White supremacists, led by Matthew Heimbach (right) vandalize the Towson University campus

Campus crusade for hate

Get ready: The right wing--from pro-Trump College Republicans to well-dressed reactionaries to outright fascists--is coming for your college.

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We won't let them silence us

Students and faculty at Ohio University are responding to a new administration policy that effectively forbids political activity.`

Prejudices of a moral panic

Poor women already face obstacles raising their children, but they're being put under greater scrutiny, especially over drug use.

Striking for their own pensions

Workers who handle health care and pension funds for several Seattle-area unions find themselves in a fight for their own benefits.

United against hate in Syracuse

A new coalition calling itself Syracuse United Against Hate has united to prepare for opposing far-right mobilizations.

Recovery that puts people first

After disasters like Katrina and Harvey, we need an approach that puts survivors ahead of the profiteering of disaster capitalists.

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Series: The Russian Revolution

In 2007, Socialist Worker marked the 90th anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917 with a yearlong series outlining its course and consequences. Get started with the first article in the series here.

Make DePaul a real sanctuary

Providing a welcoming environment for undocumented students should include doing everything possible to challenge ICE.

Madison stands up for DACA

Protesters rally in the Wisconsin state Capitol building to defend DACA (Ken Love)

A march led by undocumented students took over the Wisconsin State Capitol building in Madison in a spirited show of defiance.

Outrage against DACA repeal

People across the U.S. turned anger at the repeal of DACA into action at quickly organized protests, sit-ins and walkouts.

We stand with the DREAMers

Trump was roundly criticized for his attack on immigrant youth--but the even more important response was a storm of protest across the U.S.

Taking on the right

In defense of anti-fascism

Following last month's rallies against the far right, there has been a flurry of liberal critiques of the violence of...the anti-fascists.

The far right fails in Portland

More than 1,000 well-organized protesters successfully prevented the far right from making a comeback in the Pacific Northwest.

The right won't intimidate us

Provocateurs from the far right at UC-Berkeley are attempting to monitor and disrupt meetings of leftist groups.

Solidarity is the solution

Students at Cal State Fullerton in southern California are confronting right-wingers who want to bring Milo Yiannopoulos to campus.

Obstructing anti-racist speech

The Bay Area Rally Against Hate turned out thousands (Josh On | SW)

In Berkeley, the right has used "free speech" as a cover for its violence--and powerful liberals are letting them get away with it.

The real threat in Berkeley

A deluge of denunciations of Antifa and the Black Bloc followed in the wake of the anti-fascist mobilizations in the Bay Area.

The right won't go unopposed

Far-right extremists are again assembling in one of their target cities: Portland, Oregon. But counterprotests are being organized.

The cops vs. Michael Bennett

The Las Vegas police union is going all out to attack NFL player Michael Bennett after he spoke out about their abuse.

The war on affirmative action

Trump and loyal minion Jeff Sessions are taking aim at affirmative action programs for student admissions in higher education.

She was protecting a patient

The video of a nurse arrested for defending a patient's rights shows both the brutality of police and the threats nurses face on the job.

Native activists brutalized

Santa Fe police attacked Native activists protesting a city celebration of conquest, and local officials are backing the cops.

County workers deserve better

Union leaders canceled a planned two-day strike by San Diego County workers and are recommending approval of a weak deal.

Burlington's school showdown

Burlington teachers and their supporters on the picket line during the 2016 contract battle

Teachers in Vermont's largest city are set to strike this week unless the school board comes up with a fair contract.

Tax the rich to pay for schools

Under Connecticut Gov. Malloy's plan, state education funding would be cut by between 30 and 100 percent in many school districts.

Seattle's Housing for All fight

A new campaign is addressing the homeless crisis in Seattle--and demanding housing for all and an end to anti-homeless sweeps.

Por DACA y todo inmigrante

El desafío más grande contra el ataque de Trump no fueron las críticas liberales, sino la oleada de protestas a través de los Estados Unidos.

¿Qué hacer en Venezuela?

Así como el gobierno de Maduro se agrieta y la derecha continúa su ofensiva, la izquierda debe unirse tras una visión diferente del socialismo.

We the democracy

During a presidency when every week seems to produce a new outrage, we need to tear down the façade and set our sights on a fuller democracy.

The era of political whiplash

Every week--sometimes every day--brings a new outrage of the Trump era, but we can respond by building a left united behind solidarity and struggle.

DeVos turns back the clock

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos' plan to roll back Title IX protections is the latest in a series of insults to sexual assault survivors.

Unlearned lessons of Katrina

Two SW contributors who were trapped in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina consider the striking parallels with today's unnatural natural disasters.

Causes of the Eagle Creek fire

The forests of Oregon are ravaged by the Eagle Creek fire

The causes of a raging wildfire 45 miles outside Portland, Oregon, are human-made, but not in the way officials are saying.

We are not having a good time

The full tragedy of Harvey is still emerging, but what makes it all the more frustrating is that the decisions of those in power made it so much worse.

Climate chaos and capitalism

After Harvey and Irma, it's obviously time to talk about climate change, but it also needs to be a time to talk about capitalism.

Capitalism's flooded landscape

Texas' disaster has its roots in a system that affects the climate through global warming and the built environment through unchecked development.

From Our Archive

Heroes and sheroes of Katrina

SW contributors Larry Bradshaw and Lorrie Beth Slonsky were trapped in New Orleans by Katrina--their story, first told here, shocked the world.

In search of self-emancipation

Fulfilling a vision for socialism in Venezuela will require a struggle to ensure democratic control over society rests with workers.

Ethnic cleansing in Myanmar

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Myanmar have fled for their lives from barbaric violence directed by the military.

Floods devastate South Asia

Residents of rural Bangladesh attempt to escape deadly floodwaters

Intense rains in Bangladesh, India and Nepal have killed 1,400 people and left millions struggling to find shelter and drinking water.

"Science" that bolsters racism

Politicians may call fascists "un-American," but the "scientific" racism of eugenics was very much a made-in-the-USA dogma.

Raising the red lantern

In his history of the Russian Revolution, October, China Miéville brings together Marxist history and inspired literary writing.

Teachers turned Chicago red

Five years ago, the Chicago Teachers Union won a major strike victory against Rahm Emanuel--but today, teachers face battles on multiple fronts.

Fury of the oppressed at Attica

In 1971, prisoners at Attica came together in a revolt against atrocious conditions and oppression felt inside and outside prison.

The spirit of the Syrian people

Osama Alomar's book conveys the hope of the Syrian Revolution and the despair of the ongoing counterrevolution.

Series: The Russian Revolution

Read SW's series on the Russian Revolution, which began 100 years ago today.

Repression and resurgence

The period of reaction that followed the July Days was relatively short-lived, with the movement reviving in a matter of a month.

How Kornilov was defeated

In August of 1917, the Russian Revolution faced the threat of a coup. Defeating it depended on a mass popular mobilization.

Find a list of articles from the full Socialist Worker series on Russia 1917.

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