Topic: Britain

  • Understanding the British election

    There's a mountain to climb for the Labour Party, but the picture isn't as rosy for the Tories as the media would have us believe.

  • Solidarity vs. scapegoating after Manchester

    Political leaders and reactionaries will try to use the horror in Manchester to justify more repression and violence--unless the tide of solidarity prevails.

  • The Tories aren't invulnerable

    If Britain’s Labour Party mounts an activist campaign, it could be possible to turn the Tory tide, but we cannot be uncritical.

  • What can stop the Tories in Britain's election?

    A fighting left stance might not be enough for Labour to win the coming British vote, but it could change the shape of the debate.

  • What direction out the Brexit?

    Britain's government will start the process of leaving the EU, but masses of people are protesting Brexit's biggest fan in the U.S.

  • Solidarity lessons from Fawley

    A struggle by refinery workers in Britain shows how solidarity and militant action can turn the tide on anti-migrant scapegoating.

  • Check the age of that refugee kid

    UK officials say that refugee children are welcome, but only after their teeth have been checked to make sure they're really kids.

  • The Tories turn up the Trump

    Britain's Conservative Party is attempting to fuse anti-immigrant politics with a critique of the elite--even though it is the elite.

  • The Labour leadership battle is over...for a bit

    A new challenge to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was announced about three minutes after he was declared the winner.

  • Can Corbyn survive the coup?

    A British socialist explains what's at stake in the vote that will decide if left-winger Jeremy Corbyn will be the leader of the party.

  • Why they're still afraid of Leon Trotsky

    The campaign against left-wing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has brought the name Leon Trotsky into the spotlight in Britain.

  • The Labour leaders who are afraid of the party

    Opponents of Labour's left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn are highly unpopular, so they've resorted to underhanded maneuvers.

  • The struggle for the soul of Labour

    Jeremy Corbyn's fight to remain the leader of Britain's Labour Party will have significance far beyond the party itself.

  • Who will survive Britain’s political shake-up?

    The UK referendum vote to leave the European Union was a political earthquake that has upended both major political parties.

  • The Brexit vote and beyond

    Whether the vote to leave the European Union will further entrench neoliberalism or lead to a challenge to it depends on struggle.

  • Liars together to the end

    Almost everyone admits the Iraq war was a catastrophe, and there's a giant report to confirm it--everyone but Tony Blair, that is.

  • The winner of the worst coup plot ever

    The Labour Party members of parliament who were trying to depose left-wing party leader Jeremy Corbyn are suing for peace.

  • Standing for solidarity after the Brexit vote

    Britain's left has a central role to play in the continuing fight against racism and anti-immigrant hate following the referendum on the EU.

  • How Chilcot vindicated the antiwar movement

    The long-awaited report from a British government inquiry into the Iraq war drive reveals what antiwar forces knew all along.

  • Clashing views on the Brexit vote

    Two readers weigh in on the ongoing debate about the meaning of the UK's Brexit vote--and what the left's response should be.

  • What comes next after the Brexit vote?

    June 24 was a dark morning, but the left can engage both Leave and Remain voters in future struggles to defend migrants and protest austerity.

  • Seeing the whole picture after the referendum

    The left needs to be wary of celebrating the vote for "Brexit" as simply a working-class revolt against the establishment.

  • Turning to the challenges ahead after the vote

    The day after the vote for "Brexit," as many as 1,500 people demonstrated in London in solidarity with refugees and migrants.

  • Discussing the meaning of the Brexit vote

    SW compiles a sample of left-wing comment on the ramifications of the UK referendum vote in favor of leaving the European Union.

  • British socialists debate the EU referendum

    Members of revolutionary socialism in the 21st century discuss the options in Britain's vote to Leave or Stay in the European Union.