Topic: Rich and poor

  • Business should pay its fair share in Seattle

    A law in Seattle taxing Amazon and other big companies to pay for housing is a net gain — but it was needlessly watered down.

  • How to get mentally tough like the filthy rich

    Being rich is all a matter of having a "Tiger Mentality," according to one writer--in other words, the ability to steal candy from kids.

  • Tackling Trump on Tax Day

    Thousands turned out in San Diego to call for the rich to pay their fair share and for the government to fund our priorities.

  • Merry Capitalist!

    In this week's column, see how the other not-even-close-to-half buys their presents: Find a quisling to tell them what to get.

  • The occupation heard around the world

    Five years ago, Occupy Wall Street erupted onto the political landscape--and gave voice to the class anger brewing beneath the surface of U.S. society.

  • The canyon between the rich and the rest of us

    A new book by Michael Yates that takes stock of the human cost of inequality concludes that as bad as we think it is, the reality is worse.

  • Hey Zuckerberg: We don't want your charity

    The media's fawning over the charity of billionaires hides how such wealth is used to push the agenda of the wealthy and elite.

  • The rise of the 0.0001 percent

    Forget about the 1 Percent for a minute--let’s look at the filthiest of the filthy rich and see how they get their wealth.

  • The looting class and its hoarded gold

    Corporate America's profits keep reaching new records--yet we're told all the time that there's no money for living wages or quality public schools.

  • A socialist takeover at Gravity Payments?

    What's behind the decision of one Seattle CEO to raise salaries at his company to a minimum of $70,000 a year?

  • Lies about the poor living large

    Politicians claim food stamp recipients are living it up on meager benefits--and using that as an excuse to make deep cuts.

  • The greatest heist in history

    The growing gap between the rich and the rest of us isn't being caused by some mysterious market force, but an old-fashioned one: theft.

  • The 1 Percent gets 1 Percentier

    You know inequality must be at epic levels when, in the debate over the Obama administration budget, even Republicans say it's a problem.

  • This won't be another playground for the rich

    A viral video of a soccer field confrontation has revealed the growing resentment and resistance to gentrification in San Francisco.

  • A tale of two paychecks

    For Pam Davis, working at Walmart meant always worrying about the next bill. For Rob Walton, owning Walmart means never worrying about anything.

  • Inequality and the unfree market

    Inequality isn't an unfortunate evil of an otherwise fair system, but the necessary outcome of an evil system with organized theft at its roots.

  • Let them eat 1.6 percent

    Meager wage increases for New York City workers have the pundit class alarmed about the city's excessive generosity.

  • The re-return of Karl Marx

    The media may grudgingly admit that Karl Marx's analysis of capitalism was correct in certain ways. But the point for Marx was to change it all.

  • Snapshots of inequality

    Capitalism produces inequality by definition--but the neoliberal era has turned the gap between rich and poor into a Grand Canyon.

  • The measures of inequality

    A new book examines how the economic distance from the bottom of society to the top has grown ever larger.

  • El estado de una unión desigual

    Barack Obama habló sobre la desigualdad en su Estado de la Unión, pero él es también responsable por un sistema que sirve a los ricos.

  • Will the rich reform themselves?

    Progress toward equality under capitalism will come from fighting against the rich and their policies--not appealing to them.

  • Haves and have-nots in Over-the-Rhine

    The Peoples' Coalition for Equality and Justice is fighting gentrification in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

  • State of the unequal union

    Barack Obama will talk about inequality in his State of the Union speech, but he's as responsible as any Republican for a system that serves the rich.

  • Life and death for the homeless this winter

    The frigid weather this month put millions of people at risk--but there's another man-made danger compounding the cold this winter: Poverty.