Topic: Africa

  • South Africa's new revolt against austerity

    A South African socialist explains how the massive marches against changes in the country's labor laws came together.

  • Ramaphosa's neoliberal reboot in South Africa

    There is general satisfaction at seeing Jacob Zuma go--but very real concerns about the new president's pro-corporate priorities.

  • What's behind the slavery horror in Libya?

    Horrifying reports about the sale of captured Black African migrants in Libyan slave auctions have sparked international outrage.

  • Solidarity with political prisoners in Morocco

    Political officeholders, unionists and others are calling for the release of Moroccans jailed for demanding democratic rights.

  • The U.S. war you didn't hear about...until now

    U.S. military intervention in Africa is in the headlines after an attack on Green Berets in Niger--but no one is asking what the military is doing there.

  • Are Zuma's days numbered?

    The faltering popularity of South African President Jacob Zuma has provoked mass protests and growing talk of impeachment.

  • The West and "African corruption"

    The West's self-serving narrative about "African corruption" obscures actual causes of graft and greed that bleed Africa dry.

  • Discontent behind the image of calm in Morocco

    The bloody expulsion of protesters from the central square in al-Hoceima again exposes the myth of Moroccan "exceptionalism."

  • South African students resume their fight

    Students in South Africa are fighting another round of tuition increases--and facing repression from the ANC government.

  • Ethiopia's Standing Rock

    The struggle of Ethiopia's largest ethnic group against development programs and government repression has gone unreported.

  • The meaning of South Africa's elections

    After local elections, South Africa's African National Congress is licking its wounds--but the left has very little to celebrate.

  • The reawakening of struggle in Zimbabwe

    The national shutdown against the Mugabe dictatorship has revived one of Africa's most militant and long-suffering working classes.

  • Hearing from South Africa's left challenge

    A militant union leader traveled to New York City to discuss the challenges ahead for the workers' movement in South Africa.

  • Stirrings below in South Africa

    Two decades after apartheid's fall, South Africa is increasingly racked by social and political fractures that threaten to burst open.

  • A tale of two South Africas

    Twenty-two years after the fall of apartheid, South Africa remains a nation highly polarized between the haves and have-nots.

  • Austerity in a volatile South Africa

    A wedge is being driven through South Africa's political elite in the wake of a court decision against President Jacob Zuma.

  • A life stolen for oil

    Twenty years after his state murder, Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa's fight against environmental exploitation goes on.

  • Trying to get Africa right

    The left needs to focus on how African economies work, rather than only explaining why and how they don't.

  • A breakthrough for South African students

    With their militant mobilization against tuition hikes, South African students set the stage for a historic victory over neoliberalism.

  • Why the fees must fall

    The cancellation of the fee increase at South African universities is a victory for students--but not the end of the struggle.

  • A victory for South Africa's student uprising

    The biggest student uprising since the fall of apartheid forced the ANC government to back off a university tuition increase.

  • The U.S. war in Africa

    A new book paints the true picture of Barack Obama's Africa policy: a huge increase in spending on the U.S. military presence.

  • War and elections in Nigeria

    A Nigerian socialist describes what's at stake in Nigeria's elections--and what the outcomes could mean for working people.

  • Class matters in Nigeria's elections

    There is a heated debate about the national election, but few mainstream figures are talking about the country's main divide.

  • The Marikana miners deserve justice

    The family members of striking miners massacred by South African police in 2012 have taken their fight to the courts.