Socialist Worker | June 2017

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Trump and U.S. Politics

Can Trumpty be put together?

Donald Trump's presidency unraveled to a spectacular degree in a matter of one week, but what happens next can't be left to official Washington.

Trump's feeble "opposition"

Millions of people would love to see Donald Trump run out of office, and rightfully so. But the Democrats' cynical message is: Hey, not so fast.

They're punishing the sick

If Trumpcare becomes law, cancer patients like me could have to pay most of the cost of a house every year to get the treatments we need to stay alive.

Making tax cuts great-er again

Trump wants to give Corporate America and the rich tax breaks on par with Reagan's. The results will be equally devastating if he gets away with it.

Will they stand for something?

Democratic leaders think they can rely on the fact that they're not Trump to win back votes, but issues like abortion and health care actually matter.

Debates on the left

How can we stop the right?

The right wing has focused its strategy for provocations and mobilizations on Berkeley. We have to respond with a strategy for large mobilizations.

Hard facts about the "riot"

Police are to blame for escalating the chaos and violence in downtown Portland, but the street battle raises key questions for the left.

History and Traditions

How we won marriage equality

In just 10 years, same-sex marriage went from being a "wedge issue" for the right to a widely supported civil right--because of an ascending movement.

Building blocks of Socialism

This year's Socialism conference will bring together more activists and organizers than ever--which is why you need to be there.

The revolution gains strength

After the February Revolution, two powers existed in Russia--the Provisional Government and the workers' councils.

Socialist Worker | June 2017

Struggles in the Trump era

ICE knows we're with Carimer

Carimer Andujar, an undocumented student at Rutgers, remains free after hundreds joined a rally outside the ICE office she was summoned to.

The community stood for us

Two migrant labor activists detained by ICE describe how Trump is carrying out a political attack on the leaders of the immigrant struggle.

Parents get rid of school bully

In a historic victory for parent and teacher activists, the abusive principal of Central Park East 1 in New York City has been forced out.

How we protected Jose

A determined campaign pressured a North Carolina city to drop charges against a teenager falsely accused of assaulting a police officer.

Trump's favorite sheriff

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is under increasing scrutiny because of the execution-by-dehydration of a mentally ill man behind bars.

Labor Struggles

AT&T workers take a big step

Workers at AT&T Mobility picketed stores across the country during a three-day strike and learned fighting lessons for the future.

New school, old union-busting

The New School, a private college in New York with a progressive reputation, is trying to block student workers from unionizing.

Movement News

Speaking climate truth in D.C.

The Peoples Climate March in Washington, estimated at 200,000 strong, was the centerpiece of a day of protest for the planet.