Socialist Worker | September 2017

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United Against the Right

Unite and fight far-right terror

Charlottesville ripped the mask off the right to reveal what we face--but the angry response shows the potential for mass protest to defeat this cancer.

Our alternative to the right

To counter the alt-reich, we need to build action based on our greater numbers--and put forward a left-wing vision based on solidarity and democracy.

What we saw in Charlottesville

Three ISO members describe what happened when a neo-Nazi attacked their contingent in Charlottesville--and the lessons they've drawn going forward.

How Boston turned the tide

Tens of thousands of people mobilized in Boston in a magnificent display of solidarity that sent the far-right and neo-Nazi forces packing.

Berkeley is ready for the right

Anti-racists from all over the Bay Area and beyond are coming together to confront the right when it rallies in Berkeley August 27.

The rats and their ringleaders

The racists who turned out in Charlottesville want to inspire terror--and they are being aided in their cause by the president of the United States.

Labor Struggles

Their power to cure the system

Most debates about health care in the U.S. ignore the people who have the most power to change the system: nurses and other health care workers.

Causes of the defeat at Nissan

The bitter defeat for the UAW at Nissan's giant Mississippi plant adds urgency to the question of how to organize the South.

No Raids, No Walls


Undocumented immigrants and supporters blocked traffic to protest a draconian Texas law in an effort to encourage resistance.

Socialist Worker | September 2017

Trump and U.S. Politics

Will Trump last the year?

Political leaders and corporate executives are fleeing the Trump White House like the proverbial sinking ship. But the vessel may not go down just yet.

An anti-imperialist resistance

Those who want to oppose Donald Trump and the right wing have to challenge not just their domestic agenda, but their program for U.S. imperialism.

The war on affirmative action

Trump and loyal minion Jeff Sessions are taking aim at affirmative action programs for student admissions in higher education.

History and Traditions

We the democracy

During a presidency when every week seems to produce a new outrage, we need to tear down the façade and set our sights on a fuller democracy.

Organizing for socialism today

Let's say you agree capitalism is a miserable train wreck and that we need an alternative society. You're ready to call yourself a socialist. So now what?

How Kornilov was defeated

In August of 1917, the Russian Revolution faced the threat of a coup. Defeating it depended on a mass popular mobilization.