Topic: Labor

  • Chrysler workers say "no way" for all of us

    UAW members showed with their "no" votes that they are tired of concessions now that the Big Three are back in the black.

  • Rahm threatens mass teacher layoffs

    Chicago's elite seems intent on detonating an explosive public schools crisis and forcing a showdown with the teachers' union.

  • Mizzou grad workers need fair pay

    The opulent salaries of Mizzou administrators are matched only by their disregard for the grad workers that make the school function.

  • The meaning of the Seattle teachers strike

    A leading union and education justice activist considers the successes and shortcomings of the five-day educators strike in Seattle.

  • Seattle teachers can fight for what they deserve

    A tentative agreement to end the strike of 5,000 Seattle educators contains important gains--but union activists say the deal isn't good enough.

  • On strike for student health

    Two school nurses on strike at Seattle Public Schools talk about the district's systematic disregard for student health care.

  • We stand with Seattle teachers

    Educators across the country are signing a statement of solidarity with striking members of the Seattle Education Association.

  • Mizzou grad workers have had enough

    University of Missouri graduate student employees are responding to cuts in health care benefits by organizing a union.

  • The union's power depends on its membership

    The president of the Seattle Education Association talks about the organizing that set the stage for the teachers' strike.

  • A rising tide of solidarity for Seattle teachers

    The key development in the Seattle teachers' strike--one that school officials woefully underestimated--is the outpouring of community support.

  • A new prescription for an old medicine

    Autoworkers who want to rebuild their union’s power must learn the lessons from the socialists who first built it into a fighting force.

  • Teachers draw the line for Seattle schools

    Educators in Seattle are providing a modern-day lesson in the power of teachers' unions with their strike for the schools that the city deserves.

  • Striking for much more than pay

    Jubilation resounded among Seattle teachers when it sunk in that we had voted to strike for the schools our students deserve.

  • What our strike could achieve

    A Seattle teacher explains why he supports a walkout to achieve the union's goal of a school system that Seattle students deserve.

  • Seattle teachers won't be disrespected

    Educators are preparing for a possible strike after a long summer of fruitless negotiations with Seattle Public Schools.

  • What Black Lives Matter means for labor

    Unions need to mobilize for anti-racist activism because the Black freedom struggle can have a huge political impact.

  • We can’t walk away from this fight

    A union activist at New York's JFK Airport talks about how SEIU 32BJ won the victory in the fight to organize subcontracted airport workers.

  • Graduate employees call for social justice

    A conference of the Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions took up a range of issues, from racism to the neoliberal university.

  • What's behind the AFT's rush to endorse?

    The American Federation of Teachers angered members with its earliest-ever presidential endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

  • Our answer to low wages

    After winning a union, social workers in Portland now have a voice to improve working conditions.

  • Canvassers deserve job security

    Greenpeace canvassers in San Diego are setting an example by demanding job security, and they deserve solidarity.

  • There's plenty of pie, but who holds the knife?

    Workers' wages, health care and benefits are all on the line in the latest negotiations between the UAW and automakers.

  • Verizon wants to bust the union

    Verizon is making billions in profits, yet it's demanding huge concessions from workers, explains a CWA member.

  • "Bargaining" by cop

    San Francisco Nursing Center has refused to negotiate and then called police to arrest community leaders supporting strikers.

  • A death at UPS

    Our readers respond to a contribution talking about the death of UPS worker Dave Allyn.