Featured Coverage of Inauguration Weekend

Protesters pour into streets during the Women's March on Washington

Donald Trump has made America protest again

A torrent of humanity flooded through cities around the country to express their anger at Donald Trump--but also their joy at finding one another.

Setting out the left agenda

A panel discussion on the night Trump took power focused on the threat he represents and the status quo that got us into this mess.

Populism with a price tag

Trump says he's giving power back to the people, but those "people" are the super-rich who footed the bill for his inauguration.

Seeing the real Donald Trump

The first actions of the Trump administration proved that he couldn't care less about the "ordinary people" he claims to speak for.

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The History of Black America

Read Socialist Worker's series on the history of the African American struggle in the U.S., from slavery through Jim Crow, civil rights and Black Power, up to the present day.

From hope to cynicism

Obama's stature will grow with each passing day under his successor, but the fact is his presidency paved the way for Trump.

Socialists in the time of Trump

Socialists on the march at the People's Climate March (Ashley Smith | SW)

Thousands of people are asking whether it's time to join the socialists in order to resist Trump--and the system that gave rise to him in the first place.

No experience required

Betsy DeVos, Trump's choice for secretary of education, is a pro-charter conservative who wants to gut public education.

The real election sabotage

The same politicians and media outlets shouting about Russian hackers are ignoring obvious evidence of racist voter suppression.

Pushing sexism to the fringe

The face of sexual assault and contempt for women is also the face of the next president, but the anti-sexist majority can send Trump a message.

Did the Russians do it?

The allegations of Russian interference in the presidential election have caused a number of strange flip-flops in U.S. politics.

Everywhere but in the mirror

The revelations from hacked DNC e-mails didn't lose the election for the Democrats. Their neoliberal, pro-corporate, anti-worker policies did.

A racist in charge of our rights?

Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions fields questions during his Senate confirmation hearing

Donald Trump calls his attorney general choice Jeff Sessions a "world-class legal mind," but world-class racist is more like it.

Who gets to take on Trump?

Meryl Streep challenged Donald Trump at the Golden Globes and sparked a debate about celebrities speaking against injustice.

Rahm's false cures for violence

The solution to Chicago's gun violence tragedy isn't more policing or tougher laws, but reversing neoliberal policies and confronting racism.

It's time to free Leonard Peltier

The final push is on to get Barack Obama to free Indigenous activist Leonard Peltier after 40 years ago of unjust incarceration.

Left off Cuomo's tuition plan

Plans for a scholarship to make public higher education free for some students doesn’t go far enough to provide what we deserve.

Momentive strikers speak out

Striking workers at Momentive Performance Materials went to New York to rally at the offices of the company's hedge fund owner.

The other America

Martin Luther King marches for striking sanitation workers in Memphis on March 18, 1968

A speech King gave three weeks before he was killed focused on issues of racism, poverty and war that are still with us today.

Myth of the leaders and the led

Are people products of their society or shapers of it? Or both? The first installment of our "User's Guide to Marxism" provides some answers.

Waking up from the dream

In Strangers in Their Own Land, sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild shares what she learned from researching Tea Party backers.

La solidaridad derrota al odio

Necesitamos construir una resistencia contra Trump entre todos aquellos que tengamos un interés mutuo en luchar unidos.

Standing up to the right

It's up to us to resist Trump

We pledge to do everything in our power to make sure the inauguration protests mark not the high point, but the starting point of the anti-Trump resistance.

What is Turning Point USA?

This recently formed right-wing campus group says it wants a "dialogue," but what it really wants is to spread its bigoted ideas.

Solidarity grows in Brooklyn

The newly initiated Bay Ridge for Social Justice group mobilized a dynamic and family-friendly march on MLK Day.

We made the Nazis back down

Neo-Nazis canceled a planned armed march on Martin Luther King Day in Montana, after antiracists made their opposition clear.

Taking on alt-right hate

Students at UC Davis protest the far-right celebrity Milo Yiannopoulos (Jay Gelvezon | The Aggie)

Student protesters at the University of California-Davis shut down a reactionary speaking event led by Milo Yiannopoulos.

The resistance must continue

Our side is the majority, and we have the power to stop Trump's agenda, but it will require that we get organized and fight back.

Why solidarity can trump hate

To build a resistance to Trump, we need a spirit of united struggle among the majority of people who have a common interest in fighting together.

A climate of crisis and uprising

What's happening in México is a result of an accumulation of outrages committed by the regime of President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Behind the attack in Jerusalem

Israel's apartheid regime is the root cause of the truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem in early January.

Turkey turns to the iron fist

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is using the pretext of last year's coup to purge one-time allies from the Turkish state and repress a range of opponents.

Recover the Pakistani activists

Famed poet Salman Haider was among several left-wing people who have disappeared this month in Pakistan.

Why was BDS beaten?

Marching in Washington, D.C., for Palestinian rights (Stephen Melkisethian)

Opponents of Israeli apartheid were defeated in voting on resolutions by the Modern Language Association's Delegate Assembly.

A glimpse of a better world

"Working" to provide meals to the water protectors at Standing Rock protest camps didn't feel like work at all, and here's why.

Tribute to John Berger

The ways John Berger saw

The left-wing critic and author dedicated his life to illustrating how art has the potential to matter in the struggle for a better world.

Berger's unfinished business

John Berger made the questions of art seem worth grappling with as part of grappling with the questions of the world we live in.

The nature of demonstrations

Demonstrations express political ambitions before the political means necessary to realize them have been created.

Views in brief

The left response to an assault | More factors in Chicago's violence | What the hacked e-mails showed | Give Obama some credit

Cynical uses of hacking claims

Why should we unquestioningly believe claims that Russia was attempting to throw the 2016 presidential election to Trump?

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