Topic: Injustice system

  • Why UW should cut the ties to prison labor

    A University of Washington student took on the Board of Regents for its insidious relationship to the prison-industrial complex.

  • Hungry for justice in San Francisco

    The Mission District police station is the site of a hunger strike by five people who have a single demand: Fire SFPD Chief Greg Suhr.

  • Smearing three dead teenagers

    Video of the deaths of three Florida teens has their families asking why police didn't do more--and why the girls are being smeared.

  • Twenty-three days for Ramarley

    After four long years and no accountability or justice, it is long past time to hold the cops who killed Ramarley Graham to account.

  • Black Lives Matter in Canada

    Anti-racist activists are mobilizing in Montreal and Toronto to demand justice for the victims of police brutality and violence.

  • The sharp edge of American racism

    The need to build a larger movement is about coming to terms with the enormity of our task when we talk about ending police terrorism in our communities.

  • Another case of police murder in New Orleans

    Only a racist system could shield the cops who fired 20 bullets at someone for the "crime" of being in a car that rolled two feet.

  • Standing united against the SFPD's murders

    Some 200 people packed a meeting in San Francisco to hear about the struggle to win justice for Mario Woods and Alex Nieto.

  • Organizing for real justice in New York

    New York activists have united to form "Justice 4 the Wrongfully Incarcerated" and demand an end to the system's abuses.

  • Murdering Akai a second time

    The decision of the Brooklyn prosecutor to not ask for jail time in the killing of Akai Gurley is a slap in the face to Akai's family.

  • The NYPD continues to target cop-watchers

    The arrest and assault of two respected criminal justice activists shows that New York City cops still operate with impunity.

  • We won't stop demanding justice for Tony

    Tony Robinson's family and their supporters organized a weekend of protests in Madison to mark one year since his murder by police.

  • David Joseph deserves justice

    The family of a teenager killed by Austin, Texas, police joined supporters to demand justice from the authorities' investigation.

  • Executed by the Seattle Police Department

    The murder of Che Taylor casts a harsh new light on a police department that is supposed to be the poster child for reform.

  • A house of the dead

    The victims of solitary confinement are damned--not to lakes of fire, but to psychic torture so continuous that it seems eternal.

  • The call to close down Rikers gets louder

    New York City activists rallied to demand that the politicians talking about closing the infamous island jail start taking action.

  • Why we didn't go to the White House

    A Black Lives Matter Chicago organizer explains why the group declined an invite to attend a meeting at the White House.

  • An overdue dose of justice in New York City

    The jury that convicted NYPD officer Peter Liang for killing Akai Gurley ended a decade of impunity for "New York's finest."

  • Chained to a desk over a parking ticket

    The mistreatment of a Princeton professor of African American Studies is yet another example of out-of-control policing.

  • David was stolen from us

    If David Joseph's police killer in Austin is brought to justice, it will be because we continue to organize and fill the streets.

  • The NYPD's new motto: Serve and evict

    An investigation has exposed one of the ugly practices of New York City cops: evicting people who have committed no crime.

  • We'll keep fighting for Noel Aguilar

    Despite intimidation by Long Beach police, activists went ahead with a march and civil disobedience action to protest police murder.

  • What's on the road ahead for BLM in the Bay?

    Protests and actions in the Bay Area during Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend have raised important discussions for the struggle.

  • He thought his victims wouldn't speak out

    The conviction of an Oklahoma City cop who committed serial rape is exposing routine abuse committed against Black women.

  • Police killer indicted in Georgia

    Activists celebrated a grand jury decision to indict an Atlanta-area police officer for killing an unarmed, mentally ill man.