The streets of Washington, D.C., were filled for the Women's March (Mobilus In Mobili | flickr)

The lessons we draw from a year of resistance

One year after the Women's Marches, the left needs to take stock of what strategies will help build the opposition against Trump--and what won't.

Picked off by the right wing

George Ciccariello-Maher's resignation is a chilling reminder that the war on left-wing voices is taking a toll and needs to be fought.

Clinic defenders find our voice

Dozens of pro-choice activists turned out to defend a Seattle clinic, despite the attempts of Planned Parenthood to discourage them.

Never forget Nagasaki

I traveled to Japan to apologize, especially to the Hibakusha--the word for survivors of the atomic blasts during the World War II.

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What's wrong with Trump?

Some liberals and leftists focus on Trump's mental stability, but that risks deflecting attention away from his reactionary politics.

Sick of a shithole president

Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore | Wikimedia Commons)

Trump's racist outburst has further disgusted millions of people--but we need an alternative to waiting on the Washington system to do something.

Stepping up the war on weed

Trump's attorney general has announced a new offensive in a failed war--a plan to go after states that decriminalized marijuana.

The sad story of Sloppy Steve

What a pleasure it's been to watch Steve Bannon's decline from political mastermind to a pathetic nobody begging for forgiveness.

The phony "populist" delivers

The Republican tax cuts to benefit business and the rich make it crystal clear that Trump's "populism" was as much a con as Trump University.

What we learned from #MeToo

Three Socialist Worker contributors take stock of what #MeToo has accomplished in the last several months--and where it could go from here.

Focus: Justice for Siham

Siham Byah was stolen away

A 40-year-old single mother and longtime freedom fighter in Boston was deported without warning shortly after Christmas.

Why am I in this cell?

Siham Byah speaks at a rally for Palestinian rights in Boston (International Socialist Organization-Boston | Facebook)

Read excerpts from letters by Boston activist Siham Byah while she was held in terrible conditions at ICE facilities before her secret deportation.

I need my mom and my family

The 8-year-old son of a detained Boston activist makes a heartbreaking appeal to the authorities who took his mother away.

Justice can't be temporary

As we fight for Temporary Protected Status for Salvadoran and Haitian immigrants, we also need to challenge the program's limits.

We stand with Ravi Ragbir

Supporters sprung into action in support of a leading New York immigrant rights activist after he was detained at an ICE check-in.

Fighting so we can all breathe

After a New York City cop murdered her father in 2014, Erica Garner threw herself into the struggle and became one of our most powerful voices.

How can they be left to freeze?

As temperatures plunged during the "bomb cyclone" storm, residents of at least 18 New York public housing complexes had no heat.

Too cold to learn in Baltimore

A Baltimore City Public Schools parent tells the story behind recent photos of children seen suffering in freezing classrooms.

Dying from despair

Prescription pill bottle (Charles Williams)

For the second year in a row, life expectancy in the U.S. has declined as a result of the deep social crisis that is stalking the country.

A struggle built on solidarity

The fight to win a single-payer health care system with access for all is one of those issues that can mobilize millions of people.

Greed caused a deadly fire

The deadliest fire in recent New York City history was the result of weak regulations that put the profits of landlords ahead of tenant safety.

A fight for Ahed and Palestine

The fight for Ahed Tamimi and her family has become a lightning rod for the struggle to win justice for all Palestinians.

Silicon Valley robber barons

Like their Gilded Age predecessors, today's tech billionaires use their wealth and power to wring profit from workers in the U.S. and around the world.

The crisis before the crisis

When a UN official investigating poverty toured the U.S., a scholar had this to say about the dire conditions in Puerto Rico.

A fight to reopen their schools

The president of a Puerto Rico teachers' union explains how educators are protecting schools in the aftermath of the hurricane.

The causes of Haiti's suffering

The people of Haiti have been resilient in the face of all that the West has inflicted on them. It is Trump who is a living obscenity.

Union busting, Russian-style

Russian labor activist Alexei Etmanov leads a demonstration of autoworkers through St. Petersburg  (MPRA | Facebook)

The Russian state is attacking a major trade union, claiming that it is a "foreign agent" as a pretext to legal moves to dissolve it.

How did Eduardo García die?

Eduardo's friends and comrades are calling for solidarity to put pressure on Mexican authorities to investigate his assassination.

The new resistance in Iran

An Iranian-American socialist explains the bitter grievances driving the protests shaking Iran's rulers--and what is needed to sustain and expand them.

Israel persecutes a family

Join supporters of Ahed, Nour and Nariman Tamimi in demanding their release from arbitrary detention by the Israeli authorities.

Labor takes stock in Ontario

An inspiring strike by union faculty at Ontario's Community Colleges was halted by legislation, but the fight is far from over.

A loud message of opposition

Argentina's right-wing government faced massive protests when it attempted to drive through an attack on the pension system.

Iran's exploding radicalization

What began as a small protest in northeast Iran against price increases has spread into a rebellion that is rocking the government.

Does revolution still matter?

The question of revolution isn't about the distant final climax, but how we understand our power today--and what the society we're fighting for looks like.

The King they won't celebrate

Martin Luther King delivers his "Beyond Vietnam" speech at Riverside Church in New York City

In the final years of his life, Martin Luther King presented a radical critique of U.S. society and campaigned for fundamental and far-reaching change.

The Man in Black at Folsom

Fifty years ago, Johnny Cash played two concerts at Folsom Prison that changed music and cemented his place as an advocate for the oppressed.

The fable of localism

A former ski coach and radio personality living in rural Vermont is the unlikely hero of climate activist Bill McKibben's novel.

Seems they'd rather lose

What does it say that several hopeful NFL franchises decided to tank the season rather than sign Colin Kaeperick to a contract?

Their silence about Ahed

The way Western pundits and the media are treating the actions of Ahed Tamimi is rooted in Islamophobia and racism.

The main nuclear enemy

The U.S. has no morally defensible right to impose its will on any nation--whether with military force, sanctions or negotiations.

Rivalidad imperial en Yemen

Una competencia imperialista, impulsada por Estados Unidos y las potencias regionales en Medio Oriente, está causando una catástrofe en Yemen.

#MeToo sacude a Washington

La renuncia de seis miembros del Congreso, luego de ser acusados de agresión sexual, puede ser sólo el comienzo, así como la atención se centra en Trump.

Acto de crueldad sin oposición

El recorte de impuestos republicano no se trata solo de enriquecer a los ricos, sino que está calculado para castigar a la clase obrera y a los pobres.

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