Socialist Worker | October 2017

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The struggle today

The era of political whiplash

Every week--sometimes every day--brings a new outrage of the Trump era, but we can respond by building a left united behind solidarity and struggle.

Taking on the right

Lessons in fighting the right

The far right has been on the retreat since Charlottesville, but how can we keep them there? Organizers draw lessons from the struggle so far.

Campus crusaders for hate

Get ready: The right wing--from pro-Trump College Republicans to well-dressed reactionaries to outright fascists--is coming for your college.

If the right comes to campus

Students are being welcomed back this fall with the news that bigots like Bannon and Milo have been invited to speak. What should you do about it?

In defense of anti-fascism

Following last month's rallies against the far right, there has been a flurry of liberal critiques of the violence of...the anti-fascists.

The right's campus red scare

The right wing's paranoia about "Marxism" on campus is wildly overblown--but the left has a stake in defending campus organizing.

We won't let them silence us

Students and faculty at Ohio University are responding to a new administration policy that effectively forbids political activity.`

International News

Pushing Korea to the brink

The cycle of escalation between North Korea and the U.S. is fanning fears of a horrific war--but we shouldn't lose sight of who the real provocateur is.

National politics

Will Hillary ever forgive us?

Hillary Clinton does take responsibility in her memoir--for being smarter than anyone else, but the damn-fool voters didn't listen.

They're storming the clinics

Anti-abortion fanatics busted into clinics in three cities this weekend to threaten patients and staff--marking a new escalation in the right wing's offensive.

Labor Struggles

Showing they won't back down

Last month's strike by Burlington teachers won modest salary gains and strengthened the union for the struggles to come.

Striking for their own pensions

Workers who handle health care and pension funds for several Seattle-area unions find themselves in a fight for their own benefits.

Socialist Worker | October 2017

No walls, no raids

We stand with the DREAMers

Trump was roundly criticized for his attack on immigrant youth--but the even more important response was a storm of protest across the U.S.

Teamsters stand for sanctuary

Teamsters Joint Council 16, representing 120,000 workers in the New York area, has pledged to defend undocumented members.

Capitalism's disasters

Finding answers to capitalism

The left-wing author makes the case for a vision of what we're fighting for that isn't just a list of policies, but is really an alternative worldview.

Unlearned lessons of Katrina

Two SW contributors who were trapped in New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina consider the striking parallels with today's unnatural natural disasters.

History and Traditions

What if workers ran society?

Socialism would mean workers collectively making decisions about how to organize society--not only individual workplaces, but the whole system.

Raising the red lantern

In his history of the Russian Revolution, October, China MiƩville brings together Marxist history and inspired literary writing.

Movement News

St. Louis refuses to be silenced

St. Louis streets surged with daily protests after a not-guilty verdict for a cop who killed in cold blood--but police doubled down with more repression.

Seattle's Housing for All fight

A new campaign is addressing the homeless crisis in Seattle--and demanding housing for all and an end to anti-homeless sweeps.