Topic: Labor

  • The hidden horrors in poultry plants

    An Oxfam report has exposed the torturous conditions endured by poultry workers--but their situation is far from unique in the U.S.

  • A doomsday threat for Chicago schools

    The bosses of the Chicago Public Schools system are once again raising the stakes on teachers and students with devastating cuts.

  • Verizon strikers stand strong in the capital

    As the strike against Verizon entered a sixth week, union members and their supporters marched and rallied in Washington, D.C.

  • What can we do to win the war at Verizon?

    A Verizon worker and CWA shop steward assesses the state of the largest U.S. strike in recent years and makes the case for a way forward.

  • Who's "overpaid" at Verizon?

    Verizon wants to portray strikers as greedy for more pay, but the bosses are the ones getting the bloated paychecks--and for what?

  • Why I'm voting for MORE

    A New York City teacher makes the case for supporting the candidates of a social justice caucus in teachers' union elections.

  • Hotel pickets worked, so they were banned

    A federal court has issued an injunction against striking Verizon workers protesting outside the hotels housing scabs.

  • Detroit teachers are sick of the schools crisis

    A two-day sickout by Detroit teachers brought renewed attention to the damage being inflicted on the public school system.

  • Is the NYPD running a scab escort service?

    When striking Verizon workers picketed replacement workers in Queens, cops gave the scabs a ride--and ran down a striker.

  • Campaigning for social justice in the UFT

    The candidate of a UFT social justice caucus running for president of the New York City teachers' union talks about her campaign.

  • The next fight for the CTU

    Chicago teachers are weighing their options, including a possible strike, as the fight for their union and for public schools goes on.

  • This strike needs to be a line in the sand

    The walkout at Verizon, now in its third week, is an important battle for everyone who wants to stop the relentless war on the working class.

  • A rising sea of red against Verizon

    Verizon workers are rallying in the thousands and confronting scabs in the biggest strike to hit the U.S. in years.

  • California's $15-an-hour win

    What does California's decision to raise the minimum wage mean for low-wage workers--and the labor movement?

  • Aramark workers notch a win at Loyola

    Solidarity from students was key to winning a new contract for dining hall workers at Loyola University in Chicago.

  • Lessons from a day of defiance

    The April 1 strike by Chicago teachers triggered a racist backlash from police--and a discussion in the movement over how to build solidarity.

  • Standing up to Verizon's war on unions

    Workers at Verizon are in a do-or-die battle with a corporation that is raking in profits, but won't rest until it breaks the power of their unions.

  • Fighting for our union wages

    Carpenters protested a contractor using non-union labor on a shopping mall in Dobbs Ferry, New York.

  • Part-time and poorly paid on campus

    The job of teaching in universities has been transformed just like other occupations: Academic workers are doing more for less.

  • Striking for the city we deserve

    Thousands of people united behind the Chicago Teachers Union on the picket line and in the streets to fight austerity measures hitting all workers.

  • The Tribune blows its top

    Chicago's leading paper resurrected rhetoric out of the robber-baron era to heap abuse on the teachers' union for daring to fight back.

  • What we're fighting for on April 1

    Chicago teachers, unionists and community members explain why they're taking part in a day of action, with a one-day teachers' strike at its core.

  • We need action to save Chicago schools

    Faced with threats of layoffs and a pay cut, "furlough days" and slashed school budgets, Chicago teachers are preparing to fight back.

  • Taking sides with the Chicago teachers

    More than 200 people gathered for a rally to hear unionists and activists pledge their solidarity with the Chicago Teachers Union.

  • How can Chicago teachers win again?

    Members of the Chicago Teachers Union could soon be on the picket line again in the face of attacks by a Democratic mayor and Republican governor.