Issue 701

  • Why is Leonard Peltier still in prison?

    Political prisoner Leonard Peltier's case belongs among the terrible travesties of the American "justice" system.

  • Republican freak show rolls on

    It's hard to imagine a world where the Republican Party wins elections again. But that depends on the performance of Barack Obama's Democrats.

  • Building a new left for a new era

    Pretty much everyone acknowledges that this is not only the worst economic crisis, but also the worst ideological crisis for U.S. capitalism since the 1930s.

  • The changing shape of struggle in China

    Riots and repression in China's Muslim West are one sign that the pace of protest has sped up--and that new social forces have joined the fight.

  • Battle against the coup makers heats up

    Hondurans are defying military repression to show their support for President Manuel Zelaya--and their determination to defend democracy.

  • Cause of death: An overcrowded ER

    At the emergency room where I work, during one weekend, two patients died for no reason other than the fact that they were poor and uninsured.

  • Worse than no bill at all

    New climate legislation relies on free-market solutions to preserve the environment, but the only thing it will preserve are corporate profits.

  • They can't separate us

    A member of the group One Struggle, One Fight talks about the importance of solidarity in the movement for equal marriage and LGBT equality.

  • Putting the movement on the streets

    A San Diego Alliance for Marriage Equality activist describes the organizing behind a sit-in the day after the California Supreme Court upheld Prop 8.

  • Stopped at the "Peace" Bridge

    After waiting on buses for two hours, it was clear to the Viva Palestina delegation that Egyptian authorities had no intention of letting them cross.

  • Finally free after 21 years

    In a long overdue victory, Ronald Kitchen and Marvin Reeves were freed from an Illinois prison on July 7 after nearly two decades behind bars.

  • The voice of Harlem radicalism

    Hubert Harrison, the Black socialist from the turn of the 20th century, was many things: author, editor, public speaker, educator and activist.

  • We won't wait for equality

    The author of the new book Sexuality and Socialism talks about the massive potential of the new LGBT civil rights movement.

  • Hit hardest by the jobs crisis

    The government's June jobs report shows there's no end of economic misery in sight for workers--and some groups are feeling the pain even more sharply.

  • UNITE HERE pushes back against SEIU

    Delegates at the UNITE HERE convention in Chicago plan to counter SEIU raids with greater union democracy and membership involvement.

  • Letting new voices be heard

    An activist from Seattle in the newly formed Queer Ally Coalition describes the radicalization he has witnessed in the struggle for LGBT rights.

  • A legal victory for the SF8

    Charges against four of the San Francisco 8 were dropped when prosecutors admitted that they didn't have enough evidence to go to trial.

  • We won't be taken for granted

    A leading activist in Join the Impact Massachusetts discusses organizing for LGBT rights in the Obama era.

  • Get Bloomberg out of our schools

    A multiracial group of 200 parents, teachers and students rallied in New York City against mayoral control of public schools.

  • Unions turn up the heat on AT&T

    A lively picket in Chicago June 27 marked the expiration of another union agreement at AT&T, with 130,000 union members now working without a contract.