• Is the left saving the Democratic Party?

    Or more to the point: Should the left save the Democrats? Progressives are facing wrath from party leaders for their primary victories, but is it worth it?

  • Countdown to the new and improved SW

    Next week — on May 29 to be precise — SocialistWorker.org will launch a major renovation and upgrade of our website.

  • Our socialism is international

    If our goal is democracy, equality and an end to oppression, then opposition to empire and nationalism has to be at the center of the struggle for socialism.

  • The "subterranean fire" is blazing this May Day

    It's the best way to celebrate International Workers' Day: With strikes and protests by educators, in the best traditions of solidarity and struggle.

  • Will the Trump tower of corruption topple?

    Trump's legal troubles are getting serious, but scandalmongering isn't the way to challenge the Trump regime, nor his far-right shock troops.

  • Trump preaches honest work...for the poor

    As he comes under greater scrutiny for his sleazy and corrupt career, Trump is wheeling out all the old hypocritical lies to sell "welfare reform 2.0."

  • Why you need to be at Socialism 2018

    The Socialism conference in Chicago this July will be another urgently needed chance to discuss a way forward for the left.

  • Schools for struggle

    March was the month when U.S. schools became the epicenter of explosive protests that are teaching lessons for building a stronger resistance.

  • The meek-as-a-Lamb "opposition"

    If Democratic leaders get their way, millions of people who hope a Democratic Congress will put the brakes on the Trump blitzkrieg will be disappointed.

  • Fighting to be free from gun violence

    Student walkouts around the U.S. on March 14 are an opportunity to take on the creeping militarization of U.S. society--starting with our schools.

  • A working-class revolt in "Trump country"

    West Virginia teachers have some lessons to teach the whole labor movement--by putting militancy and left-wing politics at the heart of their strike.

  • Congress is still holding immigrants hostage

    The courts have stopped Trump from ending DACA for now, but Congress and the White House are still playing politics with millions of lives.

  • Would this White House ever believe women?

    The image of a woman battered by an aide not only had no effect on Trump--he doubled down on his smears against women who confront abusers.

  • Who will go bust in the Trumponomics casino?

    Trump's State-of-the-Union boasts about the economy were followed by a stock market plunge--but workers have even less to bet on from the GOP agenda.

  • The Democrats caved. Now we have to act.

    The Democrats proved they can't be trusted to stand up for immigrant justice--which shows we have to take this fight outside the political system.

  • Lessons from a year of resistance

    One year after the Women's Marches, the left needs to take stock of what strategies will help build the opposition against Trump--and what won't.

  • Sick of a shithole president

    Trump's racist outburst has further disgusted millions of people--but we need an alternative to waiting on the Washington system to do something.

  • #MeToo shakes the Washington elite

    The resignations of six members of Congress over sexual assault allegations could be the tip of iceberg, with new attention turning to Donald Trump.

  • Building resistance when the "opposition" won't

    The Democratic Party response to the GOP tax-cut heist has been some talk and no action--but no one should wait until 2018 to take a stand.

  • A colossal act of cruelty

    The Republicans' tax cut legislation isn't just about making the rich richer--it is coldly calculated to punish the working class and the poor.

  • The stoppable Donald Trump

    No one should downplay the damage Trump and Co. have done, but the left should keep in mind the moments when they didn't get their way--and why.

  • The vote against Trump and what it means

    The defeat of the Republicans in last week's elections can give people greater confidence to resist--and not just by casting a vote one day a year.

  • Why we remember 1917

    One hundred years ago, the final act of the Russian Revolution shook the world--by setting an example of mass democracy that still inspires today.

  • This party isn't gonna get any better

    Sanders' presidential campaign encouraged the idea that the Democratic Party could be "transformed"--but there are fewer signs of that than ever.

  • From breaking the silence to building resistance

    From NFL players taking a knee to the #MeToo statements about sexual assault, we’re seeing the steps that can lead toward a lasting resistance.