Socialist Worker | December 2017

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Trump and U.S. politics

The stoppable Donald Trump

No one should downplay the damage Trump and Co. have done, but the left should keep in mind the moments when they didn't get their way--and why.

Tax cuts and their class war

The Republican tax rip-off would aid and abet a massive and flagrant shift of wealth to the already rich at the expense of working-class and poor people.

The budget's deadly details

The Republicans’ cruel proposal for the 2018 budget is part of a decades-long attempt to shred the social safety net that working people depend on.

The vote against Trump

The defeat of the Republicans in last week's elections can give people greater confidence to resist--and not just by casting a vote one day a year.

This party isn't getting better

Sanders' presidential campaign encouraged the idea that the Democratic Party could be "transformed"--but there are fewer signs of that than ever.

The red carpet for U.S. empire?

The unexpectedly calm behavior of Donald Trump during his Asia tour obscures increasing militarization that has been underway for years.

OSU students fight GOP attack

Graduate students at Ohio State University are protesting the House Republican tax plan that would harm graduate education.

Taking on the right

Tennessee turns back the right

Anti-racist activists overwhelmed the white nationalists' plans for rallying in Tennessee, even compelling them to cancel one event.

Sending an anti-racist message

Dozens of people turned out in the rain to protest an event with racist pseudo-scientist Charles Murray at DePaul University.

Silencing protest in Wisconsin

A new policy at the University of Wisconsin calls for suspending and even expelling students who protest right-wing speakers.

Turning back Turning Point

Students and community members in Champaign-Urbana came out to protest the leader of the right-wing Turning Point USA.

Socialist Worker | December 2017

Nightmare in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico's fight to survive

Two SW contributors who traveled to Puerto Rico describe a society that was failed by the powerful--but whose people are trying to reknit its social fabric.

Protesting a hedge fund vulture

A picket at the headquarters of the Baupost Group exposed how hedge funds are preying on Puerto Rico in its time of need.

The #MeToo Movement

The power of #MeToo

The confidence that women feel because of #MeToo to speak out against sexual abuse and assault can only strengthen the struggle against all injustice.

The Russian Revolution

Why we remember 1917

One hundred years ago, the final act of the Russian Revolution shook the world--by setting an example of mass democracy that still inspires today.

The legacy of 1917

The conclusion to Socialist Worker's series on the 1917 Russian Revolution discusses the lessons for revolutionaries today.

Movement News

In defense of Queens fathers

After a spate of deportations of Bangladeshi fathers, New York activists are mobilizing to prevent another family from being torn apart.

We are defending our clinics

Abortion rights activists in New York City and Chicago mobilized to defend women's clinics against the antis' "40 Days for Life."

Pushing back the charters

Parents and teachers came together in Durham, North Carolina, to prevent two schools from being turned into charters.