Topic: Labor

  • UPS hounds a driver

    UPS made a point of displaying a driver's wrecked package car at the gate of the facility as a "learning symbol."

  • Poverty jobs hold us back

    Last week's Fight for 15 day of action brought out thousands of low-wage workers and their supporters across the U.S.

  • Fighting for the right to play sports

    The administrators who run New York City schools are targeting David Garcia-Rosen for demanding equity in sports funding.

  • Raising wages...and expectations, too

    Thousands of people will continue the Fight for 15 on April 15--which also happens to be the day that demonstrates inequality in America like no other.

  • Going global in Richmond?

    At UC Berkeley, union workers are campaigning with community allies for a different kind of bargaining agreement.

  • Seattle's fight for 15 carries on

    Seattle minimum-wage workers got a raise on April 1, but the struggle continues to make sure employers deliver.

  • They can afford $15

    Low-wage workers will come together on April 15 for a national day of action for $15 and a union--demands their movement has put in the spotlight.

  • Will the new agreement weaken the ILWU?

    A tentative agreement covering West Coast dockworkers appears to trade higher wages for possible concessions on future jobs.

  • LA teachers headed for a showdown

    As the school year begins to wind down, a major labor battle is looming in the country's second-largest school district.

  • It's time to raise a racket

    The UAW has delivered contracts that are essentially non-union in scope and their economic impact on the auto workforce.

  • A pro-labor mayor for Chicago?

    Chicago unions are presenting mayoral candidate Chuy García as a champion of labor, but his record tells a different story.

  • Solidarity wins at Rutgers

    Faculty and graduate employees at Rutgers University overcame an intransigent management to win a tentative agreement.

  • Holding the line against Big Oil

    There's a tentative agreement in the strike at refineries across the country, but oil workers are staying on the picket line until local issues are resolved.

  • Solidarity in the heartland

    Concerns about health and safety on the job brought oil workers and fast-food workers together on a cold March day.

  • A victory for NYU grad employees

    Members of the Graduate Student Organizing Committee at New York University set a milestone for labor with their contract agreement.

  • United blames the pilots

    With a leaked memo, United Airlines is trying to scapegoat pilots for the company's poor attention to safety.

  • The "okay-to-leech" laws

    It is long past time for labor to stop using the phrase "right-to-work," when these laws are about the right to freeload.

  • Why we stand with Young, Gifted and Black

    Teaching assistants at the University of Wisconsin approved a resolution in support of the Young, Gifted and Black Coalition.

  • On strike against the next "accident"

    An explosion at an oil refinery in Southern California shows the high stakes in the oil workers' spreading strike against the energy giants.

  • Oil workers strike for their lives

    Safety is at the top of the list of concerns for the 3,800 oil refinery workers on the picket line at facilities across the country.

  • They're fighting McRacism

    McDonald's workers in Virginia are suing after they were racially harassed--and then fired for not "fitting the profile."

  • Ready to strike at MFY

    Workers at MFY Legal Services in New York are locked in a battle against corporate lawyers on the non-profit’s board.

  • Graduate student employees take on NYU

    Graduate employees are taking a strike authorization vote against one of the most corporate universities in the country.

  • Ready to walk at University of Oregon

    Members of the Graduate Teaching Fellow Federation are set to walk off the job at the University of Oregon.

  • Fighting the hunger games at Walmart

    Once again this year, Walmart workers will turn the busiest shopping day of the year into the busiest protest day at the country's largest retailer.