Topic: State repression

  • I spy with all your little eyes

    The government's "If you see something, say something" policy has a long history, but it takes on a new meaning in the Internet era.

  • Not a laughing matter

    The conviction of a protester who laughed during Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing is symbolic of a wider crackdown on dissent.

  • Trump and the rise of the new McCarthyites

    His election has unleashed new right-wing forces in American universities at a time when left faculty were already under siege.

  • The Pentagon persecutes a political prisoner

    The U.S. Army's campaign to silence whistleblower Chelsea Manning goes on, but so does her supporters' calls for justice.

  • Arrested for peacefully protesting Israel

    Connecticut authorities overreacted to a small nonviolent protest at a synagogue, and now the activists need support.

  • Resolved to keep fighting

    An Occupy activist sentenced to three months in prison after her unjust conviction calls on supporters to "raise your hand."

  • Stand with Cecily McMillan

    The New School University Student Senate has spoken out in solidarity with a fellow student and Occupy activist.

  • El regreso de COINTELPRO

    Nuevas revelaciones demuestran que la represión estatal contra el activismo político de izquierda está lejos de ser una cosa del pasado.


    The latest revelations about the Big Brother spy state prove that state repression against left-wing political activism is far from a thing of the past.

  • Declaring war on dissent

    Activists respond to an editorial in the Chicago Tribune declaring that the NATO 3 deserve prison time for protesting.

  • Bring Lynne Stewart home

    Supporters of the unjustly imprisoned radical lawyer are calling for a holiday campaign to win her compassionate release.

  • Big Brother's world tour

    Whistle-blower Edward Snowden has provided the evidence to prove that the U.S. surveillance state knows no boundaries nor borders.

  • A birthday spent in prison

    In a statement to supporters on her 74th birthday, ailing and imprisoned lawyer Lynne Stewart calls for justice.

  • Justice means freeing Lynne

    An outpouring of support will be needed to win compassionate release for civil liberties attorney Lynne Stewart.

  • We stand with Howard Zinn

    Activists are planning to celebrate the life of Howard Zinn--in defiance of Purdue University President Mitch Daniels.

  • Free Chelsea Manning now

    Chelsea Manning is a heroine in the fight to expose the lies of U.S. imperialism--and the struggle against anti-trans discrimination.

  • Will they let her die in jail?

    A federal judge has refused a plea to release radical lawyer Lynne Stewart from an effective death sentence in prison.

  • Trying to intimidate a journalist

    In a new low for the war on civil liberties, the British government detained journalist Glenn Greenwald's partner for hours.

  • They're stealing Bradley Manning's life

    A military judge has found Bradley Manning guilty of almost every charge--but the real crime is locking up someone who exposed U.S. atrocities.

  • Bradley should be free

    Some 200 activists from various cities gathered in Washington, D.C., for a rally in support of whistleblower Bradley Manning.

  • Stand up for Bradley Manning

    Demonstrations are being planned worldwide for July 27 to show solidarity with whistleblower Bradley Manning.

  • Railroading Bradley Manning

    As a court-martial draws to a close, prosecutors are trying to make sure Bradley Manning will never be free again.

  • Resisting the Big Brother state

    The U.S. government has always tried to silence dissent--but the 1960s movements showed that even the most powerful state can be stopped.

  • Speaking out for Lynne

    Supporters of imprisoned radical attorney Lynne Stewart are planning a day of protest in Washington, D.C., and beyond.

  • On trial for exposing war crimes

    More than 1,000 people gathered at Fort Meade in Maryland to protest the court-martial of whistleblower Bradley Manning.