Topic: Surveillance and civil liberties

  • A crackdown on our right to stand up

    Trump's right-wing admirers around the U.S. are trying to blunt protests against him by proposing new laws explicitly designed to curtail dissent.

  • Have the thought police won?

    A new book examines everyday features of life in the digitally connected world and asks if privacy is a quaint idea from another era.

  • Is Apple a privacy champion?

    The debate about consumer privacy is at a boiling point in the battle between Apple and the FBI over iPhone encryption.

  • Shrinking the Big Brother state?

    The proposed reforms to NSA spying programs are essentially cosmetic changes to an out-of-control surveillance system.

  • The war on cyber-activists

    The harsh jail sentence for Barrett Brown will have a chilling effect on journalists and others uncovering wrongdoing.

  • Missing Mike Marqusee

    Talha Ahsan never met Mike Marqusee, but his books and letters sustained Ahsan during eight long years behind bars.

  • Racially profiled by the National Spy Agency

    New revelations based on information from NSA leaker Edward Snowden expose how the government targeted Muslims for surveillance.

  • Unmasking Big Brother

    On the eve of a U.S. speaking tour, Glenn Greenwald speaks out about the fight against state surveillance, and the role of the media and whistleblowers.

  • Glenn Greenwald versus the Big Brother state

    A year of stunning revelations has exposed the frightening reach of the American spy state into every corner of our lives.

  • It was martial law in Watertown

    An activist who endured a lockdown during the manhunt after the Boston Marathon bombings remembers that day.

  • Do you trust Big Brother to stop spying?

    At this point, why would anyone trust the Obama administration's promises when it comes to our civil liberties?

  • Ni necesaria, ni buena, ni útil

    Más revelaciones no han desanimado a la Casa Blanca de tratar de justificar su habilidad de fisgonear cada aspecto de nuestras vidas.

  • Not necessary, just evil

    New revelations of government spying haven't stopped the White House from defending its ability to snoop into every part of our lives.

  • A setback for Ayyub

    Ayyub Abdul-Alim faced disappointment when a judge refused to dismiss trumped-up "terrorism" charges against him.

  • Big Brother comes to campus

    Government agencies and private corporations are increasingly using technology to spy on individuals and their activities.

  • When the press gives in to the spooks

    The Guardian destroyed hard disks containing leaked information in response to threats by the British government.

  • ¿Confiar en el Gran Hermano?

    Los comentarios de Obama sobre de espionaje gubernamental fueron diseñados para tranquilizar al público, pero nadie debiera dejarse engañar.

  • In Big Brother we trust?

    Barack Obama's statements about government spying programs were designed to put the public's mind at ease. They shouldn't.

  • Why is Snowden still trapped?

    Whistleblower Edward Snowden remains in limbo today, even as new revelations about Washington's spying come to light.

  • Justice denied again for Lynne Stewart

    The Federal Bureau of Prisons rejected the radical lawyer's appeal for compassionate release so she can battle stage-four cancer.

  • ¡Los derechos o la vida!

    Quienes defienden del Estado de vigilancia interna dicen que deberíamos aceptar la violación de nuestros derechos.

  • Give us your rights and no one gets hurt

    Defenders of the Big Brother surveillance state think we should accept it when our rights have been violated because the world is a safer place for it.

  • ¿Quién vigila al Gran Hermano?

    Vigilancia, represión y violencia no nos protegen de un mundo peligroso, al contrario, lo hacen mucho más peligroso.

  • Who's watching Big Brother?

    Surveillance, repression and violence don't protect us from a dangerous world. On the contrary, they help make the world much more dangerous.

  • The National Spying-on-you Agency

    The shadowy National Security Agency has been exposed to the light of day, showing the vast extent of U.S. government spying, at home and abroad.