Topic: Injustice system

  • Still seeking justice for Rodney Reed

    The state of Texas has set an execution date for an innocent man, but Rodney Reed's family and supporters are on the march.

  • Murdered on the streets of Staten Island

    New York City cops killed Eric Garner in broad daylight--and now people across the city and beyond are reacting with grief and anger.

  • Texas sets a date to murder an innocent man

    The Campaign to End the Death Penalty has issued a call to action to stop Rodney Reed from being put to death in Texas.

  • Our incarceration nation

    Long-term, mass incarceration has become routinized and integrated into the routine functioning of American society.

  • Voices raised to Free Her

    Dozens of people shared their stories and ideas at the Free Her rally against mass incarceration and the war on drugs.

  • Why did the NYPD invade a Harlem project?

    A resident of the Manhattanville housing project has a different story to tell about the "largest gang bust" in New York history.

  • Two more innocent men facing death in Texas

    The Texas death machine is still running--and death penalty abolitionists are organizing to stop two innocent men from being its next victims.

  • Time for a just peace to end the "war on drugs"

    The "war on drugs" is finally being criticized by U.S. political leaders--but the changes we need have only just begun.

  • They murdered a peacemaker

    In 2005, the state of California rewarded redemption with cold-blooded murder when they executed Stan Tookie Williams.

  • Cruel injustice for an Occupy activist

    The guilty verdict against Occupy Wall Street activist Cecily McMillan represents a gross miscarriage of justice.

  • He was tortured to death

    Inhumane doesn't begin to describe what the state of Oklahoma did to death row prisoner Clayton Lockett.

  • Victories against police repression

    Two important New York City police misconduct cases were settled in January, but we have far to go to see real justice.

  • Chicago police justify another killing

    Friends and neighbors of Raason "Lil B" Shaw say there are many reasons to doubt the Chicago cops' story about his death.

  • Still in Attica after 40 years

    Former Black Panther Jalil Muntaqim, one of the longest held political prisoners in the world, has a parole hearing in June.

  • Raising babies in prison

    The expansion of prison mother-infant programs coincides with the ever-increasing incarceration of women in the U.S.

  • Why was Jawhari shot?

    Jawhari Smith was shot in the head by an Austin police officer on March 18--but the reasons why depend on who you ask.

  • Will a police torturer walk?

    Jon Burge may be released to a halfway house--while some of the men he tortured up to 40 years ago are still locked up.

  • Still waiting on justice for juvenile lifers

    In Illinois, 37-year-old Adolfo Davis has a chance at living life outside of prison for the first time since he was 14 years old.

  • Holding the cops accountable

    Protesters gathered in front of San Diego's Hall of Justice to demand accountability for police charged with assaulting women.

  • Life under the New Jim Crow

    A pastor recounts how a young woman who attends his church was subjected to harsh treatment because of the color of her skin.

  • Oscar's legacy is alive

    A leading voice in the campaign to win justice for Oscar Grant learns how the struggle has affected a new generation.

  • Oakland sit-in to win justice

    Eight people were arrested in Oakland during a protest calling on the California Attorney General to prosecute killer cops.

  • No solution to a terrible crime

    The police, media and politicians' response to a public outcry over a recent rape won't make Chicago's streets safer.

  • How many more Trayvons?

    Michael Dunn, the white man who killed Black teenager Jordan Davis in cold blood, will go to prison, but not for murdering Davis.

  • Paralyzed and still put to death

    Texas carried out the legal lynching of a woman who was paralyzed and endured a history of mental illness.