Socialist Worker | February 2018

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No walls, no deportations!

We have to act for DREAMers

The Democrats proved they can't be trusted to stand up for immigrant justice--which shows we have to take this fight outside the political system.

Inside the deportation machine

The Trump administration's anti-immigrant apparatus reaches beyond ICE agents alone in its mission to force immigrants back into the shadows.

Justice can't be temporary

As we fight for Temporary Protected Status for Salvadoran and Haitian immigrants, we also need to challenge the program's limits.

Siham Byah was stolen away

A 40-year-old single mother and longtime freedom fighter in Boston was deported without warning shortly after Christmas.

We stand with Ravi Ragbir

Supporters sprung into action in support of a leading New York immigrant rights activist after he was detained at an ICE check-in.

Breaking the Silence

One year later, twice as pissed

Anger and discontent surged beyond what lead organizers intended at the massive Women's Marches marking one year since Trump's inauguration.

In defense of the marches

When millions of people march for women's rights and against Trump, the left can't afford to have a dismissive attitude.

The World System

The 1 Percent rips off the world

The massive inequality between the global haves and have-nots is further proof of how capitalism fails the millions who make it run.

Movement News

Students expel metal detectors

A December walkout at New York City high schools was the culmination of a successful student-led fightback against police searches.

A fight for Ahed and Palestine

The fight for Ahed Tamimi and her family has become a lightning rod for the struggle to win justice for all Palestinians.

A march for our right to decide

Hundreds turned out to defend reproductive freedom, in a counterprotest against anti-choice forces in Chicago.

Socialist Worker | February 2018

Trump and U.S. politics

A socialist State of the Union

During Trump's State of the Union speech, we'll be lighting up social media--and broadcasting a socialist response right after.

Sick of a shithole president

Trump's racist outburst has further disgusted millions of people--but we need an alternative to waiting on the Washington system to do something.

History and Traditions

A fight for dignity in Memphis

Fifty years ago, African American sanitation workers in Memphis began a strike that is now remembered as Martin Luther King Jr.'s last struggle.

Tet and the Vietnam watershed

Fifty years ago, an offensive by the armed forces of Vietnamese people fighting for national liberation turned the tide decisively against the U.S. war.

A power (still) greater

A new book by longtime labor activist and author Kim Moody makes a convincing case for the revolutionary potential of today's working class.

The anti-racist struggle

Fighting so we can all breathe

After a New York City cop murdered her father in 2014, Erica Garner threw herself into the struggle and became one of our most powerful voices.


Walmart's bait and switch

Walmart announced it will raise wages--but that came along with thousands of layoffs and a tax windfall, courtesy of the GOP.