• Inside the West Virginia teachers' rebellion

    West Virginia teachers are continuing their statewide strike that is galvanizing people everywhere who support the cause of labor and economic justice.

  • How teachers resisted a disappointing deal

    When union leaders announced a deal to end West Virginia's teachers strike, they weren't ready for a rank-and-file revolt.

  • The fight for our unions can't wait

    Union members and activists held rallies across the country to protest a legal assault on labor--but much more will be needed.

  • Labor's duty to confront the far right

    One disturbing feature of the growth of the far right has been its appeal to working-class voters, often in former industrial areas.

  • West Virginia teachers won't back down

    A high school teacher in West Virginia reports on the teachers' strike that shut down schools in all 55 counties across the state.

  • UIUC grad workers strike over tuition waivers

    Members of the graduate employees union at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are determined to win a fair contract.

  • What will it take for unions to survive Janus?

    Union members are mobilizing to protest the Janus case before the U.S. Supreme Court. SW asked three of our contributors about the stakes for labor.

  • West Virginia teachers hit the picket line

    Union teachers in West Virginia will begin a two-day strike to call for increased pay and a solution to rising health care costs.

  • Why did UC Berkeley police target a protester?

    A UC Berkeley student and Undergraduate Workers Union member tells what happened at a labor rally that led to an unjust arrest.

  • Seattle school bus drivers take on a bully

    The people who drive Seattle's children to school are facing a multinational corporation that won't provide health care or pensions.

  • First give bus drivers health care

    A Seattle educator explains the stakes for bus drivers who held a one-day strike in November against First Student.

  • Back to the 19th century at UPS

    The holiday season means big profits for UPS--and grueling working conditions for employees, including a 70-hour workweek for drivers.

  • Harvard's greed is showing

    Struggles to protect workers' and students' rights like the one at Harvard set an example of the kind of solidarity that's necessary.

  • Queens supermarket workers fight a lockout

    Meat and deli workers at four supermarkets in Queens and Long Island have been locked out after striking to demand a new contract.

  • DePaul's night guards need a living wage

    DePaul University night guards are planning a one-day strike, and students, faculty and staff are organizing to show their support.

  • When the teachers turned Chicago union red

    Five years ago, the Chicago Teachers Union won a major strike victory against Rahm Emanuel--but today, teachers face battles on multiple fronts.

  • High stakes in Burlington's schools showdown

    Teachers in Vermont's largest city are set to strike this week unless the school board comes up with a fair contract.

  • Squeezing San Diego county workers

    After months of working without a contract, members of SEIU Local 221 in San Diego County have authorized a strike.

  • Chicago auto mechanics reject a bad deal

    Striking mechanics at car dealerships around Chicago rejected the dealers' most recent offer and are standing firm on the picket line.

  • Dayton teachers are ready for a showdown

    This Ohio city could see its first teachers' strike in 24 years as a battle over the conditions in public schools comes to a head.

  • Causes of the union defeat at Nissan

    The bitter defeat for the UAW at Nissan's giant Mississippi plant adds urgency to the question of how to organize the South.

  • Spectrum strikers send a defiant message

    Workers and family members talk about the strike at Spectrum/Time Warner in New York and New Jersey, now in its fifth month.

  • These mechanics want to fix past concessions

    Some 1,700 auto mechanics in Chicago put down their tools and picked up picket signs, shutting down service at 130 dealerships.

  • What can turn the teachers' union around?

    West Virginia's history shows the potential for teachers to take action to better their conditions, rather than waiting on elections.

  • We are a sanctuary union

    A member of Teamsters Local 810 in New York explains how they passed a resolution declaring their local a "sanctuary union."