Socialist Worker | January 2018

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Breaking the Silence

What we learned from #MeToo

Three Socialist Worker contributors take stock of what #MeToo has accomplished in the last several months--and where it could go from here.

#MeToo Shakes Washington

The resignations of six members of Congress over sexual assault allegations could be the tip of iceberg, with new attention turning to Donald Trump.

Trump and U.S. Politics

A year of resistance

One year after the Women's Marches, the left needs to take stock of what strategies will help build the opposition against Trump--and what won't.

The phony "populist" delivers

The Republican tax cuts to benefit business and the rich make it crystal clear that Trump's "populism" was as much a con as Trump University.

Does Russiagate matter?

The partisan war over the investigation into the Trump campaign is heating up, raising the specter of a constitutional crisis that could shake U.S politics.

Supporting Israel's ethno-state

Donald Trump's declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is three things at once: purely symbolic, dangerously provocative and highly self-serving.

Racism and criminal justice

A killer cop goes free

Recently released video of a 2016 police killing in Arizona is horrifying--but not surprising given the epidemic of cop violence in the U.S.

Nightmare in Puerto Rico

Profiteers plunder Puerto Rico

The misery of the many is the basis of the privilege of the few in Puerto Rico with reconstruction efforts that put business interests first.

Socialist Worker | January 2018

History and Traditions

Does revolution still matter?

The question of revolution isn't about the distant final climax, but how we understand our power today--and what the society we're fighting for looks like.

How 1968 changed everything

The struggles that came to a head or reached a turning point around the world 50 years ago were a profound challenge to a society of rulers and ruled.

Movement News

The clock is ticking on DACA

Trump's cruel decision to phase out DACA by March is causing chaos for undocumented youth--and bringing important movement debates to a head.

Voices against the tax-cut heist

Republicans are boasting that they'll get away with their class-war tax cut bill--but it won't happen without urgent protests.

Starving schools to close them

Four "underperforming" schools have been slated for closure, but education activists see through Chicago officials' theft of resources.

Outnumbering the far right

The far right rallied in Boston for the third time this year, but 500 counterprotesters mobilized to show their opposition.