Marxism Day Schools | November 2016
Yusef Salaam is led into court as a defendant in the Central Park Five case

Marked for death by Trump when he was 15

A member of the Central Park 5 talks about being the target of a witch hunt for a crime he didn't commit--something Donald Trump still won't admit.

The NYPD executed Deborah

A 66-year-old woman with schizophrenia is the latest victim of a police department and a health care system that put her last.

Unraveling the founding myths

A book that examines myths about Native Americans and U.S. history associated with them couldn't come out at a better time.

Witness to Hungary's revolt

Sixty years ago, Hungarian workers rose up in defiance of intense repression and challenged the Stalinist dictatorship.

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Hiding Clinton's rotten agenda

Donald Trump proved once again in the final presidential debate that he's the secret weapon...of the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Just the Trump of the iceberg

Donald Trump (Alex Hanson)

As more women come forward about being abused by Donald Trump, the harassment faced by millions of others is coming to the surface.

What will she do without him?

Clinton looks likely to win after a campaign based on being the not-Trump candidate, but that dynamic won't change when she takes office.

Calling for prison justice

Prisoners at the Merced County jail in California ended a hunger strike after officials agreed to consider several demands.

Seattle's anti-racist dress code

A Seattle teacher talks about how the Black Lives Matter at School Day came about--and the confidence and energy it will bring to future struggles.

Why are police the priority?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to add 1,000 more police to the force--but more cops aren't a solution to the city's violence.

Bringing BLM into the schools

Thousands of Seattle teachers are wearing Black Lives Matter shirts today in a historic workplace demonstration against racism.

A critique of anti-anti-racism

Rather than a distraction from confronting class inequality, movements against racism are part of building opposition to capitalism.

Oakland band's loud message

The honors band from Oakland schools kneels as they play the national anthem at an Oakland Athletics game (Oakland Unified School District)

Members of an honor band from Oakland schools explain why they took a knee during a performance of the national anthem.

Crackdown at Standing Rock

After a federal appeals court refused to halt construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline, the energy giants are intensifying repression.

How the CTU took on Rahm

The prospect of teachers walking the picket line forced Mayor Rahm Emanuel to make concessions on many, though not all, of the union's demands.

Alternatives to punishment

Activists at a Seattle conference on transformative justice strategized about how to replace today's punitive "justice" system.

Across the color line

The author of a newly published book about political thinker W.E.B. Du Bois explains why his legacy remains relevant today.

Dario Fo's comic mysteries

Italian left-wing playwright Dario Fo never stopped challenging authority, mocking the powerful and championing workers.

Opposing war and dictatorship

An "antiwar" alliance has formed to protest the U.S. empire, but it excuses the crimes of the Syrian regime and its Russian backer.

Saudi Arabia inflicts a horror

Western governments, including the U.S., have to be held responsible for the role they play in the growing death toll in Yemen.

Will the left hear Aleppo's cry?

In the face of a humanitarian horror, a part of the U.S. left wants to absolve Assad and Russia of their crimes in Syria--and blame only the U.S.

U.S. steps up its role in Yemen

The idea that the U.S. has only now entered into war on Yemen in reaction to unprovoked attacks on its warships is absurd.

Check the age of that refugee

UK officials say that refugee children are welcome, but only after their teeth have been checked to make sure they're really kids.

The student struggle resumes

A mass student meeting at the University of Cape Town (Tony Carr)

Students in South Africa are fighting another round of tuition increases--and facing repression from the ANC government.

Finally, the king is dead

Thailand's king, who died last week, was an enemy of democracy and a symbol of naked class oppression.

Neutrality is not an option

The Modern Language Association should not hesitate when a living, breathing struggle against colonialism asks for our support.

In defense of Christoph Glanz

Israel's attack machine is again attempting to smear a pro-Palestine activist by hurling false charges of anti-Semitism.

When Occupy raised its voice

Five years ago, Occupy Wall Street erupted onto the political landscape--and gave voice to the class anger brewing beneath the surface of U.S. society.

Who's the lesser evil in 1968?

President Lyndon Johnson (center) with Defense Secretary Robert McNamara (right)

A classic from socialist Hal Draper argues that the continual questioning of "Who is the lesser evil?" is a disaster for the left.

Shallow ups and deeper downs

Marxist economist Michael Roberts argues that the cause of economic crisis lies at the heart of how the capitalist system operates.

Sorry not sorry

This week's column is--of course--a mostly Trump special edition, along with a list of sorry excuses for human beings.

Time to boycott the Democrats

The pressure is on to support the "lesser evil," but activists shouldn't have to vote for Democrats who work against them.

Views in brief

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Views in brief

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