Topic: Britain

  • Turning to the challenges ahead after the vote

    The day after the vote for "Brexit," as many as 1,500 people demonstrated in London in solidarity with refugees and migrants.

  • Discussing the meaning of the Brexit vote

    SW compiles a sample of left-wing comment on the ramifications of the UK referendum vote in favor of leaving the European Union.

  • British socialists debate the EU referendum

    Members of revolutionary socialism in the 21st century discuss the options in Britain's vote to Leave or Stay in the European Union.

  • Is the EU necessarily harmful to struggle?

    Left-wing supporters of a Leave vote in the UK referendum on the EU accept a declining and disintegrating UK state as a given.

  • Why socialists should support a British exit

    Socialists have to tell the truth now about the European Union: It is an un-reformable institution dedicated to neoliberalism.

  • The struggle to come after a racist murder

    The murder of Labour MP Jo Cox by a British fascist shows that our most urgent task is to build an anti-racist movement.

  • Did our side win in London?

    The Tories' racist campaign couldn't defeat the Labour Party's Sadiq Kahn, but the new mayor of London is far from a radical.

  • Obama butts in on Britain's referendum

    Barack Obama has joined the chorus of Western leaders calling on people in Britain to vote to stay in the European Union.

  • Gimme (tax) shelter

    If we start clamping down on billionaires who avoid paying taxes, they might leave and avoid paying taxes somewhere else.

  • A socialist case for leaving the European Union

    A Scottish socialist analyzes the left debate over the coming referendum on Britain's membership in the European Union.

  • A show of antiwar defiance against Cameron

    Opponents of British Prime Minister David Cameron's plans for air strikes in Syria contributed to the opposition in parliament.

  • How a "pacifist" pushed for war

    Despite a recent "apology," Tony Blair and his advisers were committed to going to war in Iraq from the very beginning.

  • What does Corbyn's victory mean?

    In a repudiation of those who engineered its rightward shift, the Labour Party has elected the most left-wing leader in its history.

  • What happens if Corbyn wins?

    As Jeremy Corbyn closes in on victory in the election to lead Britain's Labour Party, what would count as success for socialists?

  • Not the same old Labour

    Jeremy Corbyn's campaign to be leader of the Labour Party has the potential to pose socialist arguments to a wider audience.

  • Those with hope need not apply

    Labour Party leaders are worried that an influx of Jeremy Corbyn supporters might pressure the party to stand for something.

  • Upsetting the Labour elite

    Left-wing candidate Jeremy Corbyn is talking about renationalizing public services--and infuriating the Labour Party establishment.

  • An anti-union blast from the past

    New legislation being pushed by Britain's ruling conservatives is about punishing unions for standing up for workers' rights.

  • The "scare" of Old Labour

    A hysterical campaign is underway to undermine Jeremy Corbyn's bid to become the next leader of the British Labour Party.

  • What "we" knew about the Nazis

    There's something more troubling than the 7-year-old future Queen of England giving the Nazi salute in honor of Hitler.

  • Modern slavery for immigrants

    The decision to cut search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean is an attempt to push migrants back from Europe.

  • A Tory attack on union rights

    Pushing back against the Conservatives' new restrictions on labor rights will require workplace organization, not just rhetoric.

  • Sunrise for the Scottish left

    The collapse of the Labour Party in Scotland is presenting new opportunities to build a strong formation for new politics.

  • The anti-austerity resistance rallies in London

    Hundreds of thousands of people marched through the streets of London for the "End Austerity Now" demonstration.

  • Was Labour too left wing?

    On May 7, Britain's Labour Party lost a cynical public relations war that had little to do with political ideology.