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  • A regime’s roots in Washington’s terrorist war

    The authoritarianism of the Ortega-Murillo regime in Nicaragua owes as much to the violence of the U.S. as Ortega’s inclinations.

  • Views in brief

    The AFT puts on the brakes | Why Nicaraguans are rising up | The FDA fuels opioid addiction | The reality of imperial withdrawal

  • Meeting adversity with resistance

    The Rochester Poor People's Campaign is showing how racism, poverty, militarism and ecological degradation are intertwined.

  • Guns and the suicide epidemic

    Suicide is the leading cause of gun deaths in the U.S., and it warrants attention in the discussion about stopping gun violence.

  • Views in brief

    What banning Kratom means to me | Israel's illegal annexation | Workers shouldn't be forced to give | Socialists should advocate for nuclear energy

  • Psychiatric policing won't stop gun violence

    Among a lot of good discussions about gun violence is a reactionary call to take away rights from people with mental illness.

  • Desperation in Jersey City

    The system is broken, and it was made that way not by teachers, but by the politicians. The "American Dream" is a joke.

  • Taking stock of the February crash

    What can Karl Marx and his economic writings tell us about the plunges of a volatile stock market in early February?

  • First, we need fewer guns

    The left can't downplay a central point: Gun violence in the United States is so high due to the sheer number of guns in this country.

  • The right wing's limited concept of freedom

    The anti-union drive behind Janus case illustrates the double standards of the system when it comes to "freedom of choice."

  • Forced out for standing up

    How can we defend workers who face retaliation from employers for standing up for their rights on the job?

  • How we make more of a march

    With the recent Women's Marches and beyond, it's up to socialists to be savvy about how we raise our demands.

  • Their silence about Ahed

    The way Western pundits and the media are treating the actions of Ahed Tamimi is rooted in Islamophobia and racism.

  • The main nuclear enemy is at home

    The U.S. has no morally defensible right to impose its will on any nation--whether with military force, sanctions or negotiations.

  • ICE abuses the legal system

    ICE is tearing our lives and communities apart, making the need to respond with organization more urgent than ever.

  • What will revive the left in Britain?

    Our readers' discussion about reform or revolution, and the future of Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn continues.

  • Reform, revolution and Jeremy Corbyn

    SW readers discuss the future of left-wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn--and the implications for socialists organizing today.

  • Who is for a neutral internet?

    The demand to maintain net neutrality, while positive, is limited, because the internet as it exists is fundamentally not neutral.

  • If not Corbyn, then what?

    The question that left-wing critics of British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn need to answer is: What else is there?

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    Bad actions at Goodwill | Clarifying our position on counterprotests | Bill de Blasio is just one man

  • How we oppose Trump's Muslim ban

    Travel bans foster Islamophobia and nationalism. The left should oppose them, not suggest they should be made consistent.

  • What we need instead of police

    We need problem solvers who treat the people they help as equals, not police who see a populace to pacify with "law and order."

  • For Catalan independence

    Marxists should defend self-determination and independence for Catalunya--and condemn the repression of the Spanish state.

  • How do we build for Medicare for All?

    We are in an exciting time in which the possibilities and challenges for Medicare for All have taken a qualitative step forward.

  • "Medicare for all" has to be for all

    Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All bill would leave people requiring long-term care in a lower tier, punishing those with disabilities.