Topic: Labor

  • We need real jobs on the South Side

    Dozens of Black construction workers picketed a site at the University of Chicago to demand good-paying jobs.

  • Beaten down at UPS

    Every time I saw Dave at work, he seemed crushed by the weight of the scrutiny—his head down and his shoulders slumped.

  • Fighting for the wages we deserve

    The Burlington City Council backed a resolution calling on HowardCenter to pay direct-care service providers a living wage.

  • The CTU rallies for a contract and a lot more

    Thousands of red-shirted Chicago Teachers Union members and their supporters took to the streets to demand a fair contract.

  • A big change in the S.F. teachers union

    The longtime president and numerous allies were defeated by candidates from the Educators for a Democratic Union caucus.

  • The Fight for 15 wins big in LA

    The Los Angeles City Council voted on a $15-an-hour minimum wage ordinance, handing the movement its biggest win yet.

  • Oakland teachers deserve more

    Members of the Oakland Education Association are campaigning for a "no" vote on the tentative contract with the district.

  • A fighting strategy wins contract gains in LA

    By mobilizing the membership and threatening to strike, the UTLA leadership forced school officials to bow to the union's key demands.

  • The meaning of social justice unionism

    Building a strong labor movement requires broadening the struggle beyond the demands of one union or industry to embrace class-wide demands.

  • Chicago teachers vs. Rahm: Round two

    The second contract showdown between Chicago teachers and Mayor Rahm Emanuel comes amid a harsh attack on Illinois public-sector unions.

  • What happened to employee free choice?

    AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and the NLRB have put the brakes on a union representation vote at a California hospital.

  • Nurses push back at UCMC

    After a strike threat, nurses at the University of Chicago Medical Center reached a tentative deal that includes some victories.

  • Speaking out in Seattle on May Day

    Seattle protests and rallies revolved around workers' rights, Black Lives Matter, immigrant rights and indigenous struggles.

  • Black Lives Matter on the docks

    Dockworkers will shut down the massive Port of Oakland on May Day in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

  • A step toward fair pay at UW

    Activism forced University of Washington administrators to agreed to pay all student workers at least $11 an hour.

  • UPS hounds a driver

    UPS made a point of displaying a driver's wrecked package car at the gate of the facility as a "learning symbol."

  • Poverty jobs hold us back

    Last week's Fight for 15 day of action brought out thousands of low-wage workers and their supporters across the U.S.

  • Fighting for the right to play sports

    The administrators who run New York City schools are targeting David Garcia-Rosen for demanding equity in sports funding.

  • Raising wages...and expectations, too

    Thousands of people will continue the Fight for 15 on April 15--which also happens to be the day that demonstrates inequality in America like no other.

  • Going global in Richmond?

    At UC Berkeley, union workers are campaigning with community allies for a different kind of bargaining agreement.

  • Seattle's fight for 15 carries on

    Seattle minimum-wage workers got a raise on April 1, but the struggle continues to make sure employers deliver.

  • They can afford $15

    Low-wage workers will come together on April 15 for a national day of action for $15 and a union--demands their movement has put in the spotlight.

  • Will the new agreement weaken the ILWU?

    A tentative agreement covering West Coast dockworkers appears to trade higher wages for possible concessions on future jobs.

  • LA teachers headed for a showdown

    As the school year begins to wind down, a major labor battle is looming in the country's second-largest school district.

  • It's time to raise a racket

    The UAW has delivered contracts that are essentially non-union in scope and their economic impact on the auto workforce.