • Climate activists have to stand with the strikers

    Striking oil workers are showing how to take on the oil industry--and the climate justice movement needs to stand with them.

  • Soldiers in the war at home

    The militarization of police that shocked people after Ferguson is rooted in the long failure known as the "war on drugs."

  • Carrying on the struggle for Rodney

    The mother and brother of innocent death row prisoner Rodney Reed talk about the struggle to stop Texas from killing again.

  • A return to the BOSS era?

    The NYPD's plans to put machine guns in the hands of cops policing demonstrations bring back old and bloody memories.

  • Armed to the teeth to "keep the peace"?

    New York City, the home of liberal Mayor Bill de Blasio, is creating a police unit whose officers will bring machine guns to protests.

  • The looming climate catastrophe

    New reports show that damage to the environment is even worse than we knew. So why won't global leaders take action?

  • #BlackLivesMatter looks to the future

    January marked a new stage for the movement against racism and police violence--one not just of mobilizations, but of assessing and processing.

  • Don't let Texas execute another innocent man

    Rodney Reed, an African American man convicted and sentenced to death by an all-white jury, is facing an execution date in early March.

  • An appeal to save Rodney Reed

    Supporters of Rodney Reed, an innocent man on death row in Texas, are organizing a campaign for clemency.

  • We won't tolerate these out-of-control cops

    Why was a Seattle teacher and activist doused with pepper-spray at point-blank range after speaking to a Martin Luther King Day rally?

  • Arrested for a protest march

    Activists in Western Massachusetts rallied at a courthouse in solidarity with a Black Lives Matter activist who was unjustly arrested.

  • Black Lives Matter in Seattle

    Hundreds of anti-racist activists in Seattle came together with Black Power icon John Carlos to discuss the future of the struggle.

  • Bill de Blasio's broken logic

    New York's mayor says he's a fighter against inequality, but that claim is undermined by his support for "Broken Windows" policing.

  • Living up to King's legacy

    Anti-racist activists report from two cities as Martin Luther King Day protests mark the reappearance of Black Lives Matter.

  • Time to hold the police accountable

    A racial justice group in Madison, Wisconsin, sent a message to the police chief--and then another to make its point clear.

  • How the right took charge on abortion

    On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the GOP assault couldn't be more unrelenting--and out of touch with women's lives.