Topic: Labor

  • Chicago teachers answer back

    Threatened with layoffs and a unilateral pay cut, the Chicago Teachers Union organized a big protest to show that it won't be bullied.

  • What caused the wildcat on the docks?

    A short-lived work stoppage by East Coast longshore workers raises questions about the power of a little-known commission.

  • Rahm declares war on Chicago teachers

    The city's threat to lay off 1,000 teachers and cut the pay of Chicago Teachers Union members is at the heart of a new battle over public schools.

  • Detroit teachers want broken schools fixed

    After a series of sick-outs, Detroit teachers have put the shameful condition of the city's schools before the eyes of the world.

  • Why is the UFT so undemocratic?

    Members of New York City's teachers' union will elect top officials this spring, but the outcome is tilted toward the status quo.

  • Labor's fight-or-die moment

    The Friedrichs case, heard by the U.S. Supreme Court last week, is about smashing the power of the last well-organized section of labor.

  • Kohler strikers need solidarity

    Workers on strike against Kohler's two-tier wage system urgently need solidarity--and some labor activists are answering the call.

  • Teachers turn up the heat on Rahm

    Chicago's City Hall is reeling from a police violence scandal, but teachers are about to give Mayor Rahm Emanuel another worry.

  • Kohler workers stand united

    Workers at Kohler in Wisconsin are fighting for a good contract for all union members by challenging two-tier wage schemes.

  • Teachers want MORE from the UFT

    New York City teachers committed to social justice met to strategize about building the fight for our schools and for a stronger union.

  • Oregon deserves a fight for 15

    Support for a $15 an hour minimum wage has grown, yet some Oregon labor leaders are backing down a fight to win it.

  • Chicago teachers get fired up in the cold

    Thousands of people rallied on a cold but festive weeknight evening to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Chicago Teachers Union.

  • A high-stakes battle over education justice

    Chicago teachers are mobilizing for a new contract against threats of layoffs and budget cuts that would devastate public schools.

  • Labor's "big bang"?

    The struggle for a $15-an-hour minimum wage could be the opportunity to finally revitalize the U.S. labor movement.

  • UW hospital nurses fight for union security

    The Washington State Nurses Association picketed a Seattle hospital over demands for a fair contract and "fair share" representation.

  • Battling Broad's charter attack in LA

    United Teachers Los Angeles has a major battle--one with national implications--on its hands over the future of public schools.

  • How solidarity won their jobs back

    As Fight for 15 activists prepare for a nationwide day of action, Oakland fast-food workers are celebrating a victory against employer reprisals.

  • Organizing the choke points

    Workers in the rapidly transforming logistics industry have the potential to exercise enormous political and economic power.

  • Stand up to a divide-and-conquer contract

    UAW leaders are pushing a proposed deal with GM that continues the two-tier wage system that has undermined solidarity.

  • Workers expose B&H Photo Video

    A group of New York City warehouse workers are successfully standing up to retaliation against their efforts to win a union.

  • Selling old concessions in new bottles

    After UAW members rejected a tentative deal at Chrysler, union leaders reshuffled the deck and dealt another shaky hand.

  • Put the backbone back in the UAW

    UAW members want equal pay for equal work. But their president and the CEO of Chrysler want them to sell themselves short.

  • Chrysler workers say "no way" for all of us

    UAW members showed with their "no" votes that they are tired of concessions now that the Big Three are back in the black.

  • Rahm threatens mass teacher layoffs

    Chicago's elite seems intent on detonating an explosive public schools crisis and forcing a showdown with the teachers' union.

  • Mizzou grad workers need fair pay

    The opulent salaries of Mizzou administrators are matched only by their disregard for the grad workers that make the school function.