Socialist Worker | November 2017

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The struggle today

How will the resistance grow?

From NFL players taking a knee to the #MeToo statements about sexual assault, we’re seeing the steps that can lead toward a lasting resistance.

One year after hell froze over

One year after the nightmare of Election Night, it's easy to still feel shock at how a moral monstrosity came to occupy the world's most powerful office.

Women's Rights

The silence is broken

Revelations of widespread sexual assault in Hollywood have prompted millions of women to share their own stories--and to demand change.

Challenging racism

Taking a knee in solidarity

We asked SW contributors for their thoughts on the powerful protests against racism that have spread from the NFL to other sports and beyond.

Taking our anti-racism to D.C.

Thousands took part in the March for Racial Justice in Washington, D.C., to take a stand against white supremacy under Trump.

Taking on the right

Don't let them silence the left

Free speech is in peril on college campuses, but not in the way the right wing wants you to believe--it's the left that faces a crackdown on dissent.

U.S. Politics

Greedy eyes on a tax cut prize

You knew it was coming, but the scale of Trump's planned tax-cut heist and the shamelessness of the lies to justify it still come as a shock.

A society built on violence

Despite constant media coverage, the wider questions about a society where horrors like Las Vegas can take place go unanswered.

A traumatic cut in the Bronx

New York City hospital officials are putting an entire borough in danger with a plan to dismantle its only children's trauma center.

Movement News

A Seattle walkout for DACA

Seattle high school students from across the city walked out of classes to demand better treatment of their immigrant peers.

PSU stands up to the bigots

Students, faculty and staff stood together against a grotesque exhibit that compared abortions to the Holocaust and lynchings.

Socialist Worker | November 2017

Nightmare in Puerto Rico

Trump's malign neglect

Puerto Ricans will suffer and die needlessly because of the abject failure of the world's most powerful government to provide disaster relief.

Abolish Puerto Rico's debt

Don't expect Donald Trump to say any more about canceling Puerto Rico's punishing debt--but the simple fact is that justice demands exactly that.

They need aid, not occupation

As most Puerto Ricans go without relief following Hurricane Maria, calls for the U.S. military to step up relief efforts could make matters worse.

California fires

What fueled the inferno?

The fires that ripped through California were magnified by man-made factors like climate change--and they will happen again unless action is taken.

History and Traditions

The party and the revolution

The Bolsheviks became a mass party in the course of the revolution, winning the allegiance of Russia's most militant workers.

Labor struggles

Milk with Dignity gets a deal

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream signed a deal with immigrant workers that will improve conditions at Vermont's dairy farms.

U of C grad workers get a vote

After many years of organizing, graduate employees at the University of Chicago finally have a chance to vote for a union.