Left: A downtown street in Tehran; right: Donald Trump

Trump wants to inflict misery on Iran...again

The U.S. government is poised to reimpose devastating economic sanctions on Iran — and the price, as before, will be paid by ordinary Iranians.

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Business should pay its share

A law in Seattle taxing Amazon and other big companies to pay for housing is a net gain — but it was needlessly watered down.

Will CUNY voices be heard?

CUNY's student government stopped a vote on divestment from Israeli apartheid after receiving a barrage of "anonymous" e-mails.

Impact of Washington’s war

The authoritarianism of the Ortega-Murillo regime in Nicaragua owes as much to the violence of the U.S. as Ortega’s inclinations.

Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization
International Socialist Review |
The History of Black America

Read Socialist Worker's series on the history of the African American struggle in the U.S., from slavery through Jim Crow, civil rights and Black Power, up to the present day.

Greed, sleaze and shakedowns

More revelations from the teetering Trump tower of corruption--about fixer-lawyer Michael Cohen--reveal a deeper corrosion of the political system

Rebellion of the teachers

How teachers got from A to Z

A rank-and-file educators group in Arizona led a statewide strike within months of forming. What can we learn from their success?

The unity N.C. teachers need

Two North Carolina educators discuss how today's one-day work stoppage was built and how to seize the moment and fight for more.

We need a "blue state" revolt

Education workers and students rally to demand school funding in Los Angeles (SEIU Local 99 | flickr)

Teachers and students in big cities endure the same kind of awful conditions and drastic cuts that sparked the educators' rebellions in red states.

Schools can't take these cuts

Teachers, parents and community members are rallying in Milwaukee against drastic budget cuts--and pledging more action.

#RedForEd vs. Cuomo blues

The New York City teachers' union doubled down on its losing strategy of kissing up to Democrats and kicking down at anyone who wants another way.

Why N.C. teachers are walking

Three North Carolina educators explain how and why the red state teacher rebellion is coming next week to the Tar Heel State.

Amazon puts its profits first

The Seattle City Council is voting on a plan to tax the city's wealthiest businesses--but Amazon has been fighting it tooth and nail.

This bill won't stop trafficking

New legislation claiming to protect victims of sex trafficking instead further criminalizes and marginalizes sex workers.

Profiled on campus

Lloyd Skanahwati Gray (left) and Thomas Kanewakeron Gray were racially profiled at Colorado State University (Lorraine Kahneratokwas Gray)

The racial profiling of two Native American brothers on a college tour in Colorado illustrates an ugly legacy of racism.

Solidarity after the storm

When a Black neighborhood in Greensboro was devastated by a tornado, immigrants turned out in force to help residents rebuild.

They're sick of understaffing

Hundreds of people turned out for a march by UVM Medical Center nurses who are fighting for a contract that meets their needs.

Showing who makes UC run

Striking workers at the University of California take to the streets of downtown Berkeley (AFSCME 3299 | Facebook)

Some of the lowest-paid workers at the University of California sent a powerful message with a three-day, statewide strike.

Whatever it takes at UVM

Nurses at University of Vermont Medical Center are fighting for a contract that gives them--and their patients--what they need.

Working in for grad educators

Graduate educators at UW are fighting for a university that doesn't try to leech money from students while paying workers less.

Charting a path on identity

Asad Haider makes the case that socialists can emphasize opposition to oppression and still recognize the centrality of class struggle.

The villains are the stars

The movie Avengers: Infinity War expands on the Marvel universe--and on longstanding debates about overpopulation and villains.

Emotion picturing resistance

Janelle Monáe's album and accompanying film are beautiful explorations of what it is to be a queer Black woman in America.

israel and Palestine

A new chapter of the Nakba

Left: Palestinian protester wounded in Gaza; right: Benjamin Netanyahu and Ivanka Trump at the opening of the U.S. embassy

As Israelis celebrated the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, soldiers carried out a massacre of Palestinians demanding the right of return.

A history of ethnic cleansing

The expulsion of Palestine's indigenous Arab population 70 years ago is still disputed. So here, once again, are the facts.

Return of the regime changers

After a decade in exile, militaristic foreign policy extremists have returned to power under Trump--and they're driving toward a catastrophic war.

Driving the world toward war

A member of the Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists analyzes the frightening impact of the U.S. pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran back in the crosshairs

Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal is a dangerous escalation that threatens the lives of millions in the region and throughout the world.

Our socialism is international

Marching against the bombing of Afghanistan in San Francisco in 2001 (Josh On | SW)

If our goal is democracy, equality and an end to oppression, then opposition to empire and nationalism has to be at the center of the struggle for socialism.

They can't crush the struggle

Police in Puerto Rico, following orders from on high, attacked a May Day march against austerity measures imposed on the island.

Don't let them export testing

Puerto Rican teachers are opposing attempts to impose a disaster-capitalist approach to schooling that includes high-stakes testing.

South Africa's new revolt

A South African socialist explains how the massive marches against changes in the country's labor laws came together.

A course for Québec solidaire

Delegates from all regions of Quebec came together for the last meeting of Québec solidaire before the election later this year.

The shape of Brazil's resistance

A Brazilian socialist discusses the political situation after Luiz Inácio da Silva's ouster and the challenges for the left.

The bosses' tax-cut blackmail

When companies say they won't invest unless they get lower taxes, they are using their economic clout to blackmail society.

A tyrant who switched sides

Protests erupted against the Nicaraguan regime headed by Daniel Ortega, the former revolutionary who today orders repression.

Labour needs to inspire voters

Local elections in Britain didn't produce another triumph for the Labour Party and leader Jeremy Corbyn. So what happened?

1968: Revolution hits Europe

Tens of thousands pour into the streets of Paris in May 1968

The uprising of workers in France during May 1968 produced the largest general strike in history, with 9 million workers occupying their workplaces.

What the rebels taught Marx

Marx's writings on India were sometimes badly mistaken, but his focus on struggle eventually got him on the right track.

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