Topic: Labor

  • Where's our 3 percent raise?

    Workers for the HowardCenter in Vermont want to know why they aren't getting the wage increase agreed to last year.

  • How will labor be revived?

    A leading writer and labor historian talks about the shape of the labor movement today--and how to rebuild fighting unions.

  • We're sick of poverty wages

    Fight for 15 activists in Los Angeles are demanding an end to wage theft and the right to form a union without retaliation.

  • UPS backs down over firings

    Teamsters in New York City won a victory when UPS rescinded pink slips issued to 250 drivers for walking off the job.

  • Custodians crank up the heat

    More than 200 University of Washington custodians and their supporters rallied to demand fair treatment on the job.

  • Will a membership rebellion remake the IAM?

    A slate of reform candidates is making a strong run in the International Association of Machinists' first contested election in half a century.

  • Tell UC to drop the charges

    Students at UC Santa Cruz arrested during a two-day strike by graduate student workers are appealing for support.

  • The UPS empire strikes back

    UPS has sent a message that it intends to make an example out of New York City workers who walked off the job.

  • The faculty's fight is ours, too

    The Portland State University Student Union explains why it stands with the struggle of faculty for a fair union contract.

  • Vermont drivers end their strike with a victory

    A new contract for bus drivers in Burlington, Vt., proves that strikes can win--when union members are united and the community supports them.

  • Organizing for a union comeback

    This year's Labor Notes conference will highlight the strategies of reformers for overcoming the crisis facing labor.

  • Running for respect in Seattle

    Candidates committed to education justice and rank-and-file power have launched their campaign to lead the Seattle Education Association.

  • This place was their life

    In North Adams, Mass., a hospital that has been open for well over a century was shut down on three days' notice.

  • Vermont drivers stand strong

    Members of Teamsters Local 597 proved once again that they are unanimously committed to the fight for a fair contract.

  • A walkout for respect at UPS

    UPS is trying to retaliate against Teamsters who walked off the job in solidarity with an unjustly fired coworker.

  • Reclaiming labor's lessons

    With their contract victory, St. Paul, Minn., teachers showed how union workers can reassert some control at the workplace.

  • A new postal unity

    Four unions representing a half-million postal workers have declared a joint national day of action against privatization.

  • Solidarity to carry us forward

    A professor at Portland State University explains the issues pushing faculty toward a strike--and how they are preparing.

  • Ready to strike = Ready to win

    A Portland teacher and union activist considers the lessons of a struggle that made the school district back down and won a contract victory.

  • What's at stake in Burlington?

    Bus drivers in Chittenden County have been on the picket line for a week, and so far, management hasn't budged.

  • Ready for a strike at PSU

    Faculty and their supporters at Portland State University are preparing for a potential strike--and so is the other side.

  • Fighting for 15 and dignity

    The Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago marked International Women's Day by standing for the rights of women workers.

  • Vt. drivers hit the picket line

    Bus drivers who make the public transit system run in the most populated county of Vermont are out on strike.

  • Is the Fight for 15 strangling small business?

    In Seattle, there's growing support for a $15 an hour minimum wage, but employers are fighting back, using the complaint that small businesses will suffer.

  • Social workers win a victory

    After striking in December, social workers in the LA County child welfare system ratified a contact that met their key demands.