Topic: Mexico

  • Siding with the cartels against the autodefensas

    Mexico's government is carrying out repression against self-defense groups fighting the Knights Templar narco-cartel.

  • What lies ahead for Michoacán?

    The coming weeks will be critical to self-defense groups in western Mexico that formed to combat organized crime cartels.

  • The meaning of El Chapo's arrest

    The capture of Mexico's most powerful drug lord was celebrated by the media, but it raises more questions than answers.

  • Why the autodefensas won concessions

    Two weeks after sending in troops, the Mexican government agreed to cooperate with self-defense groups in Michoacán.

  • Veinte años de lucha zapatista

    El Año Nuevo en 1994, más de 2,000 guerrilleros iniciaron una rebelión que sería celebrada en el mundo entero.

  • Twenty years after the Zapatista uprising

    As Mexico's bosses toasted the New Year in 1994, more than 2,000 guerrillas were launching a rebellion that would be celebrated around the world.

  • Behind a new armed conflict in Mexico

    A tense confrontation is unfolding in Mexico pitting the army against "autodefensas" challenging an organized crime cartel.

  • Rebellion of the teachers in Mexico

    A participant explains how teachers across Mexico have joined with parents, students and many more to resist the education "reform" onslaught.

  • Rebelión docente en México

    Maestra preescolar y líder sindical mexicana habla de la lucha en México contra las reformas neoliberales.

  • Solidarity with the teachers in Mexico

    Educators in the U.S. offer their support for teachers in Mexico as their strike against "reforms" enters its seventh week.

  • Solidaridad con los maestros mexicanos

    Docentes en EE.UU. ofrecen su apoyo a los maestros mexicanos entrando en su séptima semana de huelga contra una "reforma" educacional.

  • Profiting from neoliberalism in Mexico

    A recent New York Times article ignored the economic conditions that have allowed corporations to profit in Mexico.

  • Paro contra el neoliberalismo

    Decenas de miles de maestros mexicanos están entrando en su sexta semana de huelga, y lo que está en juego es cada vez mayor.

  • Striking teachers hold out in Mexico

    Tens of thousands of Mexican teachers are entering their sixth week on strike, and the stakes are getting higher.

  • Huelga docente mexicana crece

    Decenas de miles de maestros se unen a otros sindicatos y a los estudiantes para llamar a un paro nacional de dos días.

  • Mexican teachers expand strike

    Tens of thousands of teachers were joined by students and other unions in calling for a two-day national work stoppage.

  • México: Huelga de maestros

    Decenas de miles de docentes en todo México se van a la huelga --y se movilizan contra la versión charra de No Child Left Behind.

  • Teachers take a stand in Mexico

    Tens of thousands of teachers in Mexico are on all-out strike and mobilizing against a No Child Left Behind-like law.

  • Protesting the return of the PRI

    Mexico's student movement battled with police in the capital to protest the inauguration of Enrique Peña Nieto.

  • The horrific toll of a failed war

    Six years after Mexico's president declared war on drug cartels, the body count has reached staggering proportions.

  • Mexico's election or "imposition"?

    Claims that a conservative won Mexico's presidential election amid allegations of fraud are stoking nationwide protests.

  • Mexico's "perfect dictatorship"

    The return of Mexico's PRI to power comes in the face of an escalating conflict, the violence of which is palpable even across its borders.

  • A student upsurge in Mexico

    Students in Mexico are challenging the media's promotion of the leading presidential candidate, Enrique Peña Nieto.

  • Can a reformer win Mexico's presidency?

    Andres Manuel López Obrador is again promising programs to aid workers and the poor as he campaigns for president.

  • Why Mexico's elections will matter

    Mexico's elections this coming July could mark an escalation of violence or a turning point for one of the U.S.'s largest trading partners.