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Richard Collins III

This UMD student was murdered by the alt-right

Richard Collins would have graduated from college this month if not for a deadly attack that has everything to do with a rising climate of racism.

Brazil rocked by mass protest

A Brazilian socialist explains the sources of the mass protests that turned the tide against the right--and what they mean for the future.

It's not a crime to need help

Police in Columbus, Ohio, responded with force, not assistance, in two cases where people were suffering mental-health issues.

Looking to a fighting tradition

Denmark's impressive history of working class organization and struggle needs to be revived to fight austerity and xenophobia.

Making light of an epidemic

A new bar in Portland, Maine, is attempting to profit off of the opioid crisis with an "edgy" name and recycled Orientalism.

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Series: The Russian Revolution

In 2007, Socialist Worker marked the 90th anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1917 with a yearlong series outlining its course and consequences. Get started with the first article in the series here.

The duke of vote suppression

Donald Trump and Kansas Secretary of State Chris Kobach

Trump's choice to lead the Commission on Election Integrity, Kris Kobach, has years of experience—concocting and imposing racist voting rules.

Can Trumpty be put together?

Donald Trump's presidency unraveled to a spectacular degree in a matter of one week, but what happens next can't be left to official Washington.

Arrogance of total corruption

The bumbling of the White House during the Comey firing would be laughable if not for the frightening picture it reveals of how the administration operates.

The repeal and destroy mission

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump let an already disastrous health care bill get even worse in order to declare a legislative victory.

DePaul has the money to pay

The scholarship fund for undocumented students is a great idea, but why should it be funded by increased student activities fees?

ICE knows we're with Carimer

Carimer Andujar, an undocumented student at Rutgers, remains free after hundreds joined a rally outside the ICE office she was summoned to.

They can't be left to fight alone

An activist in the New Sanctuary Coalition of New York City talks about the struggle to stop deportations--including her husband's.

Grand theft workers' wages

McDonald's workers on the job in Milwaukee (Joe Brusky | flickr)

A new report reveals widespread wage theft in the U.S., highlighting one of the many ways companies make profits off workers.

An abortion-free Kentucky?

The attempt by anti-abortion activists to shut down the only remaining clinic in Kentucky is a dark sign of the right’s confidence.

Parents get rid of school bully

In a historic victory for parent and teacher activists, the abusive principal of Central Park East 1 in New York City has been forced out.

Hanford's toxic legacy

The emergency at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington state underscores why it's called "the most toxic place in America."

AT&T workers take a big step

Workers at AT&T Mobility picketed stores across the country during a three-day strike and learned fighting lessons for the future.

Solidarity with AT&T workers

AT&T workers on the picket line for a fair contract (Unity at AT&T Mobility | Facebook)

Some 40,000 CWA members in 36 states could hit the picket lines Friday in a battle over wages, incentive pay and outsourcing.

Unifying to resist Trump

Some 350 people protested Donald Trump's recent commencement speech at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut.

Pushing back the NY frackers

We Are Seneca Lake campaigners won an important victory in their years-long fight against fossil fuel expansion in New York.

¿Una nación de inmigrantes?

Estados Unidos tiene una relación contradictoria con sus inmigrantes porque sus empleadores necesitan para abaratar el costo laboral.

Taking on the right

How can we stop the right?

The right wing has focused its strategy for provocations and mobilizations on Berkeley. We have to respond with a strategy for large mobilizations.

The far right pollutes Boston

As many as 300 far-right goons rallied in Boston, waving the banner of "free speech" as a cover for spreading their vile message.

How we protected Jose

A determined campaign pressured a North Carolina city to drop charges against a teenager falsely accused of assaulting a police officer.

Stand with the hunger strikers

A U.S. solidarity organization joins workers across the world in standing with Palestinian prisoners who have been on hunger strike.

Resistance to a crackdown

Hunger strikers Nuriye Gülmen (left) and Semih Özakça (Sherry Wolf | SW)

A U.S. author describes the state of fear she encountered on a visit to Turkey--and the continuing protests against the regime.

The Tories aren't invulnerable

If Britain’s Labour Party mounts an activist campaign, it could be possible to turn the Tory tide, but we cannot be uncritical.

Are Zuma's days numbered?

The faltering popularity of South African President Jacob Zuma has provoked mass protests and growing talk of impeachment.

Justice for Miriam Rodríguez

Unionists, writers and academics protest the murder of a Mexican human rights activist and send solidarity to the ongoing struggle.

Venezuela at an impasse

While there is little debate that Venezuela has spiraled into a deep crisis, who's to blame is a far more controversial question.

Human rights leader murdered

The killing of a well-known opponent of state and drug-gang violence was designed to spread terror among those seeking justice.

Le Pen and the far right threat

Le Pen's campaign gave a frightening picture of modern fascism--and provides insight into the wider growth of the far right.

How they saw Lenin

Vladimir Lenin addresses a congress of the Communist International (George Sheklin | Wikimedia Commons)

The author of Lenin and the Revolutionary Party surveys the many evaluations of the best-known leader of the 1917 Revolution.

A system that entraps the poor

When it comes to child welfare, the effects of a racist and unequal system are always reduced to perceived individual failings.

The problems with Alinskyism

Under the Alinsky model, initiative remains in the hands of organizers and staff. But democracy is necessary to achieve change.

For peace...and new offensives

Two appeals by right-wing Russian socialists in May 1917 show how they couched support for war in the language of peace.

Read SW's series on the Russian Revolution, which began 100 years ago today.

Organizing workers' power

The workers' council system created in Russia in 1917 provided the platform for full democracy and liberation.

The revolt against the empire

How did the 1917 Russian Revolution affect the vast empire of oppressed nations that had been subjected to Tsarist rule?

Find a list of articles from the full Socialist Worker series on Russia 1917.

The Black Bloc and shortcuts

Changing the world will require patience and struggle, not adventurist and undemocratic spasms of violence.

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