Taking a stand at Standing Rock

Army Corps deadline looms at Standing Rock

Water protectors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline face an eviction order after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers capitulated to the Trump regime.

Old message, new president

Thousands rallied in Union Park, the site of Chicago's mega-marches 10 years ago, as part of a national "Day Without Immigrants."

The "right to work" onslaught

With Republicans lawmakers buoyed after Trump's election, what will it take to push back against their war on unions?

An NBA revolt against Trump

With every tweet, Trump sends people--even NBA players who might never have thought about politics--into the streets.

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A life-changing experience | Planting seeds of change in many fields | Violence and the impact on people | Will conservatives protect the planet?

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The History of Black America

Read Socialist Worker's series on the history of the African American struggle in the U.S., from slavery through Jim Crow, civil rights and Black Power, up to the present day.

Trump and the alt-right

Donald Trump likes to think he not only won an election, but has "built a movement." And he has--just not the way he thinks.

Trump's "voter fraud" fraud

Clockwise from top left: Stephen Miller, Donald Trump and Steve Bannon

Trump's false claims of voter fraud are being used to scapegoat the undocumented, but immigrant rights supporters are sending a message of resistance.

Back to the drawing board?

The federal court rejection of Trump's ban on Muslims is a victory for the protests against him--but don't trust that this White House will give up.

One thing Trump got right

Trump finally made a factual statement, and politicians across the spectrum are livid that he told the truth about U.S. imperialism.

Has science gone rogue?

The resistance to Trump among scientists targeted by his reactionary agenda raised an old question about politicizing science.

"America First" and planet last

Expect Trump to lead a charge to abandon climate change accords, drop enforcement of environmental regulations and ramp up energy production.

Two amazing Americans!

Donald Trump (left) and Frederick Douglass

President Trump was right about Frederick Douglass--he has done an amazing job and is recognized for it everywhere he goes!

Picking a supreme reactionary

Neil Gorsuch would continue the awful legacy of former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and his crackpot doctrine of "originalism."

Neglect caused this emergency

The evacuation of 180,000 people from an area in northern California shows the human cost of America's crumbling infrastructure.

Building pro-immigrant power

The National Assembly held by Movimiento Cosecha called for a May 1 "Day Without Immigrants" as part of a year of resistance.

Discussing the way to justice

Advocates for reform of the criminal justice system held a meeting in New York to talk about strategies to confront new challenges.

It won't change until it's faced

I Am Not Your Negro is a personalized history of the civil rights and Black Power era, through the words of James Baldwin.

The mighty blow of democracy

Weeks before the uprising against the Tsar, the Bolsheviks agitated for a one-day strike with the aim of advancing workers' power.

Where capitalism came from

We're taught that capitalism is natural and built into "human nature," but things look different without the green-tinted glasses.

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Being visible is crucial | History and the Women's March | A long shot is better than no shot | Russia deserves more scrutiny

What stopped Yiannopoulos?

Accurately describing protests and the effect of different tactics is needed to formulate a strategy for the new political period.

What we mean by violence

When people say "property damage is not violence," their intentions are largely correct, but I don't think it's a useful formulation.

Un mundo que ganar

Dado que el capitalismo es un sistema internacional, la lucha de la clase obrera para superar el capitalismo también debe ser internacional.

Contra Trump y Peña

Los trabajadores estadounidenses y mexicanos tienen un interés común en unirse para resistir a los presidentes que dirigen ambos países.

Protesting Trump and the right

Lessons of our counterprotests

Our success in mobilizing against the antis outside Planned Parenthood clinics points to issues we need to address to resist the attack on our rights.

Bringing it all together

An organizer of the anti-Trump protest that occupied the Columbus airport reflects on the lessons of that day for struggles to come.

Our voices have to be heard

Pro-choice protesters in Boston on February 11 showed why we have to continue arguing to confront the anti-abortion bigots.

Standing up to deportations

The wave of ICE raids across the country has created widespread fear in immigrant communities, but also defiant resistance led by young immigrants.

This is about choice--and more

Supporters of Planned Parenthood rally at City Hall in Portland, Maine

Reproductive justice means not just the right to abortion, but the right to raise children and be able to meet their basic needs.

A walkout against Trump's ban

Hundreds of New York high school students walked out of class to protest Trump's ban targeting them, their friends and families.

It was right to confront bigotry

All over the country, thousands turned out at Planned Parenthood clinics to show their support for choice--and counter anti-abortion groups.

An abortion rights emergency

It's time to stop apologizing--we have to say loudly that we support abortion services and we'll take a stand to keep them available.

A crackdown on protest rights

Trump's right-wing admirers around the U.S. are trying to blunt protests against him by proposing new laws explicitly designed to curtail dissent.

Make OU a sanctuary campus

Seventy people calling for Ohio University to proclaim itself a sanctuary campus were arrested for occupying a university building.

Bodega owners against the ban

New York City's Yemeni storeowners closed their delis across the city to protest Trump's ban targeting people from Muslim countries.

What happened in Berkeley?

Students at UC Berkeley protest far-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos

A participant in the protest against a far-right leader at UC Berkeley comments on some of the debates that have taken place since.

Why is Columbus rising up?

The eruption of protest in Ohio is exciting for what it says about the present--and, even more so, what it can mean for the future.

Our answer to the intimidators

In my experience as an abortion provider and a clinic defender, a pro-choice presence at the clinics makes all the difference.

Can the center hold in France?

France's presidential campaign has been dominated by news of the right's surge, but this month brought more positive news.

Against Trump and Peña Nieto

Mexican and U.S. workers have a common interest in resisting the right wing presidents who run their two countries.

Smacked down by Trump

When it comes to persecuting refugees, Donald Trump has nothing on Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

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