Topic: Injustice system

  • What's behind the Oakland cops' killing spree?

    The recent deaths of several Black men at the hands of Oakland police is more evidence of entrenched racism and brutality.

  • Why did Ramarley have to die?

    Activists gathered in New York City to demand federal prosecution of the police officer who killed Ramarley Graham.

  • Are the drug warriors ready to surrender?

    What does it mean when Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton and even Newt Gingrich begin to call for reduced prison sentences?

  • Lucha antirracista y elecciones

    Los altercados entre activistas de Black Lives Matter y candidatos han arrojado luz sobre la política del movimiento y los desafíos que enfrenta.

  • We want justice for Cierra Finkley

    Activists are rallying to the defense of Cierra Finkley, who is facing years in prison for defending herself from a violent partner.

  • Who will fight for Black lives?

    Raising the Black Lives Matter issue forcefully is important, but the dismissal of potential supporters as racists is a problem.

  • Black Lives Matter and the 2016 elections

    Confrontations between Black Lives Matter activists and political candidates have cast a light on the movement's politics and the challenges it faces.

  • Winning talk isn't winning action

    Democrats have had to offer promises of change, instead of ignoring the issue of racist violence--but that isn't enough.

  • Why is Rafael Peña dead?

    An inmate at a New York correctional facility was found dead after being put in solitary confinement. His family wants answers.

  • The racist prosecutors who run U.S. courts

    Prosecutors hold one of the most powerful positions in the criminal injustice system, but for decades have operated with very little scrutiny, leading to a litany of racist abuses.

  • The racism that put a target on Sam DuBose

    Activists won a major victory with the indictment of the police officer who killed Samuel DuBose, but the struggle continues for justice.

  • Rikers killed Kalief Browder

    The brother of Kalief Browder, who took his own life after his unjust imprisonment at Rikers Island, talks about the ordeal.

  • What did they do to Sandra Bland?

    Family and friends refuse to accept the official story about how Sandra Bland died in a Texas jail--and are pointing the finger at police racism.

  • Burlington says no to del Pozo

    More than 130 people turned out to oppose the appointment of a new police chief who has endorsed racist policies in the past.

  • A wound that will never heal

    The sister of a 37-year-old father of seven killed by police in Washington state talks about her family's struggle for justice.

  • Victory will come when we get justice

    New York City protesters marked the one-year anniversary of the police murder of Eric Garner with a series of protests.

  • He was a death row survivor

    Dave Keaton, the first death row prisoner exonerated in the modern era of capital punishment, died at the age of 63.

  • The torture of solitary

    Solitary confinement and brutal prison conditions translated into a death sentence for Kalief Brown, who took his own life.

  • America's firing line

    The frequency of mass shootings in the U.S. has people around the world wondering, "What is it with Americans and guns?"

  • They can't fight for themselves

    Feras Morad and Hector Morejon were unarmed, but Long Beach police killed them anyway. Their families are fighting back.

  • Arrested by a racist in Seattle

    An activist who was racially profiled, falsely arrested and brutalized speaks out for the right to organize and demonstrate.

  • Why did de Blasio capitulate?

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's proposal to hire some 1,300 new cops is another sign that he's no progressive savior.

  • Bad apples and a rotten orchard

    Eric Casebolt's resignation shows the effect of the Black Lives Matter movement, but also perhaps a new strategy by police.

  • Fear wave stalks Gotham!!

    A small increase in some crimes has the New York media and police advocates whipping up a hysteria about the return of the "bad old days."

  • Meet the victims of mass incarceration

    A prison justice activist recounts her trip with three dozen family members to visit their loved ones locked away inside an Illinois prison.