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An overloaded UPS facility

Back to the 19th century

The holiday season means big profits for UPS--and grueling working conditions for employees, including a 70-hour workweek for drivers.

The slavery horror in Libya

Horrifying reports about the sale of captured Black African migrants in Libyan slave auctions have sparked international outrage.

The Nazis next door

A New York Times puff piece on a neo-Nazi that attracted well-deserved criticism shows the strategy of the racists to try to normalize their presence.

Protesting a racist at UConn

Hundreds of anti-racists mobilized to protest an alt-right provocateur who was invited to speak on the topic "It's OK to Be White."

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Cyntoia Brown should be free

Attention is finally being paid to the case of a sex trafficking victim sentenced to life in prison for shooting a man in self-defense.

Message from part-time faculty

On the picket line for part-time faculty at Columbia College (Kristen Kelley | SW)

Part-time faculty went on a two-day strike at Columbia College in Chicago--with students and full-time faculty by their side.

Sound theories

A new book explores how musicians have sometimes acquiesced to the world around them--and sometimes challenged and even changed it.

One nation under the Bible?

The Green family has a specific brand of Christianity that it is trying to push--and it's using a new "museum" in order to do it.

A colossal act of cruelty

The Republicans' tax cut legislation isn't just about making the rich richer--it is coldly calculated to punish the working class and the poor.

Grad workers fight tax plan

On more than 50 campuses, graduate students organized walkouts, grade-ins and rallies to protest the GOP tax plan that targets higher education.

Taking a toll on the internet

The actions of the FCC are about to give a few powerful companies unprecedented control over our access to online content.

The clock is ticking on DACA

Thousands march to defend DACA and immigrant rights in Los Angeles (Molly Adams | flickr)

Trump's cruel decision to phase out DACA by March is causing chaos for undocumented youth--and bringing important movement debates to a head.

A DREAMer fights for others

The Republican tax heist is overshadowing another tragedy: the fear of DACA recipients and their families facing an uncertain future.

Hurricane-force neoliberalism

The destruction, both natural and man-made, following this fall's hurricanes shows how international elites are prepared to exploit catastrophes.

Left with tiny scraps of land

A British socialist writes about what he saw in the West Bank during a trip organized to forge solidarity between communities.

Self-organization in Catalonia

The Committees for the Defense of the Republic are giving organizational form to demands for self-determination in Catalonia.

Melbourne to Milo: Get out!

Hundreds of anti-racist protesters defied police to demonstrate against right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos in Australia.

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The politics of the ISO

Where We Stand: The Politics of the ISO

In this extended series of articles on the politics of international socialism, Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of Marxism, looks in detail at the ISO's "Where We Stand" statement.

The Russian Revolution of 1917
Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization
International Socialist Review |

The current issue of the ISR features an article by Sharon Smith on "States of inequality: Political polarization and the US working class." For that and more articles on socialist theory and practice, go to the International Socialist Review website.

Tying up a weak watchdog

If Trump and the Republicans get their way, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be gutted by its new acting director.

Turning their back on refugees

The latest victims of Trump's cruel policies are Haitian refugees of the 2010 earthquake with temporary status to live in the U.S.

The stoppable Donald Trump

No one should downplay the damage Trump and Co. have done, but the left should keep in mind the moments when they didn't get their way--and why.

Big Pharma profiteer at HHS

Donald Trump has nominated yet another corporate swamp creature, this one to run the federal agency overseeing public health.

Solidarity halted a deportation

Riaz Talukder (second from left) celebrates with family and supporters after leaving ICE headquarters (Kisha Bari |

There are important lessons to learn from the successful fight to stop Riaz Talukder from being taken from his family and community.

The Amazon bidding wars

Some of the cities that swiped public money to build sports stadiums are now vying for Amazon's second corporate headquarters.

No more work until we're paid

Some 300 workers at a construction site in Istanbul have stopped working because they haven't received their salaries for months.

No fracking sand in our port

Climate justice activists have constructed an encampment at the Port of Olympia in an effort to help halt toxic fracking practices.

Their big lies about socialism

In response to revived interest in socialism, right-wing ideologues are recycling old slanders about communism. What does today's left have to say?

A day to give thanks?

A drawing depicting the myth of the first Thanksgiving

The myths about the "first Thanksgiving" are meant to sanitize history and turn the conquest of the Americas into a benign national origin story.

U.S. complicity in a genocide

Recently released documents provide new and damning evidence of Washington's role in the slaughter of communists in Indonesia.

Alfombra roja para el imperio

La inesperadamente tranquila conducta de Trump durante su gira por Asia oscurece la militarización en marcha ya por años.

El parable Donald Trump

Sin minimizar el daño que Trump ha hecho, la izquierda debe prestar atención a aquellos momentos en que ellos no pudieron salirse con la suya.

De la denuncia a la resistencia

Con jugadores de la NFL y víctimas de asalto sexual, estamos viendo el comienzo de lo que puede convertirse en una resistencia duradera.

Island of portable generators

A socialist in Puerto Rico describes daily life after Maria--on an island that has become completely reliant on portable generators for electricity.

When abusers make the rules

The House of Representatives

The #MeToo moment has come to Capitol Hill--revealing a system that protects the harassers and abusers, and silences women who report them.

Emin Şakir must be freed

A member of the Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party in Turkey was arrested for having socialist material on a website.

Business warms to Corbyn?

With Theresa May's Tory government in perpetual crisis, left-winger Jeremy Corbyn is getting support from unexpected quarters.

A peace prize that's deserved

For once, the Nobel Peace Prize went to an ideal recipient this year: the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

Australia's state violence

The violence that the Australian state used against refugees in the Manus prison camp was repeated on the streets of Melbourne.

Lebanon in the crucible

The surprise resignation of Lebanon's prime minister is the latest sign of a brewing conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran on various battlefields.

The Klan's hateful history

The Ku Klux Klan demonstrates in Washington, D.C. during the summer of 1925

The Ku Klux Klan has sown racist terror for 150 years, but a new book focuses on one of the three distinct phases of its existence.

An NFL owners' holiday insult

In having the Washington football team host a Thanksgiving game, it's as if the NFL wants to have a joke at all our expense.

The red convicts of Cherm

An American journalist in Russia during the revolution describes a visit to a penal colony that was transformed by workers' power.

Read SW's series on the Russian Revolution, which began 100 years ago today.

The final act of the revolution

By October 1917, the unstable situation of dual power--the workers' councils versus the Provisional Government--came to a head.

The legacy of 1917

The conclusion to Socialist Worker's series on the 1917 Russian Revolution discusses the lessons for revolutionaries today.

Find a list of articles from the full Socialist Worker series on Russia 1917.

If not Corbyn, then what?

The question that left-wing critics of British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn need to answer is: What else is there?

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