Chicago's teachers show their unity during a sit-in (Bartosz Brzezinski)

Ready to strike for Chicago's schools

Chicago teachers have authorized a walkout and set a mid-October strike date in a show of determination to defend their jobs and public education.

Exploiting an epidemic

A society that wants to stop drug addition needs to deal with its root causes--not simply shame and punish drug users.

A new but familiar battle

The broken treaties of the past are an important part of the climate justice battle at the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation today.

They lost votes and still won

Vladimir Putin's government is facing more social discontent, but that wasn't expressed in a federal election with very low turnout.

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Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization
The Russian Revolution of 1917
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The current issue of the ISR features Joel Geier and Lee Sustar's feature "World economy: The return of crisis." For that and more articles on socialist theory and practice, go to the International Socialist Review website.

Shooting Trump in a barrel

Trump proved in the first debate that he's an egomaniac and serial liar, but Hillary Clinton can't seem to give people a reason to vote for her.

Can Clinton stop Trumpism?

It's the latest one-two punch of lesser evilism: One, Trump could win. So two, you better vote for Clinton, or we're all doomed. But is it true?

Still fighting for our lives

The Dakota Access Pipeline project is tied to the historic theft of Sioux lands--and so the resistance must learn that history.

They're fighting for all of us

Labor and activist groups around the country and globe are declaring their solidarity with anti-pipeline protesters in Standing Rock.

Labor must oppose the DAPL

Sending solidarity to Standing Rock from Oakland, California (Peg Hunter)

Unionists and social justice activists are urging the AFL-CIO to reverse its shameful support for the Dakota Access Pipeline.

We can't drink oil

SW rounds up reports of solidarity actions around the country in support of the struggle to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Cops, racism and cover-ups

The killing of 13-year-old Tyre King is part of a pattern of police abuse that goes on because there is no fear of consequences.

The protest that rocked sports

Colin Kaepernick's act of protest by taking a knee during the national anthem set off an earthquake--and the reverberations are still being felt.

Charlotte erupts in anger

Demonstrations and tear gas have filled the streets of North Carolina's largest city each night since the police murder of another Black man.

We blocked the bunker

Seattle activists won a victory when officials announced that they would postpone a plan to build a massive new police station.

Keeping secrets for the NYPD

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to keep secret the disciplinary records of officers who commit acts of police brutality.

The Tribune of the oppressors

Chicago teachers, transit workers and community members march for a just city (Bob Simpson)

The Chicago Tribune says that the Chicago Teachers Union strike authorization vote was undemocratic, but consider the source.

Gutting the Labor Center

The UMass administration wants to cut the budget and force out left-wing faculty at the prestigious Labor Center in Amherst.

Changing the World 101

An unprecedented number of students and young people are going to socialist meetings at campuses across the U.S. this fall.

Solidaridad con Standing Rock

La Organización Internacional Socialista apoya a la tribu Sioux de Standing Rock y su resistencia contra un nuevo oleoducto.

¿Puede Clinton parar a Trump?

Es el nuevo uno-dos del mal menor: Uno, Trump podría ganar. Dos, mejor votar por Clinton, o estaremos todos condenados. ¿En serio?

The can't-catch-up economy

Commuters make their way to work through morning traffic

The media seized on a Census Bureau report to declare that "America got a raise" in 2015--but a closer look at the numbers tells another story.

Their deal won't bring peace

A group of antiwar activists are speaking out against the U.S.-Russia "peace deal" for Syria that has only intensified the suffering.

Stereotypes and scapegoating

Bombings in New York and New Jersey and a mass stabbing in Minnesota have kicked off a new cycle of fear, confusion, bigotry and political opportunism.

A cease-fire that increases war

The U.S. and Russian cease-fire agreement in Syria--if it holds--is a plan to escalate violence and repression, not achieve peace or justice.

What did Berlin tell us?

Germany's once-dominant major parties are continuing to lose voters--and the far right looks like it will be the main beneficiary.

The battle is over...for a bit

A new challenge to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was announced about three minutes after he was declared the winner.

Who failed Calais' refugees?

Refugees in a French camp face desperate overcrowding and scarcity because of official inaction in France and Britain.

Can Corbyn survive the coup?

A British socialist explains what's at stake in the vote that will decide if left-winger Jeremy Corbyn will be the leader of the party.

From defiance to solidarity

Supporters of the shipyard workers rally in Alexandria

Shipyard workers in Egypt are still waiting for a verdict in their military trial--but a defense campaign is winning wider support.

Duterte's death toll on the rise

The Philippines' new president has a horrific record, but his spat with Barack Obama had some on the left pulling their punches.

BDS won't be silenced

Palestine solidarity activists are confronting the latest incarnation of McCarthyite attacks on their movement: the Canary Mission online blacklist.

"Fee speech" isn't free speech

DePaul University is trying to shut down a socialist student group by requiring it to pay for security guards to "protect" its meeting.

Marx was her personal tutor

A recent biography of Eleanor Marx explores a life steeped in the political debates and struggles that defined her time.

From the archives

The 99 Percent finds its voice

Tens of thousands march as part of the Occupy Wall Street protest (Eric Hart)

Five years ago, activists took over Zuccotti Park, near New York City’s financial center--and the Occupy Wall Street movement was born.

Our long shared nightmare

Any politician who refuses to recognize the problems with the status quo we endure is incapable of working to end them.

Intergalactic imperialism

Star Trek's vision was one of tokenism and co-option in support of exploitation and imperialism--not any kind of "socialism."

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