Socialist Worker | July 2017

Read the articles featured in this month's print edition of Socialist Worker. Articles in the print edition not yet published online include: "Detroit's Great Rebellion of 1967."

Fight the right, build the left

Building for the future and now

For the first time in decades, the left has a chance to become a force in the U.S. This weekend's Socialism conference is a place to discuss how.

Strategies to stop the far right

Since Trump's election, the far right has become more aggressive than at any time in the last 25 years. An organized response is urgently needed.

How we stood against hate

Organizers of a counterdemonstration that outnumbered and drowned out the far right talk about the strategy and tactics that went into organizing.

Is Alexandria the left's fault?

The shooting rampage targeting Republican members of Congress led to hypocritical denunciations of the left as the source of political violence.

Trump and national politics

Is it game over without Paris?

Keeping a tiny step forward would be better than Trump's big step backward, but our task remains building a stronger movement to save the planet.

The path from the Summit

Can the Democratic Party be reformed from within? Or is an alternative necessary? Those were two big questions underlying the People's Summit.

Racism and criminal justice

Will police ever be convicted?

The acquittal of the Minnesota cop who killed an unarmed motorist as his girlfriend filmed the aftermath caused shock waves of sadness and anger.

History and Traditions

Detroit's Great Rebellion

On the 50th anniversary of an urban revolt in the heart of American capitalism at the time, SW interviewed the co-author of Detroit: I Do Mind Dying.

Repression and resurgence

The period of reaction that followed the July Days was relatively short-lived, with the movement reviving in a matter of a month.

Socialist Worker | July 2017

Politics in Britain

What Corbyn's triumph means

The Labour Party leader won't become prime minister yet, but he led a radical campaign that achieved major gains and revived the left in Britain.

On the march after the fire

A British socialist describes the surge of anger and protest after the Grenfell Tower fire and its effect on the radicalization that followed the election.

Immigrant struggles

An ICE political prisoner freed

An LA activist was freed from detention, but still faces the threat of deportation by a vindictive and dishonest ICE bureaucracy.

Symbol of sanctuary to follow

More than 100 people packed into a North Carolina church to welcome Juana Luz Tobar Ortega into sanctuary from ICE within the church's walls.

Two more activists detained

The federal government is continuing its war on immigrant workers fighting for their rights in Vermont with two more detentions.

ICE isn't welcome at NU

Northwestern University students who spoke out when an ICE representative came to campus are facing disciplinary action.

Labor Struggles

First contract at Sakuma Bros.

Five years of organizing by farmworkers paid off when members of Familias Unidas por la Justicia ratified their first agreement.

When caregivers go on strike

Members of the New York nurses union and 1199SEIU walked off the job to protest the for-profit health care company Fresenius.