Socialist Worker | March 2018

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Violence and mass shootings

Taking on gun fundamentalism

The emergence of student anti-NRA protest as a vibrant new wing of the anti-Trump resistance requires us to reckon with modern gun politics.

A society rooted in violence

The collective anger of students responding to the Florida school shooting can begin raising questions about militarism and right-wing fanaticism.

The struggle for women's rights

Not equal by any measure

International Women's Day will be marked by actions and events that set out the state of working women--but also look with hope to new struggles.

Will he ever believe women?

The image of a woman battered by an aide not only had no effect on Trump--he doubled down on his smears against women who confront abusers.

War and U.S. imperialism

Making America bomb again?

Congress and the White House are speaking with one voice in support of a Pentagon that is bristling with new weapons--and gearing up for more war.

Will Trump shoot first?

The Trump administration is undercutting an Olympic "peace interlude" in Korea with an escalation of hostility toward the North.

Trump and U.S. politics

Who loses in Trumponomics?

Trump's State-of-the-Union boasts about the economy were followed by a stock market plunge--but workers have even less to bet on from the GOP agenda.

The crisis that caused Trump

A must-read book of essays, featuring many SW contributors, makes the case that Trump can only be explained by the conditions that preceded him.

Racism and criminal injustice

How to fight for Black lives

The success of the Black Lives Matter at School week of action shows the potential for organizing an open and proud stand against racism.

Movement News

Protesters rally to free Davia

Davia Spain was released from jail after hundreds came out to defend the wrongfully accused Bay Area activist and trans woman.

Socialist Worker | March 2018

No Raids, No Walls!

Holding immigrants hostage

The courts have stopped Trump from ending DACA for now, but Congress and the White House are still playing politics with millions of lives.

Trump's campaign of terror

The racist in the White House is demanding every anti-immigrant measure he can think of--while ICE is stepping up raids and arrests across the U.S.

Schumer's art of the sellout

Why do the Democrats cave so often? The problem isn't just bad tactics, but the fact that they're committed to the same basic agenda as Republicans.

Ravi Ragbir is out of detention

New York City activist Ravi Ragbir was released from ICE detention, giving him the chance to continue his struggle for justice.

Why ICE tried to silence Jean

The deportation of a New York City activist is not only a cruel blow to his family and friends, but an outrageous travesty of justice.

The Labor Movement

How will labor survive Janus?

Union members are mobilizing to protest the Janus case before the U.S. Supreme Court. SW asked three of our contributors about the stakes for labor.

Taking on the right

Bannon invite leads to protest

The former Trump strategist says he'll come to speak at the University of Chicago, but students and staff are preparing for a fight.

A neo-Nazi flop in Burlington

Hundreds of people came out on short notice in Burlington to protest the Patriot Front, forcing the fascists to abandon their plans.