Topic: National

  • Taking on the Google-bro's sexism in Portland

    Portland State activists are preparing to protest James Damore and his sexist ideas about women in the tech industry.

  • Our dreams can't wait for Congress

    Hundreds of people rallied in the Bronx to tell Congress to pass a "clean" DREAM Act and stop the deportations.

  • A gang that was made in the USA

    The policies that Trump claims will stop MS-13 and other Central American gangs are the same ones that gave rise to them.

  • A lesson in how to fight for Black lives

    The success of the Black Lives Matter at School week of action shows the potential for organizing an open and proud stand against racism.

  • Protesters rally to free Davia Spain

    Davia Spain was released from jail after hundreds came out to defend the wrongfully accused Bay Area activist and trans woman.

  • Trump's campaign of terror against immigrants

    The racist in the White House is demanding every anti-immigrant measure he can think of--while ICE is stepping up raids and arrests across the U.S.

  • This church harasses women

    New York City pro-choice activists rallied outside a church whose members badger women entering a nearby abortion clinic.

  • Black students and teachers matter

    Black Lives Matter at School is a week of action involving educators who are bringing resistance to racism into the classroom.

  • Trump's Medicaid rules work just fine for bosses

    The Trump plan to allow work requirements in the Medicaid health system threatens grave consequences for the most vulnerable.

  • Rebuilding our fight for choice

    A small but spirited protest of an anti-choice march showed the potential for rebuilding the fight for abortion rights in the Bay Area.

  • Solidarity got Ravi out of detention

    New York City activist Ravi Ragbir was released from ICE detention, giving him the chance to continue his struggle for justice.

  • Wisconsin fights for a DREAM

    At rallies in January, hundreds of activists turned out to the Wisconsin Capitol to defend immigrant rights and the DREAM Act.

  • A legal workers' union stands with immigrants

    A resolution passed in a union for legal services workers is an example of what labor can do to support the undocumented.

  • How we make more of a march

    With the recent Women's Marches and beyond, it's up to socialists to be savvy about how we raise our demands.

  • Making Black lives matter at school

    Teachers from across the U.S. are organizing a week of action to call for racial justice in our nation's schools and teach Black history.

  • Wearing the immigrant uniform

    The detention system is dehumanizing--for the people who languish in its prisons and for the families who wait for them.

  • Oscar has the right to stay

    People are rallying to defend Oscar Canales, an immigrant who has taken sanctuary at a Greensboro church to avoid deportation.

  • Can #MeToo lead to a new "normal"?

    A woman's account of a date with actor Aziz Ansari has opened up a discussion about how sexism plays out in our intimate, everyday experiences.

  • Why did ICE want to silence Jean Montrevil?

    The deportation of a New York City activist is not only a cruel blow to his family and friends, but an outrageous travesty of justice.

  • In defense of the Women's Marches

    When millions of people march for women's rights and against Trump, the left can't afford to have a dismissive attitude.

  • A force to be reckoned with

    SW contributors from four cities give a view from the streets of the Women's Marches and the issues that inspired participants.

  • Native rights and resistance after Standing Rock

    Two activists and writers on Indigenous politics discuss questions related to oppression and self-determination that lie before the struggle today.

  • Marching for our right to decide

    Hundreds turned out to defend reproductive freedom, in a counterprotest against anti-choice forces in Chicago.

  • Organizing for health care from the bottom up

    A doctor and single-payer activist looks at the successful struggle to derail Trumpcare and the fight ahead for Medicare for all.

  • The Democrats caved. Now we have to act.

    The Democrats proved they can't be trusted to stand up for immigrant justice--which shows we have to take this fight outside the political system.