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Teachers stand united during a nine-day strike in West Virginia

West Virginia put class struggle back on the map

The West Virginia teachers' strike inspired workers across the country--and only time will tell how far this wave of radicalization will spread.

How the spark became a flame

A teacher from West Virginia's Mingo County explains how their victorious strike came together and what lessons they will carry from it going forward.

Driven by a sense of inequity

A leader of the Oklahoma teachers' strike movement explains how the West Virginia teachers inspired his co-workers.

From Mingo to Manhattan

Three West Virginia teachers traveled to New York City to speak at a solidarity meeting in the wake of their strike victory.

What the teachers taught us

Understanding how West Virginia teachers won their strike will help labor activists looking to the challenges ahead for unions.

Your victory gives us strength

Teachers unions in Puerto Rico and Mexico sent congratulations and solidarity greetings to the victorious West Virginia educators.

Focus: News of the movements

Delta's anti-union propaganda

Delta Air Lines management has launched a new anti-union website to intimidate workers who are interested in unionizing.

Marching for women's rights

Protesters take to the streets of New York during the 2018 International Women's Strike

Activists marked International Women's Day around the U.S. with rallies connecting women's liberation to other struggles.

Democracy 1, War Machine 0

Given a rare say about whether to locally base the Pentagon's notorious F-35 fighter, voters in Burlington, Vermont, said no.

New this weekend

Puerto Rico teachers will strike for public schools

A one-day walkout by educators in Puerto Rico this Monday is a cry of protest against legislation that will devastate public schools.

Talking socialism in a red state

The West Virginia struggle reminds us that we socialists aren't "creating" radicalism, but joining people who are forging their own path toward it.

Into the streets for Marielle

Marielle died because of her fight, because she was Black, because she was a woman, because she dared to confront the system.

A walkout against gun violence

Students stage a walkout for gun reform in St. Paul, Minnesota (Fibonacci Blue | flickr)

Student walkouts around the U.S. on March 14 are an opportunity to take on the creeping militarization of U.S. society--starting with our schools.

Declaring war on sanctuaries

Recent raids in Northern California signal an escalation of the administration's attack on state and local sanctuary policies--but they are spurring protest.

Their plan to build profits

Trump's infrastructure plan won't repair our crumbling bridges nearly as effectively as it creates profits for investors.

Other Top Articles of the Week

A wake-up call for India's left

What does the victory for the right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party in the state of Tripura mean for India's left?

Berkeley's free speech struggle

A participant in the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley in 1964 discusses its lessons for today's struggle for free speech.

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The politics of the ISO

Where We Stand: The Politics of the ISO

In this extended series of articles on the politics of international socialism, Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of Marxism, looks in detail at the ISO's "Where We Stand" statement.

The Russian Revolution of 1917
Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization
International Socialist Review |

The current issue of the ISR features an article by Elizabeth Schulte on "The year of #MeToo: Pulling back the curtain on women's oppression." For that and more articles on socialist theory and practice, go to the International Socialist Review website.

What Russiagate tells us

Robert Mueller's investigation may or may not have found a smoking gun, but it's definitely exposing the sleazeballs of the Trump administration.

Not equal by any measure

International Women's Day will be marked by actions and events that set out the state of working women--but also look with hope to new struggles.

A #MeToo moment at UW

A struggle to hold a serial rapist accountable at the University of Wisconsin has finally ended with guilty pleas from the assailant.

Taking anti-racism into schools

Speaking out at the Making Black Lives Matter in Schools event (Gillian Russom | SW)

A "Making Black Lives Matter in Schools" event in Los Angeles focused on opposition to the district's policy of "random searches."

Standing in solidarity at Loyola

After a racist assault by campus police, hundreds of Loyola students are organizing to demand real change from administrators.

Is fair share fair?

One issue at stake in the Janus v. AFSCME court case is "fair share"--a concept that needs clarifying after the right's propaganda.

Is Marxism only about class?

Because struggles against exploitation and oppression shape each other in many ways, one can't be won without waging the other.

Solidarity at Blair Mountain

The West Virginia teachers gave us a lesson in class struggle, but their miner ancestors taught an equally defiant one a century ago.

Introducing...Eugene Debs

A new documentary pays tribute to one of the most famous socialists and union leaders in U.S. history: Eugene V. Debs.

It's been a long time coming

Clockwise from left: The Shape of Water, Frances McDormand at the Oscars ceremony, and Get Out

Change was most definitely in the air at the 2018 Academy Awards, and there's even more to come in Hollywood as a whole.

La doctrina del trauma en PR

Tras los huracanes, la crisis puertorriqueña ha alcanzado niveles catastróficos, pero la crisis no es nueva ni fue provocada por los huracanes.

¿Debido proceso o justicia?

La respuesta de Trump a la mujer golpeada por uno de sus subordinados fue redoblar su desdén por las mujeres que enfrentan a sus abusadores.

No aceptaremos la violencia

La ira estudiantil al tiroteo en la Florida está planteando preguntas sobre el militarismo, la paranoia y el fanatismo de la derecha estadounidense.

Rebellion of the teachers

Are Jersey City teachers next?

Teachers in Jersey City rally against threats of disciplinary action

Teachers' salaries in New Jersey are higher than West Virginia, but educators face the same attacks on their health care and dignity.

The teachers united triumph

West Virginia teachers celebrated a powerful victory in their nine-day, all-out strike following a struggle that reached into every corner of the state.

A revolt in "Trump country"

West Virginia teachers have some lessons to teach the whole labor movement--by putting militancy and left-wing politics at the heart of their strike.

Inside the teachers' rebellion

West Virginia teachers are continuing their statewide strike that is galvanizing people everywhere who support the cause of labor and economic justice.

How the teachers resisted

When union leaders announced a deal to end West Virginia's teachers strike, they weren't ready for a rank-and-file revolt.

How to solve the climate crisis

An Arctic "heat wave" in the middle of winter is the latest warning of an impending climate catastrophe. Can it be stopped?

The Middle East powder keg

Tensions and conflicts are intensifying in the Middle East as the major players, both regional and global, compete for influence.

Choices but no alternative

Commuters pass an election billboard on a Moscow highway

Russian socialists are calling for a boycott of the coming election, which is almost certain to re-elect Vladimir Putin to a fourth term.

Trapped in a web of violence

The Rohingyas in Myanmar face a terrible crisis that is a reflection of the intention of the regime to oust them from Rakhine State.

Psychiatric policing won't help

Among a lot of good discussions about gun violence is a reactionary call to take away rights from people with mental illness.

Desperation in Jersey City

The system is broken, and it was made that way not by teachers, but by the politicians. The "American Dream" is a joke.

Taking stock of a crash

What can Karl Marx and his economic writings tell us about the plunges of a volatile stock market in early February?

First, we need fewer guns

The left can't downplay a central point: Gun violence in the United States is so high due to the sheer number of guns in this country.

A limited concept of freedom

The anti-union drive behind Janus case illustrates the double standards of the system when it comes to "freedom of choice."

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