Topic: Britain

  • Saying yes in Scotland

    Momentum is shifting in an independence referendum in Scotland, with a "yes" vote a real possibility. What should the left say?

  • If you can't be the UKIP, act like them

    The Labour Party seems to think the best response to the success of the UK Independence Party is to copy it.

  • The establishment's outsiders

    The UK Independence Party's dire warnings of a flood of migrant workers into Britain have failed to materialize.

  • More radical by the year

    Tony Benn will certainly be remembered exactly as he said he wanted to be: "With the words, 'He inspired us.'"

  • Courageous and prophetic

    He could delineate an injustice with a single phrase--and make an unconventional position appear like common sense.

  • The real legacy of Tony Benn

    Benn upended the cliché that socialists grow more moderate as they age--on the contrary, he became more radical.

  • The climate according to Nigel Lawson

    One famous Thatcherite in Britain is blowing the whistle on the bunk about global warming causing extreme weather.

  • Clegg plays the same old song

    If it's "grown-up" for politicians to ignore what they said to get elected, then why have a campaign at all?

  • The curious fate of Tony Blair

    The former British prime minister is said to frustrated at his tarnished image. Too bad he used his office to support an unjust war.

  • The bankers' hard-earned bonuses

    The people who run banks need mega-bonuses as an incentive to maximize profits, which clearly benefits us all.

  • Who needs qualifications?

    The use of uncertified teachers in free schools in Britain should be applied to other workplaces, like hospitals or nuclear subs.

  • Will Scotland vote for independence?

    Next year's referendum on independence for Scotland raises a host of questions about how neoliberalism and imperialism can be challenged.

  • Just like Stalinist Russia

    If you say that energy companies raising prices by 8 percent shouldn't be allowed, expect to be compared to Joseph Stalin.

  • Energy prices and the apocalypse

    If energy companies are going to be asked to get by on less than $9 billion in profits a year, they might as well not bother.

  • Will Labour say anything at all?

    The only time Ed Miliband's Labour Party has tried to appear decisive is when they argued against trade union leaders.

  • Time to move to North Korea?

    Where else were people protected from the downpour of drivel that greeted the birth of a boy to the Baroness Carrickfergus?

  • Baby born in London last week

    But not just any baby, as the hyperventilating media of Britain and beyond assured us in their wall-to-wall coverage.

  • Did you forget your self-reliance?

    So that's the reason why the unemployment rate goes up and down--fluctuating levels of self-reliance.

  • They spied on who?

    Police in Britain gathered intelligence on the mother of a man murdered by racists in order to smear the struggle to win justice.

  • Vote Labour and we'll carry on

    At last, Britain's Labour Party has announced its election strategy: Keep doing everything the current government is doing.

  • Maybe they don't need to eat

    People in Britain who get food assistance will have to live on cheaper things, such as a sense of humor or particles of light.

  • Thatcherism's resistible rise

    In 1980s Britain, the neoliberal project was resisted at every step of the way--and several junctures severely imperiled.

  • What we need to learn about Woolwich

    If it really cared about Lee Rigby's life, the British government should discuss the reasons behind the bloody attack on him.

  • Death by the barracks

    A British socialist responds to the media and political establishment's racist frenzy following the murder of a British soldier.

  • Burying her legacy

    From banning a song from The Wizard of Oz to silencing Big Ben, there was no end to the madness after Thatcher's death.