Socialist Worker | September 2016

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Why Socialism Is the Answer

What we mean by revolution

More and more people--especially young people--say they're drawn to socialism. But how can socialism be achieved in a country like the U.S.?

Between the rich and the rest

A new book by Michael Yates that takes stock of the human cost of inequality concludes that as bad as we think it is, the reality is worse.

What will socialism be like?

There is no blueprint for a socialist future, but we know from the struggles of past that it will involve a vast expansion of democracy and freedom.

Election 2016

Beyond Bernie: What's next?

SW asked a half-dozen leading left writers and activists for their views on the Sanders campaign and its aftermath--and the tasks that face the left today.

The unpopularity contest

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump might be the most disliked politicians ever to face off in a presidential election, but there is an alternative.

It's her who should be ashamed

If you're still thinking outside the two-party box despite the slanders of the liberal shame machine, here are a few facts to throw back at the scolders.

Her America's not great for us

Hillary Clinton's economic proposals look a lot like the policies of Bill Clinton's administration--and that's not good news for workers.

The "neo" kind of liberal

Thomas Frank's new book shows that the Democratic Party sticks to business as usual because its leaders don't want anything else.

How Clinton killed welfare

Twenty years ago, Bill Clinton destroyed the federal welfare system--and millions of working people have been paying the price ever since.

History and Traditions

Radical Columbia

Though you wouldn't know it on the surface, Columbia University has a tempestuous history of resistance that shaped the campus in important ways.

Socialist Worker | September 2016

Racism and police

Why is there still no justice?

The dropping of charges against the cops who killed Freddie Gray begs the question: What will it take to hold police responsible?

U.S. streets become a war zone

In the "world's greatest democracy," police are increasingly indistinguishable from a heavily armed occupying army deployed by the Pentagon.

Why the cops want a fortress

Hundreds came to a Seattle City Council meeting to demand that officials halt plans to build a multimillion-dollar police station.


Anti-imperialism and Syria

The Arab Spring uprising in Syria has tested the left by posing a blunt question: Are you on the side of a dictator--or that of a popular uprising?


Is the CTU headed for a strike?

A battle between Chicago's budget-slashing mayor, a union-busting governor and determined teachers could lead to a second strike in four years.

Palestine solidarity

How do you stop a blacklist?

Opponents of the struggle for justice in Palestine are reviving the blacklist--with all its ugly history of political persecution and ruined lives.

Activist News

Standing up at Standing Rock

Native and environmental activists are protesting a pipeline project that would run right through the heart of Indian country.

Defending Portland's camps

Portland activists linked tenant struggles against evictions with a fight to end police sweeps of a local homeless camp--and won.