Donald Trump addresses reporters at a Carrier plant in Indianapolis

Saving jobs one corporate giveaway at a time?

Trump's Carrier deal shows how he will pose as a defender of jobs--unless unions offer a way forward by fighting the bosses instead of bribing them.

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An Islamophobic progressive?

Tulsi Gabbard has a reputation as a liberal, but her defense of reactionary causes proves she has more in common with Trump.

The far-right threat at Purdue

When fascist flyers appeared on the campus of Purdue University, it spurred protests and a flurry of anti-racist organizing.

Cynically using anti-Semitism

A recent bill that sailed through the U.S. Senate purports to target anti-Semitism, but its actual goal is to silence critics of Israel.

The beginning of Hoffa's end?

The recent election in the Teamsters union didn't unseat the old guard's James P. Hoffa, but it left him discredited and vulnerable.

Two poles of an evil duopoly

Democrats and Republicans aren't identical, but they're tied together--and the rise of one conditions the eventual rise of the other.

Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization
The Russian Revolution of 1917
International Socialist Review |

The current issue of the ISR features an article by Bill Mullen on "Standing Up to the Zionist Backlash Against BDS." For that and more articles on socialist theory and practice, go to the International Socialist Review website.

How we got the sexist-in-chief

Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore)

The Trump campaign gave voice to some of the most backward ideas in society--but the truth is there wasn't a voice for our side in November.

What's wrong with a recount?

The Green Party's Jill Stein has attracted a lot of attention--and criticism--for pushing for a basic element of democracy integrity.

Already sounding the retreat

One Democrat after another, starting with Barack Obama, has called on Americans to support Donald Trump because we're "on the same team."

Time for socialist organization

People radicalizing now not only have to stand up and be counted against Trump, but figure out what alternative they are going to organize for.

The Trump emergency

Donald Trump's victory is a blow on so many fronts, but a new generation of activists has been coming into its own for years.

Standing up to the right

How we chased away the Klan

The Midwest Network to Stop the Klan was an example of successful anti-racist organizing in the 1990s that holds lessons for today's left.

We want a hate-free city

Queens residents gathered in Jackson Heights to declare a hate-free zone (Katie Honan | DNAInfo)

Hundreds of Queens residents responded to a recent spike in hate crimes by mobilizing to make their neighborhood a "hate-free zone."

Unity sends the KKK packing

At multiple demonstrations, anti-racists in North Carolina and Virginia turned out to oppose the racist hate of the Klan.

It didn't have to happen

The deadly fire at Oakland's Ghost Ship is blow to a community that has few places to go in a city where profit comes before safety.

Labor battles at Columbia

Faculty and grad workers at two Columbia University colleges are fighting for the protection only a strong union can provide.

Disrupting low wages

Low-wage workers in some 340 cities plan to take part in protests and strikes to call for a $15 an hour minimum wage and a union.

Keep the oil out of the pipeline

Activists in Olympia, Washington, staged a week-long blockade to try to stop fracking materials from getting to North Dakota.

Anti-Semitic friends of Israel

Why are Israel's right-wing leaders unfazed by the anti-Semitism of Donald Trump's advisers and the far-right parties of Europe?

Mixed up about the system

Trump supporters wait for their candidate to speak at a Michigan rally

Working people accept ideas perpetuated by class society at the same time as their lived experiences lead them to different answers.

Una movilización indígena

La mayor movilización indígena en más de un siglo se desarrolla hoy en Standing Rock, Dakota del Norte, en defensa del agua y del medio ambiente.

La Cuba que Castro creó

El futuro del más inequívocamente positivo aspecto del legado de Fidel Castro, la soberanía nacional de Cuba, es incierto.

La caída del PT, en diez puntos

Un activista socialista en Brasil explica cómo el otrora poderoso Partido de los Trabajadores ha perdido el apoyo popular que una vez tuvo.

The blizzard didn't stop us

A furious winter storm hit the Standing Rock encampments, but that isn't stopping the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Ready to do what's right

An Iraq War vet explains why she traveled to Standing Rock--and the special role that military veterans can play in this struggle.

How the water protectors won

SW contributors describe what they saw on a trip to Standing Rock as an announcement is made about the future of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Veterans deploy for justice

An Iraq War vet who joined water protectors opposing the Dakota Access Pipeline talks about why everyone needs to be a part of this struggle.

Obama's cowardly silence

Native activists call on President Obama to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline (Aime Lopez | SoCal 350 Climate Action)

The president's inaction in the face of brutality against the Standing Rock protesters shows the true priorities of his administration all along.

A smear against solidarity

There is no "Burning Man crisis" in Standing Rock, and we should be suspicious when police worry about the welfare of our camps.

Our day of mourning

The longtime Indigenous political prisoner reflects on his pride and sorrow as he sends solidarity to the struggle at Standing Rock.

Challenging a pipeline pusher

Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren is the ignorant and arrogant villain behind the Dakota Access Pipeline.

A new European crisis?

A referendum on the Italian constitution could trigger another political crisis for the EU and destabilize the financial system.

Why I parted ways with Fidel

Cuba was once my main political inspiration, but I came to recognize that Castro didn't represent the kind of socialism I stand for.

The Cuba that Castro created

The political system that Castro built didn't hesitate to use repression--not only against class enemies but to cement its power.

Assessing Castro's legacy

Fidel Castro

What held Cuban socialism together was Fidel Castro's incontestable authority and the unrelenting hostility of U.S. imperialism.

To the revolutionary students

As the first installment in a series to mark 100 years since Russia 1917, we publish a leaflet from Bolshevik-influenced students.

Gimme some DAPL

In this week's column, the Dakota Access Pipeline pushers get a rare chance to tell their side of the story.

Views in brief

Solidarity can win | Taking on the state at Standing Rock | Trump's misogyny is too common | Hitting Energy Transfer Partners in the wallet

The 18th Brumaire of Trump?

Only time and class struggle will tell if Donald Trump is able to succeed in establishing a 21st-century Bonapartism.

Views in brief

Castro's socialism and ours | Can America be great?| What passes for the "center" | Confused about the left

The contribution of students

Students and student activism still have a central role to play in any bid to oppose the system, especially on a local level.

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