Protesting the far right: Reports from across the U.S.

Thousands flood the streets of Boston to protest the Nazis

How Boston turned the tide on the far right

Tens of thousands of people mobilized in Boston in a magnificent display of solidarity that sent the far-right and neo-Nazi forces packing.

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The Bay Area gets ready to confront the right

Anti-racists from all over the Bay Area and beyond are coming together to confront the right when it rallies in Berkeley August 27.

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Losing the battle and the war

The Democratic Party has continuously ceded ground on abortion rights. The left needs to take a different approach.

Don't glorify either war "hero"

By equating George Washington and Robert E. Lee, Trump wants to whitewash racism, but that doesn't mean we revere Washington.

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The History of Black America

Read Socialist Worker's series on the history of the African American struggle in the U.S., from slavery through Jim Crow, civil rights and Black Power, up to the present day.

Taking on the right

Action against the far right

Anti-racists mobilizing against the neo-Nazis in Berkeley are calling for a National Weekend of Solidarity on August 26-27.

Meeting terror with solidarity

Hundreds gathered in Chicago in solidarity with Charlottesville (Carole Ramsden | SW)

The right's deadly violence in Charlottesville sparked protests against the fascists and solidarity with the victims across the country.

Their hate won't go unopposed

As right-wing forces organize for another hate-filled protest in Boston, it's crucial for anti-racist activists to unite in opposition.

The rats and their ringleader

The racists who turned out in Charlottesville want to inspire terror--and they are being aided in their cause by the president of the United States.

Rallying for a bombed mosque

More than 1,000 people turned out to show their support for a suburban Minneapolis mosque that was bombed earlier this month.

No more Charlottesvilles

We have to continue to unite the struggle against right-wing racists to stop them before they are able to kill again.

Unite and fight far-right terror

Marching in Washington, D.C., in solidarity with Charlottesville, Virginia (Ted Eytan | flickr)

Charlottesville ripped the mask off the right to reveal what we face--but the angry response shows the potential for mass protest to defeat this cancer.

White (House) supremacists

If the far right has been emboldened to spew its bigotry, they have the racists of the Trump administration to thank for it.

Charlottesville: A call to action

The far right's rally in Virginia exposed the deadly truth about the bigots nurtured under Trump, but their hate is being met by a wave of solidarity.

A team turns out to protest

There is a pressing need for all of us to take a lead from the Bethesda Soccer Club and defend the rights of immigrants.

Students dump a racist symbol

South Burlington High School students faced a racist backlash in their fight to change the school's sports team name--but they won.

Maryland, oh my! Maryland

With Confederate monuments coming down across the South, it's time that University of Maryland got rid of its racist song.

Black Sacramento under attack

Developers have their eyes on Sacramento-- which has meant more police violence and higher rents for its most vulnerable residents.

The broke-on-purpose subways

The City Hall station of the New York City subway system opened in 1904

The starving of the transit system in the richest city in the world is as an indictment of a greedy and shortsighted ruling class.

Dayton teachers ready to strike

This Ohio city could see its first teachers' strike in 24 years as a battle over the conditions in public schools comes to a head.

Their power to cure the system

Most debates about health care in the U.S. ignore the people who have the most power to change the system: nurses and other health care workers.

Causes of the defeat at Nissan

On the march in Mississippi in support of the UAW unionization campaign (UAW)

The bitter defeat for the UAW at Nissan's giant Mississippi plant adds urgency to the question of how to organize the South.

Joining forces against NAFTA

As the U.S. gets set to reopen negotiations of NAFTA with Mexico and Canada, activists in San Diego are planning united resistance.

John Kelly is no "moderate"

Don't expect Trump’s new chief of staff to bring "nuance" or "moderation" to the White House--he's a fanatical reactionary.

Nuclear bully on the rampage

Donald Trump dramatically raised the danger of war by threatening "fire and fury" against North Korea, stunning regional allies and rivals alike.

Roots of the nuclear arms race

For decades, the world held its breath as nuclear-armed powers contemplated the annihilation of their rivals--and themselves.

Ten facts about the Iraq War

As Trump threatens new wars, it's worth remembering several things about the 2003 drive to war in Iraq--and the aftermath.

An anti-imperialist resistance

Donald Trump and senior military officials in Washington, D.C. (U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Brigitte N. Brantley | flickr)

Those who want to oppose Donald Trump and the right wing have to challenge not just their domestic agenda, but their program for U.S. imperialism.

Her uncompromising fight

Chelsea Manning has played a vital role in exposing the lies at the heart of U.S. wars and American imperialism.

A "lesser evil" in Venezuela?

The left approaches the crisis in Venezuela as a binary choice: with the government or the opposition? But there's another option.

The left response in Venezuela

A member of Marea Socialista provides a perspective on the conflicts and crisis in Venezuela from the vantage point of a left.

China's "one road" to power?

The global manufacturing powerhouse is rolling out its most ambitious and assertive economic initiative yet: One Belt, One Road.

We shouldn't narrow the fight

Too many supporters of "universalist" class politics argue as if working-class struggle is separate from struggles against oppression.

They don't give a flying f*#k

Airlines are cramming more and more passengers onto each flight

Flying the so-called friendly skies these days is an expensive, cramped, unhealthy and abusive experience--and the free market system is to blame.

Rebellion with a cause

A feature film about the 1967 rebellion in Detroit is marred by one-dimensional Black characters and overly sympathetic cops.

On the left sat the Bolsheviks

An eyewitness to the Russian Revolution describes how the Petrograd of the workers developed a different attitude to Bolshevism.

Read SW's series on the Russian Revolution, which began 100 years ago today.

Repression and resurgence

The period of reaction that followed the July Days was relatively short-lived, with the movement reviving in a matter of a month.

How Kornilov was defeated

In August of 1917, the Russian Revolution faced the threat of a coup. Defeating it depended on a mass popular mobilization.

Find a list of articles from the full Socialist Worker series on Russia 1917.

Unidos contra la derecha

La derecha mostró su asqueroso rostro en Charlottesville, pero la airada protesta masiva que le salió al encuentro nos muestra cómo derrotar a este cáncer.

Medicare para todos

Necesitamos una alternativa radical a Trumpcare y a Obamacare: un sistema de pago-único. El apoyo existe, pero ¿dónde comenzamos?

Indignados y valientes

Un grupo de inmigrantes indocumentados bloqueó el tráfico en Austin, Texas, para protestar contra una draconiana ley y para alentar la resistencia.

Listos para responder a ICE

La migra lo ha dejado bien claro que está a la caza de activistas, pero ellos están preparados para responder.

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