Issue 703

  • The recovery is here! (for Wall Street, that is)

    The mainstream news is filled with happy talk about economic recovery--but that's not the reality for those of us who aren't Wall Street executives.

  • Revolt in Iran: Which side are you on?

    Sections of the U.S. left are backing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his drive to crush pro-democracy protests.

  • When war comes home

    A terrible spree of violence committed by soldiers based at Fort Carson in Colorado is casting a spotlight on the dehumanizing effects of war.

  • Putting the war in Afghanistan on trial

    Spc. Victor Agosto faced a summary court-martial last week for his refusal to deploy to Afghanistan--but to his supporters, it was the war itself that was on trial.

  • The story of Medicare

    The arguments that raged half a century ago in the lead-up to the founding of Medicare echo through to today's debate over health care reform.

  • Making excuses for health care non-reform

    The health care industry could never get away with selling the proposals masquerading as "reform" in Washington. That's what Democrats are for.

  • An injury to one is an injury to all

    The Industrial Workers of the World based itself on the idea of industrial unionism--of organizing all workers together, regardless of skills, craft, sex, nationality or race.

  • Opposing dictators and imperialism

    Anti-imperialists don't pick and chose what countries to defend against the U.S., but we also should not allow ourselves to ignore the nature of regimes like that in Iran.

  • The ugly truth of racial profiling

    If a famous African American academic can get hauled off to jail in minutes, what chance do working-class and poor African American men have?

  • The fight for LGBT equality on the job

    The newest version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act promises legal protection for LGBT people, but the future of this legislation is far from certain.

  • Nickelsville fights to survive

    A Seattle homeless community is asking for solidarity as it tries to keep from being evicted from the latest of many locations.

  • BART's do-nothing response to police murder

    Eight months after the deadly shooting of Oscar Grant III by a Bay Area Rapid Transit police officer, supporters are still demanding an independent civilian police review board.

  • Getting your class organized

    Patrick Finn's Literacy with an Attitude is essential reading for any teacher, student or parent interested in transforming the way children are educated.

  • A show of strength against Holiday Inn

    Activists gave the Holiday Inn a black eye on July 31 as 150 people gathered for a solidarity rally organized by UNITE HERE Local 2850.

  • Speaking up for single-payer in D.C.

    One thousand people rallied in Washington to demand single-payer health care on July 30, the 44th anniversary of Medicare.

  • Portland rallies for single-payer

    More than 100 labor and community activists rallied in front of Portland's Baghdad Theater on July 30 to demand a single-payer health care system.

  • Racism in the heart of a liberal haven

    Despite its local status as a liberal haven, Cambridge is no exception to racism in America.

  • Rallying against anti-LGBT violence

    Some 100 people gathered in New York City's Jackson Heights to protest recent attacks on two transgender women.

  • NYC teach-in for single-payer

    More than 100 health care activists gathered in New York City to organize for a single-payer national health care plan.

  • Pro-immigrant mural defaced

    In Chicago's largely Latino Pilsen neighborhood, a pro-immigrant mural was defaced by racist graffiti in late July.