Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The unpopularity contest

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump might be the most disliked and distrusted politicians ever to face off in a presidential election.

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Black activists owe no apology

The Vision for Black Lives statement from Movement for Black Lives has been met with a slew of criticism from Zionist groups.

A timely takedown of Clinton

Doug Henwood's My Turn is a valuable tool to help radicals expose Hillary Clinton's militaristic, pro-corporate agenda.

The Podemos challenge

Spain’s political terrain has being reshaped by the left-wing party Podemos, but its model of organizing has led to challenges.

Studying with the master

Turns out that scholars had found a lot to despise about Donald Trump back when the reality TV star was mugging for the camera.

How Clinton killed welfare

Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton destroyed the federal welfare system--and millions of working people have been paying the price ever since.

Her America's not great for us

Hillary Clinton's economic proposals look a lot like the policies of Bill Clinton's administration--and that's not good news for workers.

Why the cops want a fortress

Hundreds came to a Seattle City Council meeting to demand that officials halt plans to build a multimillion-dollar police station.

If the risk is low, let them go

The battle to get New York state to release aging prisoners took a tragic turn with the suicide of 70-year-old John MacKenzie.

Anger boils over in Milwaukee

Protesters confront police following the murder of Sylville Smith (Tory Lowe)

The death of yet another Black man at the hands of police, this time in Milwaukee, touched off nights of rebellious protests demanding justice.

Standing up at Standing Rock

Native and environmental activists are protesting a pipeline project that would run right through the heart of Indian country.

A horrific murder in Queens

An immigrant community is in shock after the murder of a mosque leader--and they blame Donald Trump for a climate of hate.

The life of an old Bolshevik

Alexander Shlyapnikov (left) talks with Clara Zetkin outside a session of the Third Congress of the Comintern in 1921

A recent book on Alexander Shlyapnikov contributes much to our understanding of the Russian Revolution and its aftermath.

When King braved Chicago

Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King turned the attention of the civil rights struggle to the North--and endured hostility and hatred.

Swinging through colonialism

Though historically jumbled, The Legend of Tarzan raises the horrific reality of genocide committed by the colonial powers.

No bote su voto, hágalo contar

En noviembre, usted puede ceder al miedo y votar por Hillary Clinton para detener a Donald Trump, o puede votar por el futuro que quiere.

Independiente del estatus quo

Sin su propio partido y representantes políticos, la clase obrera permanecerá subordinada al sistema de bipartidista.

No entre partidos capitalistas

El sistema político estadounidense se basa en un acuerdo institucional en el que sólo dos partidos son presentados como opciones legítimas.

Between the rich and the rest

A new book by Michael Yates that takes stock of the human cost of inequality concludes that as bad as we think it is, the reality is worse.

Kashmir must have freedom

Kashmiris injured by Indian occupation troops (Kashmir Global)

A Kashmiri activist explains the backdrop to the latest outbreak of political unrest--and its brutal repression by the Indian occupiers.

Striking the "gig" economy

Deliveroo workers in Britain won a victory that will be relevant across the world to workers in the so-called "sharing economy."

Its legacy lasts after the Games

Vila Autódromo may have suffered mass displacement because of the Olympics, but it also became a symbol of resistance.

Montreal hosts the WSF

The World Social Forum in Quebec in August was the first held in the Global North, but turnout was lower than expected.

Putting Egypt up for sale

An Egyptian revolutionary writes from prison about the meaning of the military regime’s “gift” of two islands to Saudi Arabia.

Breaking the siege of Aleppo

The people of eastern Aleppo celebrated after rebels broke through the siege imposed on them by the Syrian regime and its allies.

How South Africa voted

After local elections, South Africa's African National Congress is licking its wounds--but the left has very little to celebrate.

Egyptian workers need support

A group of Egyptian workers in Alexandria are facing sentencing in a military court for standing up for better working conditions.

Afraid of their own party

Opponents of Labour's left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn are highly unpopular, so they've resorted to underhanded maneuvers.

The Fight for a Socialist Future

The hidden history of socialism

Members of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers on the picket line in 1915

Knowing our history will allow a new generation of socialists to benefit from the experiences of those who have struggled before them.

Solidarity and socialism

The interest in socialism on display during this election year wasn’t born of an academic interest, but comes from the deepening social crisis.

Who they don't send to prison

The 1 Percent needs a crude and violent system to maintain extreme inequality and contain protest and dissent.

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