Socialist Worker | April 2017

Read the articles featured in this month's print edition of Socialist Worker. Articles not yet published at the website include: "A voice for socialism for 40 years."

No walls, no raids!

May Day is a day for solidarity

Immigrant rights organizations are joining with labor and other forces to build May Day into a show of strength against the whole Trump agenda.

Nothing less than full equality

Immigrants and their supporters have a chance with the coming May 1 protests to not only oppose Trump's crackdown, but declare what we're for.

Inflicting terror on immigrants

The Trump administration is speeding up the deportation machine--and ICE agents have been only too happy to embrace their racist marching orders.

ICE's war on labor organizers

People in Vermont are protesting a series of raids targeting immigrants whose only "crime" has been to fight for the rights of dairy farm workers.

Our history and tradition

Forty years of Socialist Worker

The first issue of Socialist Worker was published 40 years ago in April 1977, and the need for a revolutionary socialist press is still key today.

The tradition we stand in

Among the different ways of understanding socialism and Marxism, the ISO stands in a tradition summarized by Hal Draper as "socialism from below."

Movement News

The controversy at Middlebury

The disruption of a lecture by right-winger Charles Murray at Middlebury College has led to a firestorm of criticism and debate.

Feminism for the 99 percent

People around the U.S. marked International Women's Day with events designed to put working women's struggles at the forefront.

Labor Struggles

Rauner versus the people

State workers in Illinois voted to authorize a strike in the face of harsh austerity measures pushed by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Socialist Worker | April 2017

Trump's xenophobia

Victory 2.0 against the ban?

A revised Muslim travel ban was blocked hours before it was meant to take effect, but we need to remain mobilized to be sure it stays that way.

South Asians face wave of hate

The recent attacks on Indian-Americans are a new and deadly chapter in a long history of racism in the U.S. against immigrants from South Asia.

Trump administration

Is the economy great again?

The stock market has been on a tear since the election, but that doesn't mean the economy is poised for takeoff, with plenty of jobs, as Trump promised.

Environmental Justice

Has science gone rogue?

The resistance to Trump among scientists targeted by his reactionary agenda raised an old question about politicizing science.

Taking their fight to Trump

Thousands gathered for the Native Nations Rise events in Washington, D.C., focusing attention on the ongoing struggles for Indigenous rights.

History and Traditions

Why are there still famines?

Modern technology has made it possible to grow enough food to feed everyone in the world. So why is the UN reporting the worst famine since 1945?

Organizing workers' power

The workers' council system created in Russia in 1917 provided the platform for full democracy and liberation.